fountain submersible pump

Outdoor Submersible Fountain Pumps

Apart from drinking water or daily water use, submersible pumps can also be used as a scenery at home or in public situations. Therefore, outdoor submersible fountain pumps have always been in large demand. Normally, several pumps are linked together to meet the requirements of fountain show. Because of their ball bearings, they can be installed vertically as well as horizontally for different needs. Variety of outdoor submersible fountain pumps specifications are for sale in our company. Being the most reliable submersible pumps manufacturer, we are capable of providing you with highest quality products with competitive price.

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Working Parameter:

Flow Rate Range: 10-250m3/h

Head Range: 5-121m

Well Diameter Range: φ30 – φ150mm

Temperature Range: ≤30℃

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Using Conditions

Power Supply: 380V ± 5%, 50Hz ± 5%; Pump should be immersed safely under water, immersion depth should be no more than 5m

Water Source: non-corrosive clean water

PH Level: 6.5-8.5; Temperature should be less than 40℃

Clean water must be filled in before operating.


  • Scenery spot fountain show
  • Farmland irrigation sprinkler
  • Industrial water supply and drainage
  • Drinking water supply for domestic use
  • Municipal water transfer and supply
  • Deep well water drainage
  • Fishing industry water supply
submersible outdoor fountain pumps
outdoor submersible fountain pumps

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Outdoor Submersible Fountain Pumps For Sale

Most submersible fountain pumps are iron cast, their hardness shape enables their long service life, therefore, cast iron submersible fountain pumps are always for hot sale in our company. According to demand of our customers, stainless steel fountain pumps are also produced by our factory to be used in salt water or light corrosive areas. Both of them are excellent in working performance and smooth hydraulic design. Paying attention on brand reputation and customers using feeling, we always regard quality as primary thing. All products in APK are promised to have highest quality level.

submersible water fountain pumps
submersible outdoor water pump fountain

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Outdoor Submersible Fountain Pumps Price

When pumps are burnt or get broken, personnel need to be sent for repairing, the transportation fee have to be paid by customers. If repair in local submersible pumps shop, the repairing fee is also not a small amount of money. Therefore, when considering fountain pumps price, customers need to take maintenance and repairing cost into consideration. Weak pumps are normally sold cheaply, but frequently repair may lead to large after-sale costs. On account of this, APK sticks to produce best quality products. According to feedback of our customers, our fountain water pumps are able to be used for more than ten years without repairing at all. And they are still in smooth working conditions. That is exactly why prices of our fountain pumps are the most reasonable and competitive.

fountain submersible pump
outdoor submersible fountain water pumps

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Outdoor Submersible Fountain Pumps Working

Switch panel of submerged pumps are divided into float switch and control box. When pumps are connected to power, each internal part is driven to work by motor. Then water is forced into pump because of imbalanced pressure. Fast rotating impeller brings water move accordingly. Under large power brought by impeller, water is thrown far away and finally moves out of pump body. The round of pumping process ends till new water is pumped in again. Through whole working process, good internal materials help enable smooth and efficiently performance.

outdoor fountain pump
outdoor water fountain pump

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Outdoor Submersible Fountain Pumps Customized

Unlike indoor water fountain pumps, outdoor fountain pumps have more requirements on head and flow rate or casting. Normal types may not suitable to each conditions especially when they are used in other fields such as farmland sprinkler. Therefore, pumps need to be redesigned according to actual demands and specific applications. Most small factories have no capacity to produce customized submersible pumps by oneself. However, as best china submersible pumps factory, we are able to provide customized service for you. Our strong strength factory is able to meet all your demands.

fountain submersible pump
outdoor fountain water pumps submersible

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Outdoor Submersible Fountain Pumps Construction

Safety is the most important factor in using submerged pumps, and quality is served as fundamental of pump working. For better protect pumps, we install over-heat and over-flow devices inside pump body to avoid motor from being burnt. Besides, oil may leak out and pollute water source for oil filled motors, therefore, oil chamber seal is extremely important and also enables pump performance. Unlike graphite bearings, ball bearings broadened pumps installation methods. They can be installed vertically or horizontally with different applications.

small water fountain pump
small fountain pumps submersible casting

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Submersible Pumps Comparison

The most common used submerged pumps are QJ series deep well water pumps and QS series small pumps. Because of its impact shape, QS series pumps are normally used as fountain water pumps. Therefore, outdoor fountain pumps for sale in APK mainly refers to QS series pumps. Both of them are used underwater and have similar shape. The main difference lie in their bearings and installations method. QJ series pumps are graphite bearings and thus need to stay vertical in installation and using process. Apart from this, they can be substitute with each other in most applications such as farmland irrigation and domestic water use.

submersible pump for fountain
outdoor submersible fountain pump

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China Outdoor Submersible Fountain Pumps Distributor

When customers buy products online, we may find it difficult in supplying after sale service easily. Therefore, in order to better serve customers, we are looking for local distributors. We would like experienced cooperators to be our partnership. Professional pump knowledge and installation skills will be taught. So if you have any intention, please read our requirement carefully and leave your detailed information, we are looking forward to hear from you.

water pump for water fountain
outdoor fountain pump

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China Outdoor Water Fountain Pumps Factory

Finding a good submersible pumps manufacturer with a strong factory is important for customers. Most small pumps company need to cooperate with others for lack of factory and thus selling price is added accordingly. Factory like us is able to produce all sorts of submersible pumps, our skillful producing technology enables highest quality level. Large workshop is capable of carry on producing large customized products, and ample storage meet your urgent needs.

outdoor water fountain pump
outdoor submersible fountain pumps for sale

APK submersible pumps is the best pumps brand in China, we are the leader in whole pump industry. For thirty years, we are dedicated on producing submersible pumps only. Therefore, if you have any intention on our products or our company, please leave your detailed message below and we are sure to contact you as soon as possible!!


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