fountain water pumps for sale

Submersible Water Fountain Pumps

Fountain pumps are immersion pumps used widely in park or scenic spots, because of their special using conditions, they are designed to be installed vertically or horizontally. Most of submersible water fountain pumps are iron-cast, in order to widen their applications, APK, the best professional submersible pumps brand in China, designed stainless steel types. On service life and performance, submersible pumps from our company are always on the leading position.

fountain water pumps for sale
fountain pumps submersible
submersible stainless steel fountain pumps
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Working Parameters

Flow Range: 10-250m3/h

Head Range: 5-121m

Diameter Range: φ30 – φ150mm

Temperature Range: ≤30℃

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  • Low noisy and low energy consuming
  • Easy to be installed and repaired
  • Smooth and stable working performance
  • Delicate design and excellent hydraulic performance
  • Environmental protection
  • Long service life


  1. Fountain scenic show
  2. Agricultural farmland irrigation
  3. Well water drainage and supply
  4. Municipal water supply
  5. Fountain project
  6. Food industry water use
submersible fountain water pumps for sale
submersible fountain pumps

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Submersible Water Fountain Pumps Price

Most of submersible pumps manufacturers guarantee free repair within one year, but buying a weak water pump means large costs paid in later using stage. On account of this, APK pays most attention in products quality and develops a series of strict testing systems to ensure the long service life. In spite of this, we possess a producing factory of our own, all the ordered fountain water pumps are produced and sold directly from factory, which changed from traditional selling mode and greatly reduced the unnecessary costs in purchasing process. That is the exact reason for our reasonable and competitive price.

fountain water pumps for sale
submersible fountain pumps

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Submersible Water Fountain Pumps For Sale

Two kinds of submersible fountain pumps are for sale in APK, one is for stainless steel casting whereas the other being cast iron types. Cast iron types can fit most of indoor using applications for draining clean water or deep well water. However, most of outdoor environments are complicated and corrosive fluid may be mixed in and get iron cast corroded. On such occasion, we suggest stainless steel types for you. They are able to be used in salt water and dirty water areas. For more unique applications, we have customized project for you and make sure any demands of yours can be satisfied.

submersible pumps for fountain
submersible water fountain pumps

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Submersible Water Fountain Pumps Working Principle

Submersible fountain pumps are consisted mainly of impellers and motors, both of which generate specific forces to push water to complete pumping process. When pump is on, vacuum space formed near inlet because of the imbalanced pressure, then water is forced to flow into pump under great pressure. Impeller rotates with power brought by motors, then water moves together with it in restricted routine. Large rotating power push water away and head of which comes into being. Then the final step is to make water thrown out of pumps body. Therefore, head and flow capacity are closely connected with numbers of impellers and horsepower of motors.

fountain submersible pump
submersible water fountain pumps for sale

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Submersible Water Fountain Pumps Efficiency

Working efficiency is closely related to quality of motors and internal hydraulic design. Large horsepower motors are destined to consume more power than small horsepower one. On choosing suitable fountain pumps, concrete using conditions must be clear. For reducing power consumption and improving water fountain pumps efficiency, APK does many submersible pumps experiments and test each hydraulic models, and finally produced low noisy and high efficiency pumps. Because of its excellent performance, not only is the using cost of fountain pumps reduced, the service life of pumps in APK is also prolonged to large extent.

submersible fountain pumps
stainless steel submersible water fountain pumps

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Submersible Water Fountain Pumps Motor

Unlike on-ground pumps, immersive motors are mainly refer to oil filled submersible motors and water cooler submersible motors. Oil filled submersible motors have the advantages of frozen resistance, therefore, they can be used in cold areas. But because of their danger of oil leaking, water cooler motors can protect water source from being polluted. Most of outdoor constructive pumps are installed with three phase motors, whereas indoor or domestic pumps are equipped with single phase one. No matter how large the horsepower of motor is, water pump in APK is promised to be the most efficiency one.

submersible water pump for fountain
submersible water fountain pumps part

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Submersible Water Fountain Pumps Specifications

Model Flow rate Head






Motor Head


Pump Head


Maximum Diameter




Motor Weight
200QJ40-39/3 40 39 7.5 18 648 560 184 94
200QJ40-52/4 52 10 24.7 673 895 119
200QJ40-65/5 65 13 29.7 703 1040 134
200QJ40-78/6 78 15 33.9 876 1085 166
200QJ40-91/7 91 18.5 41.6 926 1330 186
200QJ40-104/8 104 18.5 41.6 926 1465 198
200QJ40-117/9 117 22 48.2 1177 1620 243
200QJ40-130/10 130 25 54.5 1237 1765 265
200QJ40-143/11 143 25 54.5 1237 1910 283
200QJ40-156/12 156 30 65.4 1317 2055 308
200QJ40-169/13 169 30 65.4 1317 2220 318
200QJ40-182/14 182 37 79.7 1452 2365 350
200QJ40-195/15 195 37 79.7 1452 2510 360
200QJ40-208/16 208 37 79.7 1452 2655 370
200QJ40-221/17 221 45 96.9 1573 2800 397
200QJ40-234/18 234 45 96.9 1573 2945 407

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Submersible Water Fountain Pumps Factory

Fountain pumps are most frequently used types, and because of their wide range of using applications, they are always in great demand. An excellent pumps producing factory should qualified enough to be able to produce all sorts of pumps. On that aspect, APK factory, for over thirty years, dedicates on producing submersible pumps only. We master skillfully three casting method and are capable of producing pumps range from 2.2kw to 450kw. We exert to provide customized service and any demands can be fulfilled as far as we can.

water pump for water fountain
submersible water fountain pumps price

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Submersible Water Fountain Pumps Manufacturers

Brand of corporate is regarded as its life, and the best brand can always be the most reliable partner to customers. In order to establish our own brand, we never give up innovating on the basis of customers’ needs. For thirty years’ perseverance, APK has successfully become leading and top rated brand in China. Using rate of our products in China only has reached more than 70%, and are regarded as National designated products in large activity such as the Olympic Games. Carried with trust from customers and heavy social responsibility, we are always stepping forward to be better.

water fountain pumps
submersible water fountain pumps packing

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After-sale Service

  • Customized and one-stop service
  • 24 hours personnel waiting for introducing and solving problems
  • Welcome any time for visiting our factory
  • One year free repair
  • Professional maintenance skills taught
submersible pump for water fountain
submersible water fountain pumps suppliers

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Small Submersible Water Pump Distributor

With expansion of our corporate, we hope to find good partners overboard as our distributors and agents. In order to better serve customers, we have detailed requirements on agents. Once being our distributors, we will teach professional installation and maintenance skills for you. All the products we offer are of the highest quality with the most reasonable price. So if you have any intention, contact us at any time.

water submersible fountain pumps
submersible water fountain pumps show

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As a professional submersible pumps supplier, APK has never forgotten the mission during our development. We would like to bring you comfortable purchasing experience as well as do as our best to protect world water source. If you have any intention or questions on our company or our products, please feel free to contact us. We will always be your the most reliable partner.


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