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Agricultural Submersible Water Pumps

Agricultural submersible water pumps use submersible motor as dynamic power, lifting water from deep well or river for irrigation or drainage. Because of their simple shape, they occupy important roles in agriculture. Most of farm irrigation pumps for sale in APK are QJ or QS series submersible well water pumps. Products from APK are widely used for their light and simple structure and affordable price.

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Working Parameter

Flow Capacity: 10-300m³/h;

Head Range: 5-121m;

Well Diameter: φ50-150mm;

Temperature: 0-40℃;

Low Pressure

Power: Electric, 4kw/5hp

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Agricultural submersible water pumps can be divided into two kinds according to their working principle and structure.
The first kind include axial flow submersible pumps, mixed flow submersible pumps and screw pumps. Three of them are similar for their high flow and they are usually used for irrigation and drainage station. They are all of low head and are easy to be installed and repaired. Impellers of submersible mixed flow pumps can be adjusted to different angles for different amount of water and installation method.

The second kind include turbine pump, water hammer pump and self-priming pump. Turbine pump and water hammer pump use stream drop as dynamic instead of machine. Self-priming pump has impact structure, it is easy to be operated and installed. Different liquid requires different materials of self-priming pump.

Using Requirement

Using condition of agricultural submersible pumps are as follow:

  • Power

1. Rated voltage being 380v ±5%, frequency being 50/60Hz ± 1%;
2. Loaded power of transformer should be no more than 75% of whole capacity;
3. Distance between transformer and well should be no more than 20m.

  • Water

1. Clean water without corrosive is to transferred;
2. Sediment content should be no more than 0.01%;
3. PH level should be within 6.5-8.5;
4. Chloride content of water should be no more than 400mg/L;
5. Hydrogen sulfide content should be no more than 1.5mg/L;
6. Temperature of water should be no more than 20℃;
7. Clean water must be filled into the motor.



  • High head of single stage and short single stage pump casing, reliable and safety working
  • Diameter of pump axial being far more larger than national standard
  • HT200 is used as main material for pump casting
  • Unique design of valve avoid pump being broken by water hammer
  • Small axial force leads to high working efficiency
  • Long service life and low noisy of our agricultural submersible pumps
  • Easy to be installed and repaired
  • Energy saving and cost saving, environmental friendly


irrigation water pump
Submersible agricultural irrigation water pump

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Agricultural Water Pump Prices

Agricultural now is still an important dynamic for world economy, and is regarded as main developing factors in many countries. So submersible pumps for agriculture are widely needed. Apart from quality, price is an essential factor people needs to consider.
Agriculture submersible pump price in APK are varies according to the diameter and power of pumps. In order to meet different needs of customers, we designed different sorts of pumps for them to choose. The average price of our pumps are affordable compared with others. We use high cost-effective materials and adopt mass machine producing. Therefore, the whole efficiency of producing is reduced and thus cost of production is narrowed.
Apart from cost-effective materials and mass machine producing system. We adopted advanced technology from abroad to change complex producing procedure into simple but efficient method. So many unnecessary procedures are abandoned, and agricultural water pump prices are reduced accordingly.

agricultural pumps specifications
submersible agricultural water pumps

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Agricultural Submersible Water Pumps Selection

Because of simple structure and great performance of agricultural submersible water pumps, many farmers choose to use them for irrigation and drainage. Facing with different kinds of manufacturers and pumps, you may get puzzled on how to choose them. Here are some tips on choosing suitable agricultural borewell pumps given by APK.

irrigation submersible pump
agricultural submersible water pump

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1.Choosing Standardized Pumps

ISO stands for national standard for submersible pumps. Agricultural submersible water pumps with national standard are excellent in light shape, impact structure and high quality with high efficiency. When buying pumps, customers need to confirm that the manufacture is qualified enough on producing.
APK has been awarded as “Ten Top Brand of China Pump Industry” and “First Level Enterprise of Ministry of Agriculture” for many times, and in 2002, APK gains the qualification of CE, BV, TUV, ISO and other international certification. We are qualified enough and we are still learning and adopting high technology to perfect our pumps.

agricultural submersible pump
agricultural submersible water pumps parts

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2.Choosing Suitable Head and Capacity

Needed head should be close to marked one on pumps as much as possible, so that the efficiency and economic effect can be promised. Agricultural submersible pumps can be worked in low energy costing condition as long as the deviation remains within 20%; And capacity should be chosen according to usage.
Different using condition requires different head and flow. As for these question, we have personnel waiting in 24 hours for answering. We will give you detailed introduction based on your actual usage.

submersible irrigation water pumps
Agricultural submersible water pumps for sale

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Features of APK Submersible Pump

1.highly qualified producing technology leads to high efficient products
2.Strong strength factory guarantees quality of products
3.Affordable price and responsible recommend
4.Brave innovation spirit and strong research and development capability
5.Mass machine producing line and mature management system

Agricultural Submersible Pumps Specification

Model Flow quantity  (m³/h) Rated head (m) Rotation speed     (m) Outlet diameter (mm) Power  (kw) Voltage  (v)
QS10-36/2-2.2 10 36 2850 40 2.2 380
QS10-54/3-3 10 54 2850 40 3 380
QS10-70/4-4 10 70 2850 40 4 380
QS10-90/5-5.5 10 90 2850 40 5.5 380
QS10-108/6-5.5 10 108 2850 40 5.5 380
QS10-126/7-7.5 10 126 2850 40 7.5 380
QS15-26-2.2 15 26 2850 2 2.2 380
QS15-34/2-3 15 34 2850 2 3 380
QS15-52/4-4 15 52 2850 2 4 380
QS15-65/5-5.5 15 65 2850 2 5.5 380
QS15-78/6-5.5 15 78 2850 50 5.5 380
QS15-91/7-7.5 15 91 2850 50 7.5 380
QS15-104/8-7.5 15 104 2850 50 7.5 380
QS20-30/2-3 20 30 2850 2.5 3 380
QS20–40/2-4 20 40 2850 2.5 4 380
QS20-54/3-5.5 20 54 2850 2.5 5.5 380
QS20-75/3-7.5 20 75 2850 2.5 7.5 380
QS20-81/6-7.5 20 81 2850 75 7.5 380
QS25-17-2.2 25 17 2850 2.5 2.2 380
QS25-25-3 25 25 2850 2.5 3 380
QS25-36/2-4 25 36 2850 2.5 4 380
QS25-44/2-5.5 25 44 2850 2.5 5.5 380

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After-sale Service

1.Personnel waiting online in 24 hours for resolving problems
2.Careful package and transportation
3.Responsible installation skills taught by personnel
4.Long time repairing and maintenance promise


As a responsible submersible pump manufacturer, we will offer you the most intimate and professional service, giving you the most comfortable purchasing experience. So if you have any intention or questions about our products and our company, please leave your message below and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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