Fountain Submersible Pumps

When you are in a large shopping mall or playground, you will see some water features fluctuating, or swinging left and right, presenting people in various forms, and these water features can change with the lights at night. This landscape is called a fountain and is made by the effect of a fountain submersible pump. The fountain show brings people a great visual and spiritual enjoyment. Therefore, the APK (Zhengzhou Shenlong Pump Industry) factory has developed the QSP fountain submersible pumps based on the QS series of fountain submersible pumps. Since then, QSP has been sold as a special pump for fountain diving.

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Working Parameter

Flow Capacity: 10-250m³/h;

Head Range: 3-121m;

Motor Power: 2.2kw-7.5kw or customized

Voltage: 380V/440Vor As per request

Frequency: 3 phase 50hz/60hz

Material: Cast iron or Stainless steel

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Fountain landscape
Fountain landscape

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Difference between QS fountain submersible pump and QSP fountain submersible pump:

QS fountain submersible pumps must be injected clean water into the motor manually before using which is not good for the user experience. Therefore, on this basis, we have developed the QSP fountain submersible pumps. The QSP fountain submersible pumps has three self-suction holes. The clean water can enter the motor cavity via the three self-suction holes, without human operation. In manual installation, this step is eliminated, saving time and costs.

fountain pumps for sale
QSP fountain submersible pumps

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What is the best fountain submersible pump?

How to design a fountain landscape? The fountain submersible pump is the key. The fountain submersible pump produced at the APK factory is a device that submerged into the water. Generally, the fountain site needs to start and stop the pump frequently. Therefore, the APK factory has made professional improvements to the tolerance of the motor for this using conditon, and the closed motor, coil design and other measures to improve the service life of the fountain submersible pump. Since most of the fountain submersible pumps are installed horizontally, it is necessary to thicken the journal inside the electric pump to strengthen the wear-resistant bearing bush. The wear-resistant ring or impeller must be made of copper or non-metal. The purpose is to prevent rust. Because the pool should drain the water in the winter, if the cast iron ring is used with the cast iron impeller, it will be easy to rust in the spring of the next year. If it is rusted, it will not start running.

Cast iron fountain submersible pumps

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How to select submersible pumps for fountain submersible pumps?

When you purchase fountain submersible pumps, the sales manager will always ask you how high the fountain pump needs to be lifted? How big is the power? What is the extracted medium? This is based on the user’s application scenario and actual needs, to select the appropriate fountain submersible pump material for the user: cast iron material is recommended for common non-corrosive liquid, and 304 stainless steel fountain submersible pump is recommended for mild or medium media.

fountain water pump
cast iron fountain submersible pumps

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Fountain submersible pump basic parameter:

Modelflow rangeHead rangeMotor powerDischarge Dia.

Fountain submersible pump factory:

As a professional manufacturer of fountain submersible pumps, we have our own fountain pump and water pump casting workshop, fountain pump production workshop and fountain pump testing workshop. Therefore, we have certain advantages in terms of price. Since the establishment of the APK factory in 1986, we have been listed as a major company for high performance submersible fountain pumps. Improve the energy-saving range of the fountain submersible pump unit, which is the first choice for high efficiency, energy saving and easy installation; it is a favorable factor for the best-selling fountain submersible pump on the market with fair price-and excellent design scheme.

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If you are entering the fountain landscape project, the QSP fountain submersible pumps produced by the APK factory is your best choice. The fountain submersible pump cable is 3 meters, please contact us if you need. We can also equip you with a variable frequency control panel. It can effectively protect the leakage, water leakage, phase loss, voltage reduction, automatic start, overload, short circuit, etc. of the pump motor.

stainless steel submersible fountain pump
stainless steel fountain submersible pumps

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If you need fountain submersible pumps for other purposes, we have deep well submersible pump, Agricultural Submersible Pumps, high lift submersible pump, high flow submersible pumps, etc.

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