Water Pumps For Wells

Water pump is used in deep wells and is a use of submersible pumps. There are many types of submersible pumps, and the deep well pump is a type of submersible pump that is designed to pump clean water. Deep well submersible pump is vertical multi-stage submersible pump. The pump body is small and suitable for deep water wells. The more impeller stages, the higher the power and the higher the lift. Submersible electric pumps for 7-inch wells, submersible pumps for 8-inch wells, submersible pumps for 10-inch wells, submersible pumps for 12-inch wells, submersible pumps for 14-inch wells, submersible pumps for 16-inch wells Electric pump and 18-inch submersible pump.



Stainless steel anti-corrosion submersible pump
seawater submersible pump

Seawater Submersible Pumps

Motor Power: 5.5kw-410kw

Flow: 10-2500m3/h

Head: 10m-600m

Caliber: φ175-800mm

Protection Grade: IP68

Solid Content: ≤0,01%

Insulation Class: F


Detailed seawater submersible pumps parameters please feel free to contact us.

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High lift head submersible pumps
Flow range: 20m3/h, Motor power: 18hp, Lift Head: 108m high lift head submersible-pumps


8 inch water pumps for wells

Motor Power: 5.5kw-45kw

Flow: 10-100m3/h

Head: 40m-200m

Protection Grade: IP68

Suitable For Borehole Diameter: 200mm 


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10” submersible electric pump
10 inch well submersible water pump


10 inch water pumps for wells

Motor Power: 5.5kw-120kw

Flow: 32-160m3/h

Lift: 15m-598m

Protection Class: IP68

Water Temperature: <0.01%℃

Suitable For Borehole Diameter: 250mm 


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10hp Multistage submersible pump
12 inch well submersible electric pump


12 inch water pumps for wells

Motor Power: 18.5kw-220kw

Head: 15m-240m

Flow: 200-500m3/h

Material: SS304/SS316/SS316L

Suitable For Borehole Diameter: 300mm 


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Well Submersible Pump Impeller

Submersible pump impeller is made of cast iron. The pump impeller has a single suction and double suction impeller. Small flow submersible pumps use single-suction impellers, and large flow submersible pumps use double-suction impellers. The submersible pump impeller is the main component of the centrifugal pump and is the main influence of the work efficiency. If the impeller design is not good, water loss and gap loss will occur at the pump inlet and the blade. Therefore, we must choose a professional pump impeller manufacturer.

Submersible pump with impeller
well submersible pump impeller

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Features Well Submersible Electric Pump

  • The more the series of impellers, the higher the lift
  • No pollution to water source
  • Low noisy and energy saving
  • Easy to install, use, disassemble and maintain



Well Submersible Electric Pumps Factory

Zhengzhou Shenlong Pump Co., Ltd. has 33 years of experience in the production of deep well pumps. From casting to finished products, to testing, there is already a deep well pump production workshop of its own. The pumps produced by our factory are widely used in farmland irrigation, secondary water supply for high-rise buildings, fountain landscapes, etc., and have long been supporting facilities for national key projects.

well submersible pumps
well submersible electric factory

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Well Submersible Pump Ccertificate

As deep well submersible pump export factory, we know that in some countries exporting deep well submersible pumps, customers pay attention to the quality of deep well submersible pumps. Therefore, the certificate of deep well submersible pump is the best proof. Zhengzhou Shenlong Pump Factory has CE, BV, SASO, SGS, TUV, and other honorary certificates. For more than 33 years, every deep well pump we exported has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that the pump parameters meet the actual needs of our customers.

well pump certificate