Jordan 45m3/h 12m 3kw submersible sewage water pump

In March 10, 2020, we received Jordan customer inquiry about sewage pump for pumping dirty water. Customer inquiry: 45 cubic meters per hour, 12 meters head. Finally, we chose sewage pump model: 80WQ45-12, 3kw, cast iron material, 10m submersuble power cable, liquid temperature is ≤40℃.

Jordan food processing plants companies and APK reached cooperation, signed 10 sets of sewage water pumps.

All the issues were on schedule and the two sides agreed that it was a very successful cooperation.  Jordan food processing plants companies said “If we need more submersible water pumps, we naturally want to continue to work with APK.” 
Whatever any company has demand , APK will continue to provide clients with the most safe and reliable, efficient and reasonable material handling solutions and high quality products and thoughtful service.

Indonesia 30m3/h 150m bottom suction water submersible sewage pump

Sept 11, 2020, the two submersible sewage pump is installed and testing, running well. Customer inquiry: 30 cubic meters per hour, 150 meters head, vertical install and submerged in clean water, local site is in mine. Because it is clean water, deep well submersible pump is also available for customer’s local site, and smaller motor power. However, the Indonesia customer still stick to bottom suction submersible sewage pump. When we choose one water pump model, we need to take pipeline loss into seriously. Maybe it will have small flow.


If a submersible water pump is lower flow, the reason as below:

1. higher head in actual

2. motor reversal

3. pipeline seal water leakage