submersible hot water pumps for sale

Hot Water Submersible Pump

Hot water submersible pump is used for pumping hot underwater and thermal water. With special designed high temperature resistance waterproof wire, cable, lead wire joint along with configuration of important accessories, hot water submersible pump from APK is able to work in hot temperature for long time. It can transfer water under 100℃.
Two models can be chosen according to temperature. One is under 80℃, while the other under 100℃, Material of waterproof wire will be changed for the two models. Basic model is quite the same as normal submersible pumps.

submersible hot water pumps for sale
submersible pump for hot water
hot submersible water pump
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Working Parameter

Flow Capacity: 10-700m³/h;

Head Range: 15-405m;

Well Diameter: φ50-200mm;

Temperature: 0-80℃;

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Using Condition

  • Hot water submersible pump should be used under 3 phase alternating current of 380v ±5% and 50 ± 1% Hz.
  • Clean water must be filled into submersible motor before working
  • PH level of water between 6.5-8.5
  • Hydrogen sulfide content of water should be no more than 1.5 mg/L
  • Chloride ion content of water should be no more than 400mg/L
  • Pump has to be totally immersed into water, immersive depth should be no more than 70m, distance between bottom of pump and well should be no less than 3m
  • Pump has to be used vertically instead of horizontally
  • Water yield must satisfy the need of pump working


Hot water submersible pump can be used for heating, health caring, physiotherapy and land utilization. Water under 100℃ can be pumped easily.



  • Vertical type, space free, and easy to be installed
  • Impeller installed on long axial, compact structure, reasonable configuration, smooth operation with low noise
  • Using hard alloy as mechanical sealing, long service life is ensured
  • Easy to install and repair, no need to disassemble whole pipeline system when repairing
  • Capable of changing head and capacity according to needs flexibly
  • Low cost and high efficient of hot water submersible pumps
hot water stainless steel submersible pumps catelogue
Hot water stainless steel submersible pumps

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Hot Water Submersible Pump Manufacturers

APK, a professional submersible pump dealer, exerting to provide the best pump for you. Submersible pump is always our main products, we combines newest technology with our own unique skills, gradually win wide praise among pump industry.
Before selling, we will carefully check each accessories of our pump is in good condition. Any defective will be put back for reproducing. We have professional test machine to test each of our pumps thoroughly. Lubricating oil will be changed into new for lubricating effect of our pumps. If lubricating oil gets dirty or amount of water is out of design, we will replace the whole sealing box or sealing ring with a new one. Of course the replaced accessories are sure to be on standard level.

submersible borewell pumps
Cast iron hot water submersible pumps

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Hot Water Submersible Pump Maintenance

Submersible hot water pump needs special maintenance because of its distinctive using condition. Good quality of pump can help users easier to maintain their pumps. On considering this occasion, APK sticks to use high levels of materials in order to prolong service life of pump.
As pump needs to be disassembled frequently for checking, our pumps are made easy to open. Especially in spring, we will remind our customers of opening the upper body and rotating impeller first, then they can turn on their pump. Because after a long winter, pump may be get frozen and suddenly working under this condition may burn motor down. So this behavior can better protect our pump and prolong its service life.

Want to know more details?

When corrosive medium is to transferred, we will change the casting material into stainless or tin bronze one. Or epoxy resin will be painted outside and inside the pump in case of being rotted.
Many methods of maintenance on hot water submersible pumps can be done in producing. So as one of best submersible pump manufacturers, we especially pay attention on products usage. We will take maintenance into consideration when producing, making our pumps easy to be maintained by customers. Besides, we will offer professional skills on hot water submersible pump maintenance. After buying our pumps, we will send helpful directions to you on how to maintain pumps from time to time.

submersible clean water pump catelogue
Submersible hot water pumps for sale

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Strength of Submersible Hot Water Pump

  1. Multiple Type

Two types of submersible hot water pump can be chosen. One is of iron cast type, the other is stainless steel type. High quality waterproof wire ensures hot water resistance of our pumps. Iron cast one is of good abrasion resistance, while the other is of good corrosive resistance. Customers can choose one of them and we will adjust waterproof wire inside accordingly.

  1. Multiple Material

Impeller and pump body use SUS304 material, it is high rusty resistance and able to efficiently protect water source. If customers have special needs, SUS316 and duplex steel materials can also be chosen.

  1. Special Designed Stator

Stator of our submersible hot water pump is well sealed by epoxy resin. As a rusty resistance material, epoxy resin is anti-leakage and of high strength as well as strong adhesion. It is also famous for its low cost. Besides, APK use water and antifreeze cool and lubricate heated motor to help maintain our pump.

  1. Low Noise

We use rubber as main material to cover shaft sleeve. Thus working noise of hot water submersible pump can be efficiently reduced. Impeller is straightly installed on long axial of pump, short axial size keeps radial and axial load balance while working. And we successfully control our working noisy under 45 db.

  1. Long Service Life

Normally, hot water submersible pump’s service life is about 15 years if taken good care. But APK uses advanced design and technology, combines mechanical sealing together, adopts imported titanium alloy seal ring together with carbide material, making our pump capable of wear-resistance and closely sealed without leakage. Therefore, our hot water submersible pump can be able to work for more than 25 years.

submersible water pumps
Submersible water pumps for hot water

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Hot water submersible pumps are still for sale now in APK, centrifugal multistage type will sure brings you large capacity and high head. We offer you the most worth buying products and service. If you have any intention on our products or our company, please leave your message below and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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