submersible 5hp pumps

5hp Submersible Pumps

For different requirements on head and flow capacity, we have all sorts of horsepower motors for sale. Apart from 3hp submersible pumps and 4hp submersible pumps, 5hp submersible pumps are also in large demand. They can be used for draining and supplying clean water or light corrosive water. Quality of 5hp submersible pumps are far above national level, which enables long service life and stable working condition. In order to better serve our customers, APK is still on our way to continuously innovation.

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Motor Parameter:

Above NEMA standard level

Insulation Grade: B

Protection Grade: IP68

Maximum Overall Diameter: φ95mm

Maximum Liquid Temperature: 35℃

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Using Condition

  • Voltage should be 380V, frequency should be 50Hz
  • Clean water must be filled into motor
  • Distance between bottom of motor and well should be no less than 3m
  • PH level of water: 6.5-8.5
  • Hydrogen sulfide content of water: ≤1.5mg/L
  • Ammonia ion content of water: ≤400mg/L
  • Sediment content of water: ≤0.01%


  1. Cost saving and energy saving
  2.  Environmental friendly
  3.  Long service life and delicate internal design
  4.  Wide range of applications
  5.  Various specifications
5hp submersible pumps
5hp submersible pumps for sale

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5hp Submersible Pumps Applications

5hp submersible pumps can be used widely in all sorts of using conditions under restricted voltage. Normally they are able to meet the demand of domestic and agricultural use. Therefore, they are frequently applied for farmland irrigation, deep well water drainage and supply, mountain water carriage, river and lake water transfer, constructive water dealing and municipal water uses etc. For larger head and flow capacity ordered, we are capable of changing internal design without decreasing quality level of products.

5hp pumps for sale
5hp submersible pumps

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5hp Submersible Pumps For Sale

5hp submersible well pumps are produced through series of process, each step of producing must be tested strictly before entering next procedure in APK. All of our products are promised to be far more above national standard. With skillful producing technique, we have stainless steel type and cast iron type for resisting corrosion and wear. As with advanced produce and design skills, our water pumps for sale are able to own long service life and stable working condition.

5hp pumps packing
5hp submersible well pumps

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5hp Submersible Pumps Price

Price of 5hp submersible pumps has always been competitive among world submersible pumps manufacturers. On selling procedures, we adopt new and advanced method in replacing traditional type. Our ordered products are sold directly by ourselves without middleman. All these depend on strong strength factory that we have. Extra selling procedures means extra charge and cost, therefore, the method of factory-direct selling helps save large amount of money for customers. Besides, weak quality products lead to frequent repairing and replacement. On account of this, our best level well pumps will be your suitable partner on saving cost.

submersible 5hp pumps quality
5hp submersible pumps testing

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5hp Submersible Pumps Motor

It is no doubt that motor plays an important role in operating submersible pumps. Asynchronous motor is used for fitting various rotating speed and frequency. And three phase are chosen as to suit industrial use. As they need to be used under water for long time, we abandoned air cooler submersible motor and replaced it with water cooler and oil filled submersible motor. On producing submersible pumps, APK is always the most professional one and is the most reliable submersible pumps manufacturer.

5hp submersible water pumps
5hp pumps submersible

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5hp Submersible Pumps System

Apart from submersible pumps motor, the other parts of pumps also contribute a lot in its stable working condition. When pump is on, vacuum space is formed alongside inlet part and transferred liquid flows in under great pressure. Rotated impeller brings liquid move together in restricted path and then throws it away with large centrifugal force. The arisen liquid then moves out of pumps through outlet. In whole working process, quality and performance of internal materials have large effect on working condition. That’s why we always regard quality of cornerstone of corporate development.

submersible 5hp pumps
5hp submersible pumps producing cast

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5hp Submersible Pumps Power Consumption

Power consumption of water pumps depend in large extent on motor. Large power motor pumps are normally used in constructive or mining area, while small power motor pumps are applied in deep well or domestic use. 5hp well pumps are relatively small horsepower pumps, therefore, the power consumption of them are usually acceptable. In order to better save energy, APK specifically perfects internal structure and adopts excellent hydraulic model.

submersible 5hp pumps price
5hp submersible pumps protection casting

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5hp Submersible Pumps Specifications

220v serves as domestic voltage while 380v fits industrial or large constructive use. For meeting demand of two kinds of voltage, we have single phase 5hp pumps and three phase 5hp pumps, each of them must be used under restricted voltage requirements. Besides, stainless steel and cast iron types differ in physical characteristic of transferred medium. As a professional submersible pumps manufacturer, we provide all sorts of pumps in accordance with different using conditions. If you have any questions in choosing the most suitable type, our personnel will be on your help any time you need.

5hp submersible pumps for sale
5hp pumps submersible making

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5hp Submersible Pumps Suppliers

Choosing a reliable submersible pumps supplier is the key to buying best products. On qualification, APK won numerous prizes in innovation and products quality, and for many times being praised as Top Ten Responsible Corporate. Our products are tested virtually by customers’ actual using and are demonstrated as long service life types. On designing and producing submersible pumps, APK shows excellent ability in being “High efficiency, Professional and Responsible”.

submersible 5hp well pumps for sale
5hp submersible well pumps

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Advantages of Our Manufacturer

  • High pass rate products
  • Restricted delivery time
  • Advanced producing technology
  • Strict management system
  • Legal purchasing process
  • Wonderful guarantee system
  • Thoughtful pre-sale and after-sale service
submersible 5hp pumps manufacturer
5hp pumps submersible price

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