12 hp submersible water pumps

12hp Submersible Pumps

12hp submersible pumps are usually equipped with three phase submersible motors, they are widely applied for municipal water supply, residential water supply and agricultural farmland irrigation etc. With excellent hydraulic design and balanced working condition, 12hp submersible pumps have always been in great demand. As water is regarded as source of life, APK carries on social responsibility and does one’s best to produce the best submersible pumps for protecting whole environment. All of our products are equipped with high quality internal materials and promised to have longer service life than others.

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Motor Parameter:

Above NEMA standard level

Insulation Grade: B

Protection Grade: IP68

Maximum Overall Diameter: φ95mm

Maximum Liquid Temperature: 35℃

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  • Stable and balanced working condition
  • Low noisy and low energy costing
  • Over-heat and over-flow protection devices installed
  • Automatic control
  • Easy to be installed and repaired
  • Delicate hydraulic design and smooth water flow
  • Water source protected and environmental friendly


Most of immersive pumps are used under deep well, they can also be used in river, lake and sea if internal materials changed accordingly. Therefore, they are normally applied for domestic water use, agricultural farmland irrigation, industrial constructive water supply, municipal water use, fishing industry water supply, light corrosive liquid transfer, etc.

12 hp pumps for sale
12hp submersible pumps

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12hp Submersible Pumps For Sale

Two kinds of submersible pumps castings are used for 12 hp pumps, one is stainless steel type, while the other being cast iron type. Stainless steel submersible pumps are more suitable to be used to transfer clean water or drinking water, because the unique material is able to resist corrosion. Therefore, they can also be used for transferring light corrosive fluid such as sea water or salt water. On the other hand, iron, as a hard material, is excellent in resisting weariness and is more durable. For protecting deep well from collapsing in installation, we specially equip our cast iron pumps with rubber protection cover. For producing submersible pumps, we are always the most professional one.

submersible 12hp pumps
12hp submersible pumps for sale

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12hp Submersible Pumps Price

APK pumps have always been famous for its reasonable price of all sorts of products. Most submersible pumps manufacturers use low price to attract customers, once one buy a weak 12 hp pump, he may spend large amount of money in later repairing and maintenance, which actually add purchasing cost unintentionally. Therefore, we do many submersible pumps experiments and choose the most cost-effective materials to enable our products’ quality. According to feedback of our customers, in ten-year’s using, they spend no money in repairing of their water pumps and those pumps can still be used longer. Furthermore, our own producing factory in large extent reduces the unnecessary cost of middleman paid by customers, and that is exactly why price of 12 hp submersible pumps in our company being the most reasonable.

12hp submersible pumps
12hp submersible pumps casting

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12hp Submersible Pumps Motor

Motor plays an important role in whole pumps operating, for different using conditions, they can be divided primarily into three phase type and single phase type. Single phase submersible motors are used domestically, therefore, relatively large horsepower pumps, like 12hp submersible pumps, can operate only under three phase motors. To protect motor from being burnt, we install over-flow and over-heat devices inside. As a reliable and responsible submersible pumps supplier, we make special design of our motors and make them less power consuming and more energy saving.

submersible 12hp pumps
12hp submersible water pumps

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How to Select 12hp Submersible Pumps

A weak quality submersible pumps may easily get broken in later using, therefore, when picking 12hp submersible pumps, quality serves as the primary factor. Products from a qualified submersible pumps manufacturer are relatively higher-quality than unqualified one because of strict supervision system. Therefore, a reliable submersible pumps supplier like APK pumps can be your best choice.
After selecting responsible pumps company, customers need to take actual using conditions into considerations. Different using conditions require different types of pumps, especially for deep well pumps, the diameter of well is extremely vital in choosing pumps. For offering the most suitable pumps for customers, we have personnel waiting anytime for introducing products.

12 hp pumps brand
12hp submersible pumps factory

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12hp Submersible Pumps Customize

Industrial or mountain areas usually require special-designed pumps because of their unique using conditions. Many small submersible pumps factory may find it hard to meet the demand from customers, however, as a highly innovated strong strength factory, APK pump is able to customize pumps according to needs of customers. Internal materials or hydraulic design may be changed accordingly. All of these depend on our continuously experiments. Therefore, if you need special made pumps, please talk to our personnel in detail on your actual need, our staff will sure to provide you with the most satisfied resolutions.

12 hp pumps parts
12hp submersible pumps parts

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12hp Submersible Pumps Parts

Internal parts and pumps performance decide service life of pumps, in term of this, pumps from APK choose full head structure on improving head and saving energy. The floating design reduced the axial pressure to large extent. Motor and pumps own same size in order to be changed causally. Impellers and conveying shell we use are highly sand and wear resistance type. For protecting motors, we equip oil chamber detection system and over-heat devices. All the materials we use are beyond national standard. So choosing APK pumps, you will be able to get the most comfortable using conditions.

12 hp pumps submersible
12hp submersible pumps producers

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China Submersible Pump Casting

In producing immersion pumps, three types of casting methods, which include lost foam casting, wax casting and sand film casting. Each of them are used to produce different types of pumps served for various using applications. Luckily, APK pumps masters the three casting methods skillfully and therefore is able to provide all sorts of water pumps for you. We are have recently learned new method of stainless steel casting and therefore is able to produce large quantity of stainless steel pumps all by ourselves. By this, the purchasing price is reduced together with low producing cost.

submersible 12hp pumps for sale
12hp submersible pumps casting

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12hp Submersible Pumps Producers

Strength of producers decide quality and price of products, therefore, in choosing submersible pumps producers, customers should pay attention to the scale of factory. Since foundation, submersible pumps producers passed through thirty years and all the products we produced won widely award from customers. Because of our habitual best quality, our factory is regarded as industry benchmark in China and for many times been regarded as National Designated Products. In order to protect environment and build an environmental friendly corporate, we especially install environmental protection devices. Thus compared with other manufacturers, our factory will not be forbidden to stop working even in bad weathers.

best 12hp pumps brand
12hp submersible pumps manufacturer

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On producing submersible pumps, we are the most professional one. And we are brave and responsible enough to carry on social responsibility to protect water source and bring more clean water to each corner of the world. We are and will always be your the most reliable partners, so if you have any intention on our products or our company, please feel free to leave your detailed message below, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!!


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