110kw 150hp water submersible pump

110kw 150hp deep well pump diameter of 10 12 22 24 inches submersible pump. Motor power 150hp, rated current 223.4A. Mainly used for water diversion from Wells, rivers, seas and lakes; Farmland/water irrigation; Aquaculture; Provision of water or drainage systems for urban, industrial and livestock facilities; Fetch water in the mountains;Submersible pump structure is simple, motor and pump integration, installation, maintenance, disassembly is convenient, vertical installation, occupies a small area, no pollution to the water source.

  • Pump diameter :10 12 22 24 inch 110kw well submersible pump
  • Flow range :74-1200 m3 / h
  • Head range :325 m
  • Voltage:380v/420v/660v/1140v or as required
  • Purpose: water pump
  • Materials: cast iron or stainless steel 304/316/316l/duplex stainless/904l
  • Installation: vertical
  • Frequency: 3 phase 50hz 60hz
140m3/h 160m 480v 110kw 150hp submersible pump
140m3/h 160m 480v 110kw 150hp submersible pump motor

Submersible water pump applications

For drawing water from well, water supply and drainage system for industrial or civil buildings, as well as water drawing system in hills and mountain areas, drawing water for mines, etc, submersible pumps is an indispensable equipment. Also, 110kw 150hp stainless steel submersible pump widely applied for drawing sea water, salt water, used in offshore, shipyard, jack-up, floating dock, etc.

Stainless steel submersible pump for seawater, Shenlong pump factory material: stainless steel 304/316/316L/duplex stainless/904L.

110kw 150hp ss316 submersible pump

110kw 150hp submersible pump parameters:

(It is one regular submersible pump type in Shenlong pump factory, please kindly choose one submersible pump type you would like to inquiry. Or contact us directly)

Well diameterModelPowerPowerFlow rangeHead range
Inch (“)QJ typekwhpm3/hm

Submersible pump motor testing

Submersible well pump wire is 100% copper, water resistance. Most importantly, submersible pump in Shenlong pump factory could be re-winding, upper flexibility.

submersible pump winding

Winding assemble:

  1. Before winding, we will testing voltage firstly within 2300v
  2. After winding, we will testing voltage secondly within 2300v
  3. Thirdly, submersible pump motor will be submerged in water for 48 hours to test, then testing voltage within 2300v
submersible pump motor testing

Submersible pump set testing

  • We over 120- steps quality test. We have 36 sole duty quality control staffs.
  • Among processional staffs are put in charge of Rotor dynamic balancing/Impeller static balance /Motor winding withstand voltage test /Hydrostatic pressure test of pressure bearing parts.
  • 100% test every single one pumps before delivery.
  • We are very rigorous quality control management.
110kw 150hp submersible pump set testing

110kw 150hp submersible pump price

About 110kw 150hp submersible pump type, we have cast iron and stainless steel, various submersible pump material, we have different price. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about submersible pumps. Also, all submersible pump spare parts in Shenlong pump factory are manufactured by ourselver, therefore, our submersible pump price is compttitive, upper quality.