12 hp Submersible Well Pumps

Digging a water well and then getting water from it has been a traditional and most common way of domestic water using around the world, people used to drinking, washing and irrigating farmland with well water. Therefore, 12 hp submersible well pumps have always been a good helper to people. Quality of well pumps directly influences quality of water source. For providing people with clean drinking water, we are on our way to continuously innovate and perfect our pumps. As a reliable submersible pumps manufacturer, we will be your best choice.

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Motor Parameter:

Above NEMA standard level

Insulation Grade: B

Protection Grade: IP68

Maximum Overall Diameter: φ95mm

Maximum Liquid Temperature: 35℃

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12 hp submersible well pumps have variety of applications. Being well pumps, they can be used both in shallow well and deep well.

  • Domestic drinking water or daily water use
  • Municipal water supply
  • Agricultural farmland irrigation
  • Industrial water drainage and supply
  • Stock farming water use
  • Fishing industry water drainage etc.

Using Condition

  1. Voltage deviation should be 380V ± 5%, frequency should be 50HZ ± 1%
  2. Clean water should be filled inside motor
  3. First level of impeller should be immersed more than 2m under dynamic level, pump unit should be immersed less than 70m under static water level.
  4. Distance between bottom of motor and well should be more than 3m
  5. Temperature of water should be no more than 20℃
  6. PH level of water should be among 6.5-8.5
12 hp submersible well pumps for sale
12 hp submersible well pumps

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12 hp Submersible Well Pumps For Sale

If used for transferring industrial or agricultural water, we would suggest you cast iron submersible well pumps, they are excellent in hardness and wear resistance. If they are to transfer drinking water or hot water, sea water, stainless steel submersible well pumps may be your best choice. Stainless steel casting are corrosive resistance and no corrosion drop will pollute water source, therefore, they are regarded as environmental friendly products. Both kinds of submerged pumps install submersible motors. Water cooler type and oil filled design are able to cool down heated motor and prolong service life of whole pumps.

12 hp well pumps company
12 hp submersible well pumps testing

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12 hp Submersible Well Pumps Online Price

Quality as always been the most important factor in setting price, and internal materials choosing is also vital in deciding service life of pumps. On setting price, many costs such as middle man charge and producing charge will be added automatically. However, because of our own producing factory, we are able to reduce large expense in middle man and control whole producing costs all by ourselves. Besides, when buying online, customers have to pay large amount of money in transporting, for solving this problem, we set lots of oversea locations around the world to provide submersible pumps for you. And our distributors will be able to offer you the most comfortable after sale service locally.

submersible 12 hp pumps
12 hp submersible well water pumps

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12 hp Submersible Well Pumps Components

Submerged pumps connect motor and pump body together as one, for better cooling effects, we installed water cooler submersible motors equipped with over-heat and over-flow devices. Centrifugal impeller helps protect internal parts and add head and flow rate. For avoiding corrosion, two covers of corrosion resistance paint will be spread in producing process. All the internal materials such as silicone steel plate and copper wire are far beyond national standard. With stamping machine, all stators are made smooth and in perfect size. All of them enables our products to be in long service life and highest quality level.

12 hp submersible well pumps
12 hp submersible well pumps manufacturer

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12 hp Submersible Well Pumps Details

When pumps are put into well, its hard casting may get well into collapse, therefore, we specially make rubber protection cover and wear it outside pumps. After pump is on, motor starts working and drive all the other part being into working condition, the motor protection device as well as cooling system is also in working. Then water flows into pump body under great unbalanced pressure and moves rapidly into impeller part. Impeller rotates fast and throw water far away, which gives water large power and push water flow outside pump. When the round of pumping ends, a new round starts immediately till pump is turned off.

12 hp submersible pumps for sale
12 hp submersible pumps

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Best Rated Submersible Pumps Companies

If searching for submersible pumps manufacturers, many brands will show on screen, so before choosing pumps suppliers, some factors must bear in mind.
First, the qualifications of pumps company is extremely important. Qualifications means all the products sold by the company are monitored legally. Therefore, qualified companies are more reliable to customers. However, APK pump is regarded as bench marking in pump industry because of its habitual good quality products. So we are the most qualified corporate.
Second, selling company with factory will be convenient for customers, because they are able to customize products for you. Especially large producing factory as APK does, they can redesign pumps according to unique applications, and the price of pumps are more reasonable.

12 hp well pumps
12 hp submersible pumps

For producing submersible pumps, APK is always the most professional and most innovated one. We are able to provide you with the excellent purchasing experience, so if you have any intention on our products or our company, do not hesitate to leave your detailed message below, and we will be sure to contact you as soon as possible!



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