Submersible Well Pumps

Deep well and shallow well are normally used by people to get water, especially for deep well. Therefore, we produced high quality submersible well pumps to fit customers’ needs. They include submersible well water pump, deep well submersible pump, submersible dewatering pumps, 100 gpm submersible well pump, submersible borehole pumps and stainless steel submersible pumps. Detailed information of these products are as follow:

submersible well pumps water

Submersible Well Water Pump

Submersible well water pump can be divided into two kinds, one is shallow well pump, the other is deep well ...
dewatering submersible pumps

Submersible Dewatering Pumps

Sometimes water on the ground is hard to be drained, and submersible dewatering pumps can perfectly solve this problem. APK, ...
submersible borehole pumps

Submersible Borehole Pumps

Submersible borehole pumps are used in deep well. Submersible motors make them able to be immersed into water for a ...
deep well submersible pump for sale

Deep Well Submersible Pump

Deep well submersible pump is a frequently used pumps among other submersible pumps. Usually, it is a multistage centrifugal pump, ...
stainless steel pumps manufacturer

Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps

Stainless steel submersible pumps are usually used in deep well, they are now popular used for their lightness and simple ...
10 inch submersible borewell water pumps catelogue

10 inch Submersible Deep Well Water Pumps

10 inch submersible deep well water pumps are suitable to be used in well diameter of 250 mm. They use ...
submersible 100gpm pumps suppliers

100gpm Submersible Well Pump

100gpm submersible well pump is a relatively high flow and high capacity borehole submersible pump. It is suitable to be ...
7 inch submersible deep well water pumps suppliers

7 Inch Submersible Deep Well Water Pumps

Submersible water well pumps can be divided according to its well diameter, core submersible deep well water pumps for sale ...
submersible borewell 8 inch pumps catelogue

8 Inch Submersible Deep Well Water Pumps

Deep well water pumps are used for deep well. According to different diameters of wells, there are 7 inch submersible ...
submersible 12" water pumps for sale

12 Inch Submersible Water Well Pumps

Submersible water well pumps are used in wells. As well diameter must be larger than pump diameter, our borehole water ...
submersible 14 inch water pumps for sale

14 Inch Submersible Deep Well Water Pumps

14 inch submersible deep well water pumps are used under water. The diameter of well must be larger than pump’s ...
submersible deep well water pumps suppliers

16 Inch Submersible Deep Well Water Pumps

16 inch submersible deep well water pumps are suitable for large diameter wells. Cast iron type and stainless steel submersible ...
submersible 18 inch pumps

18 Inch Submersible Deep Well Water Pumps

18 inch submersible deep well water pumps are one kinds of borehole water pumps. They are widely used for underwater ...

12 hp Submersible Well Pumps

Digging a water well and then getting water from it has been a traditional and most common way of domestic ...
14 hp pumps for sale

14 hp Submersible Well Pump

Do you own a well for drinking or farmland irrigation? Do you need an excellent well pump to be you ...
submersible pumps for wells for sale

Submersible Pumps For Wells

Do you want to buy submersible pumps for wells? As hot and common used devices, APK produced all sorts of ...
stainless steel water well pumps

Stainless Steel Submersible Well Pumps

Cast iron pumps have large potential danger in being corroded by transferred medium. In order to transfer clean drinking water ...
stainless steel pumps producers

Stainless Steel Submersible Water Pump

Water is the most important natural source for human beings. For years, people spend most time sucking water from deep ...
submersible borehole pumps

Borehole Submersible Water Pumps

Borehole submersible water pumps are most widely used pumps for farmland irrigation or domestic drinking water supply. Because of its ...
China high lift submersible pump factory

High Lift Submersible Pump

High lift submersible pump can be widely used for agricultural farmland irrigation, industrial water supply, domestic drinking water supply and ...
deep well submersible pumps

Submersible Deep Well Pumps

Submersible pumps are mainly used for transferring or sucking water from deep well or shallow well, therefore, submersible deep well ...
submersible well water pumps

Submersible Water Well Pumps

Do you have interested in buying the highest quality submersible water well pumps? Here APK has the best quality level ...
water well pumps submersible

Submersible Water Pumps For Wells

Submersible water pumps for wells are widely used types especially for residential and industrial areas. In order to guarantee quality ...
deep well pumps submersible for sale

Submersible Deep Well Water Pump

Do you have interested in buying best quality submersible deep well water pump? APK is a professional submersible deep well ...
stainless steel pumps sale

Stainless Steel Pumps Australia

Stainless steel pumps in Australia are for hot sale now. Lots of stainless steel pumps specifications be chosen. As a ...

