Mine dewatering pumps catelogue

Mine Dewatering Pumps

Mine dewatering pumps can be used as main drainage pump when being installed in mine. Because of submersible motor installed inside, it can also be used as rescue and emergency pump. Two kinds of pumps can be used as mine dewatering pumps. One is bottom suction submersible pump, mainly used along with protection tube under water. The other is used on the ground, known as multistage centrifugal pump.
Based on submersible well water pump and current need of customers, APK, one of the best submersible pump manufacturers, relied on advanced technology, boldly innovated and finally designed out several kinds of pumps for mining use.

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Working Parameter

Flow Capacity: 10-700m³/h;

Head Range: 15-405m;

Well Diameter: φ50-200mm;

Temperature: -15-40℃;

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MD Series

MD series multistage centrifugal pump is based on D series, most of their structures are the same. But some kinds of wear resistance materials are used inside our pump. Therefore, it can be used to transfer mining water with sediment content no more than 1.5% and diameter smaller than 0.5mm. Both of the two kinds of pump are of high quality and high energy saving.

Bottom Suction Submersible Pump

Bottom suction submersible pump is used underwater. Its large pump body and small diameter ensures high capacity of water pumped. Unique design of bottom suction inlet guarantees that all ground water is able to be primed. High quality flange is capable of keeping all the water well into pump water without any leakage. Smooth and simple design of pump structure makes it easy to be repaired and maintained.
Guide sleeve at the bottom guarantees great cooling effect of motor. Vertical style helps to save energy and space. On the whole, bottom suction submersible pump can well satisfy all your need.

Mine dewatering pumps catelogue
Mine dewatering pumps for sale

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Mine Dewatering Pumps For Sale

Mine dewatering pumps for sale in APK now mainly include above three types. When used on the ground, we suggest D or MD series multistage submersible pump to be your help. When pump has to be worked underwater, bottom suction submersible pump can satisfy mining use.
APK is a professional submersible pump dealer, we pay great attention on quality of submersible pumps. Besides, we care more about customers’ needs. The price of our submersible pump is promised to be well matched with our pump. The materials we choose are of high cost-effective. Therefore, our mine dewatering pumps are also of great cost-effective.
As mine dewatering pumps, safety is a vital factor that should be taken great care of. On considering production cost, we selected many materials first. Then after comparing their safety performance, we filtered several and made a detailed comparison among them, then at last, low cost materials with high safety performance one is chosen .

mining dewatering pumps on sale
Mining pumps for sale

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Mine Dewatering Pumps Selection

When mine dewatering pumps are unable to be used, the whole mine may be drowned, causing great damage to people’s health and loss of cost. Besides, mining water pumps are mostly used as rescue and emergency pump, therefore, the selection of it is really important. Here APK will give some suggestions on how to select mine dewatering pumps.

mining water pumps for sale
Mining water pumps manufacuter

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  1. The capacity of mining water pumps must be large enough to satisfy the need of mine. In order to guarantee the capacity, APK promises each of our pumps can be well worked for more than 20 hours underwater. For security, we suggest two sets of devices should be equipped.
  2.  If PH level of mining water keeps under 5, some acid resistance measures should be taken to protect pumps. APK offers acid-resistance mine dewatering pumps for this special occasion.
  3.  When maximum water inflow of mine is twice as normal, more pumps should be installed, or to space a place for pump. Our mining water pumps use vertical type. They can easily save space for you. If more pumps are to be installed under such occasion, our pump, because of its simple style and carefully designed shape, is sure to help you out.
  4.  Mining drainage device should be operated in reliable situation. Therefore high efficient and wide efficient range should be guaranteed. APK adopts modern high technology, produces bottom suction submersible pumps to satisfy the needs. Its unique design of inlet and suction method greatly improved capacity and head of pumps.
mine dewatering pumps for sale
Careful package of mining dewatering pumps in APK

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Mine Dewatering Pumps Manufacturers

In order to be well used in mine, many suppliers tried their best to improve the performance of their pumps, APK is one of them. Through effortless experiments and learning, APK is now becoming one of the best submersible pump manufacturers.

We take customers’ need as our direction, keeping close step with whole society both at home and at abroad. For now, Mine dewatering pumps and other kinds of products we produced and sold won wide praise among customers. We are still exerting to be the leader submersible pump area.

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Our mining water pumps are still sold now, we promise to give you the best quality goods in the most affordable price. If you have any intention or questions about our products and our company, please leave your message below and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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