SLG/SLW Inline Water Pump

Shenlong(APK) factory mainly manufacture SLG、SLW vertical horizontal inline water pump. Vertical horizontal pipeline water pumps are based on the international ISO standard, adopting the latest hydraulic model, which becoming a substitute for the SG series pipeline water pump. The technical standards, performance parameters, testing methods are used in ISO international standards related to IS centrifugal pumps.

horizontal inline water pump

Motor Power: 2.2kw-250kw

Capacity: 6.3-1200m3/h

Head: 5-125m

Outlet diameter: 32-500mm

Maximum Liquid Temperature: 80℃

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vertical inline water pump

Motor Power: 2.2kw-250kw

Flow rate: 6.3-1200m3/h

Head range: 5-125m

Outlet diameter: 32-500mm

Maximum Liquid Temperature: 80℃

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75kw 100hp inline water pump

Motor Power: 75kw 100hp submersible pump

Capacity: 600m3/h

Head: 30m

Voltage: 380v 50hz

Application: light salt water

Model: SLG300-400C 

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Inline Water Pump Model

Shenlong (APK) pump factory mainly manufacture four different pipeline water pump models according to water medium and temperature, including SLG vertical inline water pump, SLW horizontal pipeline water pump, SLWR hot water pump, SLWHB horizontal explosion proof  chemical pump. Maximum capacity could be 1200m3/h. Vertical or horizontal install. We could design suitable pump molds, if your pump is special, also do not worry. Detailed pump parameters and price please feel free to contact us.

vertical inline water pump

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Vertical Inline Water Pump Parts

Each submersible pumps parts are related to pump quality and life, especially impeller(cast iron or stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316 or stainless steel 316l materials), pump mechanical seals and pump motor(3 phase and single phase). The shaft seal is sealed with a corrosion-resistant alloy machine, which solves serious leakage of centrifugal pump packing and ensure a clean operating site.

pipeline water pump parts

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Inline Water Pump Features

  1. Smooth operation: absolute concentricity of the pump shaft and excellent dynamic as well as static balance of the impeller ensure smooth operation and no vibration.
  2. Drip water does not leak: Carbide seals of different materials ensure that no leakage is observed in different media.
  3. Low noise: the pump under the support of two low-noise bearings runs smoothly. Except for the weak sound of the motor, there is basically no noise.
  4. Low failure rate: the structure is simple and reasonable, the key part(such as impeller, shaft, motor) adopts the international first-class quality matching, the whole machine is trouble-free, and the work efficiency is greatly improved.
  5. Save space: the exit can be left, right and up, which is convenient for pipeline installation and space saving.
horizontal inline water pump

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Inline Water Pump Installation

Inline water pump mainly has two install: vertical and horizontal installation. Motor and pump are integrated, fine appearance, less floor space.

Inline Water Pump

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Inline Water Pump Motor

Shenlong (APK) pump factory not only manufacture submersible water pump, also produce AC submersible pump motor, single phase and three phase. Single phase motor motor power from 0.75kw to 7.5kw, 380v or as request. Three phase motor power from 2.2kw to 300kw, 2/4/6/8/10 poles. Therefore, our each inline water pumps parts are produced by ourselves, reduce costs and promise quality.

Inline water pump motor

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Pipeline Water Pump Applications

Shenlong pump factory is focus on submersible pump since 1996, a 23 years’ experience supplier. We not only know submersible pumps performance, also know local market and then design projects. Inline water pump also is booster pressure water pump, increase pressure, more effective in transporting biogas.
1. Water supply/distribution
2. Pressure boosting system
3. Garden sprinkler irrigation
4. Lift water for cooling tower
5. Long distance water deliver/Water cycle

pipeline water pump

We always believe “Integrity could win the world”. Strict quality, safe package, punctual delivery, reliable payment, Shenlong pump factory is your first choice. We have more than 50 branches in domestic and abroad, we are looking for business partner and local distributor or agent if you know your local market or submersible pumps. Welcome to join us!

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