Submersible Well Pumps Applications

Well submersible pumps are normally used under water for shallow well and deep well. It can also be used for agricultural farmland irrigation and industrial mining dewatering, hot water transfer, residential water supply, draining system, pump station and hills or mountain areas water supply. For enhancing application of well pumps, we also design all sorts of casting for various using situations. Therefore, if they are used in unique areas, we can also make adjustment to our pumps for satisfying customers’ demands.

deep well submersible pump for sale
deep well submersible pump

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Features of Submersible Well Pumps

  • Wide range of application
  • Low energy cost, high working efficient
  • Long service life and reliable working condition
  • Different models and specifications for choosing
  • Environmental friendly
  • Good sealing system and water source protecting
  • Impact shape and excellent design
submersible deep well water pumps
submersible deep well pumps

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Submersible Well Pumps Cost

Submersible well pump prices are depend totally on their specifications and internal materials. Many submersible pump manufacturers may spend large expense in finding good factory to provide pumps for them. And the main difference between APK pump and other pump submersible suppliers lie in this. We have our own factory and the factory strength ranks the first in China. Therefore, we saved large amount of money and more attention can be paid in producing and designing. Besides, quality serves as the life of a pump, low quality pumps means higher cost in using. Since foundation, we always regard quality as cornerstone and perfect its performance on the basis of best quality. Long service life of our pumps guarantees low cost of submersible well pump in APK.

well pumps submersible
submersible well pumps

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Submersible Well Pumps For Sale

Apart from head and flow capacity, well diameter is the core factor in choosing well pumps. We mainly provide large diameter pumps for industrial use, such as 7 inch pump, 8 inch well pumps, 10 inch borehole pumps, 12 inch well water pumps, 14 inch borewell pumps, 16 inch deep well pumps and 18 inch water pumps. The head of these pumps are high enough for industrial use. We also have large flow capacity pumps for sale such as 100gpm submersible well pumps. Other small horsepower pumps as residential well pump are also on the selling lists.

well pump parts
submersible well pumps parts

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Submersible Well Pumps Replacement Cost

When well pumps need to be replaced, customers have to look for professional repair staff, the additional manual and transport cost is enlarged. And low quality pumps mean short service life of them, more replacement points to more costs. Well pumps in APK are well avoid the concern. Our pumps are proved to be able to work for more than ten years according to customers’ feedback. And if anything wrong with our pumps, we will provide free replacement and repair service in a limited time.

submersible stainless steel well pump
stainless steel submersible well pump

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Submersible Well Pump Repair

  1. Untie the cable strings and remove tunnel part
  2. Loose the outlet bolt, empty pump body
  3. Remove filter and loose bolt on the motor shaft
  4. Depart pump body and motor after removing bolt on connection part

Maintenance of pumps is important for prolonging service life. After using pump, pump body should be kept clean and dry. No water kept inside in winter. For avoiding corrosion, APK spreads two covers of corrosion resistance paints outside pumps body.

deep well pump system
submersible well pump system

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Submersible Well Pump Installation

Well pumps are used under deep well, therefore, pumps in our company are equipped with protecting cover. When they get into well, the cover can protect well from collapsing. For safety working and installation, we have professional installation staff. For foreign customers, we have distributors all around the world and our agents are instructed to help install pumps for you. After pumps get installed, pump is operated and then check the actual working voltage as well as amps. The pump can be put into use if it has no special noisy and tremor. Pumps should be started after five minutes after stopping. In case of prolonging service life, check voltage and well pump amps regularly.

submersible well pumps supplier
submersible stainless steel well pumps

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Submersible Well Pump Switch

Unlike ground well pump, submersible pumps need to work underwater when pumping water from a well. Therefore, well pump starter is normally set on the ground for convenience, known as submersible well pump control box. Several buttons with LED light controls the on and off of the pump, some types of controller realized computerized automatic control. When it is overheating or overload, the controller will stop automatically for safety. With national standard producing and testing process, submersible well pump controller won great praise for its excellent performance and advanced technology.

well submersible pump for sale
submersible stainless steel water pumps

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Variable Speed Submersible Well Pumps

Flow capacity of pumps is depend on diameter of pumps to large extent, small diameter pumps such as 3 inch pumps or 4 inch pumps may get difficulty in withstanding large water pressure. Therefore, we provide all sorts of large diameter pumps for large flow use. Different speed of our pumps are realized by different materials and motor power. For satisfying customers’ needs, we did many submersible pumps experiments and adjusted flow speed through different hydraulic design. Most of our pumps are able to work in complex situation and any requirement of customers will be met by our professional staffs.


