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Professional Pump Manufacturer

APK is a professional submersible pump manufacturer. Our company supplies all kinds of submersible pumps for you. We have advanced technology, mature purchasing process, intimate after-sale service and perfect managing system. Our products are sold overseas and won great praise among customers. Our products include submersible pumps, well pumps, water pumps, sewage pumps and other pumps for different applications.

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Submersible Pumps

We divided our submersible pumps into different kinds according to their performances and structures. Each of pumps are different in their head and flow, which are decided mostly by impellers. They can be divided into multistage and single stage according to numbers of impellers; Axial flow, mixed flow together with centrifugal type is divided according to impeller’s structure. Besides, water cooler and oil filled type are different in submersible motor. We also produce high head, high flow pumps and bottom suction pumps. As centrepiece products in APK, each kinds of submersible pumps with high quality are waiting to be chosen. Detailed content is as follow:

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Submersible Well Pumps

Submersible well pumps are normally vertical type, they need to be worked under water for quite a long time. They are used to lift water from shallow well or deep well. Various diameters of our pumps can be chosen according to well diameters. We have diameters of 7”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”. Diameter of well should be in coincidence with pump diameter, so customers should choose deep well pumps according to actual diameter of well. Clean water is transferred from deep well. If light corrosive liquid needs to be transferred, then stainless steel submersible pumps can be used. Stainless steel is excellent in corrosive resistance and is capable of protecting quality of water source. Detailed content is as follow:

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Submersible Water Pumps

Different quality of water are to be transferred with different types of pumps. They can be divided into hot water, clean water, salt water and sewage water. Clean water pumps are normally used as well pumps or residential water supply. Hot water pumps are used mainly for geothermal or boiler water, temperature of water transferred should be no more than 100℃. Salt water needs to be transferred by stainless steel pumps because of its corrosion. Sewage water are to be transferred with special designed sewage pumps. Each kind of pumps are designed differently according to content and density of solid inside water. Detailed content is as follow:

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By Application

According to using condition of pumps, our pumps can be divided into mining, agriculture, industrial, irrigation, fountain and domestic use etc. Mining and industrial pumps are designed as high flow to meet the demand. Domestic pumps are designed small so as to be used at home or farmland more easily and more conveniently. Accessories of pumps from APK can be changed according to actual usage. Customers can choose different pumps by different using condition. We also have sewage lift station pumps and pumps for septic tank in order to satisfy customers’ needs. Detailed content is as follow:

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Submersible Pump For Sale

As a professional submersible pump suppliers, submersible pumps are our core products. Apart from this, sewage water pumps, chemical pumps, slurry pumps and in-line pumps in APK are also sold overseas and gained great praise among customers.
When choosing submersible pumps, actual using condition must be considered. Diameter, head, flow and nature of transferred liquid or medium are important factors. In order to better introduce submersible pumps for customers, we have professional staff asking relevant questions and make detailed and responsible recommendation.

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Submersible Pump Price

Price of submersible pumps for sale in APK are various according to different models and types. But our company is always exerting to reduce the cost of our pumps by many experiments and successfully control our price into reasonable range.
Materials we use are of high quality, such as stainless steel submersible pumps. We choose to use 314/306 stainless steel as main materials, they are both excellent in their hardness and corrosive resistance. In terms of cast iron submersible pumps, we use HT200 as main material for its wear resistance. High quality products mean low cost in repairing and maintenance, thus greatly reduced added cost in using.
Apart from cost-effective materials, we also learn advanced technology from abroad unceasingly. Modern technology we have learnt is combined with our own unique skills. The whole producing process is high efficient and unnecessary procedure is abandoned. Therefore, producing cost is reduced accordingly.

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Submersible Pumps Manufacturers

As a professional submersible pumps manufacturer, APK insists on using reasonable and competitive price in exchange for best quality products.

  • Advanced technology

From time to time, our staff will be sent overboard to learn the newest technology and discuss in detail with skilful professor. We continuously update our pumps and assimilate the latest technology into our pumps. As many branches of our company are spread around the whole country, regular meeting will be made among branches in order to get better communications.

  • Strict quality testing system

Our test center meets national standard B level. Differs from random inspection adopted by other pump manufacturers, each of our pumps will be sent for testing. During testing, our pumps show good performance for their little ripples. After our pumps are sold, we have personnel monitor each pumps and know more about using experience of customers. And then we will update our pumps for improving using experience.


  • Legal purchasing process

Our company is qualified and owns complete business license. While buying our pumps, purchasing procedure will be handled legally and reasonably. So rights of customers’ can be guaranteed. Each of pumps would be carefully packed and restored. And they are put inside plywood box for safety transportation.

  • Mature after- sale service

Professors from our company will be sent to install submersible pumps for customers, if not, professional installation will be instructed. We have relatively long period of repairing and maintenance time for free.

  • Social responsibility

In response to national environmental initiatives, APK invests more than two million yuan on purchasing environmental protection devices, such as photoelectrolysis, in order to deal with dust, waste water and volatile organic compounds. Besides, we reached a long-term cooperation agreement with professional recycling firm. APK will always carry on social responsibility and make great contribution to national environmental career.

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