submersible well water pump
best submersible well pump

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Submersible Well Pump Motor

Motor is the cardinal part of pump working. Three types of motors meet all sorts of using condition. As air cooler motor is normally used on the ground, water cooler submersible motor and oil filled submersible motor are frequently used for submerged pumps. Cold temperature gets water into frozen, thus oil filled motor is used for cold areas or winter. On the other hand, once oil in the motor leaks, leaking fluid will pollute water source. Therefore, when transferring residential water or drinking water, water cooler type motor will be used. Two types of motors produced in APK are promised to be the most energy save and thus are more environmental friendly.

well pump wire
well pump system

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Submersible Well Pumps System

Core well pump parts include inlet, outlet, motor and impeller. When pump is on, motor starts working and impeller rotates quickly. Inlet part has large vacuum space under great pressure, then water flows into pump body. When it flows near impeller, it rotates together with impeller under centrifugal force. And then water is thrown out to some degree, forming some kind of force known as head. As water flows out of pump body, new vacuum space formed near inlet again and new round of pumping starts.

well pump submersible variable speed
best rated submersible well pumps

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Residential Well Pump Submersible

Most of farmland owners have well themselves and are eager to have residential or house well pump. On account of this, we produce small well pumps for home use. This type of pumps have impact shape and relatively low flow and low head. Overall design of home pump is simple and easy to operate. Apart from home use, the small well pumps produced by APK can also be used for fountain. They can be installed vertically or horizontally for different needs.

well pump suppliers
buy submersible well pumps

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Submersible Well Pump Casing

Two types of pump casing include cast iron type and stainless steel type. Cast iron pumps work for clean water or light corrosive fluid, strong hardness of iron makes sure the safety and stable working condition of pumps. When transferring hot water or corrosive fluid, stainless steel submersible well pumps are able to protect water source and guarantees quality of drinking water transferred. Compared with cast iron one, stainless steel type is more good-looking and has wider applications. But weight of two types of pumps are the same. Therefore, when buying well pump, actual using conditions should be the primary factor of considering.

external well pump
top rated submersible well pumps

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New Submersible Well Pump

Stainless steel pump and cast iron pump are frequently used, each of them has their disadvantages. On considering this, APK designed new type of well pumps to make up for shortcomings. The new well pump is covered by stainless steel, but is still cast iron inside. Therefore, it is still in strong hardness, while the appearance of it is more attractive. The new well pump cost is much more competitive than other suppliers. Each of pumps will be sent for testing after producing, and long service life of it promises the low cost in replacing and repairing.

domestic well pump systems
energy efficient well pump

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Submersible Industrial Well Pump

Industrial pumps are required to have large flow capacity or high head. Therefore, the diameter of pump should be large enough for bearing large water pressure. On account of complicated working condition of industry, we have bottom suction submersible pumps to pump surface water of working place. Besides, special designed filter and inlet promises large amount of water being pumped in without obstacle. Many sorts of specifications point to different speed and flow capacity.

well pump electric box
100 gpm submersible well pump

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Submersible Well Pump Sizing

Have you wondered what size well pump do I need? Pump size relies on diameter of well, before buying well pump, customers need to measure diameter of their well. Normally, the size of pumps must be much wider than well diameter, or pump maybe easily broken for getting in touch with inside wall. In case of this, APK produced large amount of protecting cover, when pump gets into well, the protecting cover can protect pump from being broken. If you still have puzzle in choosing pumps, our staff is waiting all the time for resolving your problems.

industrial well pump
well pump casing

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Submersible Well Pumps Manufacturers

Regarding quality as producing fundamental, many of products in APK are sold overseas and are praised as best rated submersible well pumps. Many customers from all around the world come to pay a visit on our strong strength factory. Our testing machine functions all the time for testing pumps. In order to perfect pumps performance and producing skills, staffs from APK are sent for learning regularly. After selling out pumps, our personnel will monitor pumps constantly and collect customers’ feedback. Most of customers are willing to be distributors and agents for our high quality products. Besides, we are always looking for overboard distributors, if you have any intention on becoming our partner, contact us and we will get in touch with you soon.

well pump horsepower
submersible well pumps for sale

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Submersible Well Pump Service

  • Personnel waiting all the time for resolving all your problems
  • Warmly welcome customers pay visits to our factory for free
  • Free installation and repairing in limited time
  • Perfect warranty system and legal purchasing guaranteed
  • Customized service for satisfying all your needs
  • Professional maintenance skills instructed
well pump submersible for sale
submersible well pumps supplier

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