submersible irrigation water pump 1hp

Submersible Irrigation Water Pump

Want the best submersible irrigation water pump for agricultural use? Still puzzled on choosing top rated submersible irrigation water pump brand? APK pumps, with excellent working performance and competitive price, will solve all the problems of yours. High working efficiency of our own producing factory reduced whole pumps costs, customized service satisfies all your requirements on pumps parameter. Want the large power pumps urgently? We have ample stock to meet your urgent needs. Professional producing skills offer long service life products. If you have interested in buying best quality pumps in the most reasonable price, APK will be your first and best choice.

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Motor Parameter

NEMA standard

Insulation Level: B

Protective Grade: IP68

Maximum Diameter: φ 144mm

Maximum Liquid Temperature: 35℃

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Submersible Irrigation Water Pump For Sale

Because of different conditions of applications, we sell different kinds of submersible irrigation water pump for you. As for head and flow rate, we offer high head submersible pumps and high flow submersible pumps for large power use. On pumps castings, stainless steel irrigation pumps are capable of transferring light corrosive and hot water, and cast iron irrigation pumps are excellent in their hardness and wear resistance. If you have special requirements on pumps power or head, we offer customized service for you. Detailed introductions on pumps performance and pdf can be given if you need.

irrigation pumps water for sale
submersible irrigation water pump

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Submersible Irrigation Water Pump Price

In terms of irrigation water pumps price, APK pumps are always regarded as the most reasonable and competitive one. With long service life, repairing as well as replacing fee are saved and thus whole using costs are reduced to large extent. On producing costs, we have advanced and modern CNC machine, thus working efficiency is improved. Ample and cheap manual labor along with high producing ability, overall costs in producing is saved to large extent. In order to guarantee better quality level, each single pump must be sent for testing through testing machine, any defective pumps will be sent back for reproducing. According to customers’ feedback, our irrigation water pumps are able to be used for more than ten years. Therefore, buying water pumps from APK can be a wise investment.

best quality 1hp irrigation water pumps
irrigation submersible pumps

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Best Quality 1hp Submersible Irrigation Water Pump

Horsepower represents power of pumps motor, in agricultural use, power of irrigation pumps are relatively low, therefore, small pumps such as 1hp irrigation pumps and 3hp irrigation pumps are widely used. In order to save energy, we did many submersible pumps experiments and finally chose best hydraulic design to enable smooth working performance and less energy consuming. For safety working, protective devices such as over heat and over flow equipment is installed inside pump body for protect motor from being burnt. In producing procedure, whole pump must be immersed under water for more than 24 hours, and passing rate of APK pump reaches over 99.9%.

irrigation water pumps price
submersible irrigation water pump for sale

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High Head Submersible Irrigation Water Pump

When used as irrigation well pump, head of it is relatively high to meet actual demand. Full head design is adopted, together with modern floating structure, no axial pressure formed in whole working procedure. High strength wear resistance and sand resistance impeller and pressure balance film enables deep immersion of pump body. Single dabber design and automatic overheat protection as main features of our high head irrigation water pumps. Stainless steel materials of pumps castings enables excellent protection of water source. Head of our pumps reaches far more than 120m. Larger head can be made if you have the requirements.

irrigation water pumps for sale
submersible irrigation water pump factory

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Submersible Irrigation Water Pump Factory

Strength of factory represents quality of products. On submersible pumps producing, APK factory has more than thirty years experience. All the pumps castings skills including wax film, sand film and lost foam techniques are mastered skillfully by us. National B level testing machines are brought in to have strict test on each single pump.Internal materials such as copper wire are far beyond national standard. Traditional stator winding method is abandoned and replaced with automatic stator winding machine, each part is designed smooth and accurate to guarantee excellent conductivity. Advanced stainless steel producing line keeps our factory the leading position in stainless steel pumps making. Various kinds of pumps parts and accessories can be made by us in premium quality level, contact us immediately if you need.


irrigation water pumps for sale
stainless steel submersible irrigation water pump

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Submersible Irrigation Water Pump Suppliers

Under the qualifications of BV, CE, ISO and UV, APK irrigation pumps suppliers are for many times regarded as the most reliable company among whole submersible pumps industry. In large occasions, our pumps are treated as national designated products because of habitual excellent performance and quality. For passing national standard formulated by National Environmental Protection Bureau, our delivery time is well guaranteed. Detailed producing plan will be made by design department and produce department exert to produce best quality ones according to plan. In order to save transportation costs for customers, LCL transport method is chosen. All the ordered pumps will be packed carefully with box, before packing, working performance and each parameter will be tested strictly through testing machine. Thus no single pump has been returned back by customers for our satisfying quality level.

irrigation submersible water pumps
submersible irrigation water pump

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Submersible Irrigation Water Pump Manufacturers

With constant innovation spirit, APK has always improved pumps performance and models based on complicated applications and customers’ demands. We expanded motor power of 7 inch submersible pumps and 16 inch water well pumps in order to fit large industrial use. Till now, APK manufactured various kinds of pumps parts and assembled inline pumps, booster pumps and sewage pumps for more than 100,000. All of them sold to every corner of the world and won great praise. Old machine tools are replaced with new CNC machines to improve working efficiency. Automatic stator winding line, automatic assemble line and automatic wielding line improved quality and performance of irrigation water pumps. Customized service will be offered if you have special requirements on pumps.

irrigation water pumps for sale
submersible irrigation water pumps cover

Being a leading brand of submersible irrigation water pump, we are capable of providing you with the most satisfying purchasing experience. With hot demand on large power irrigation pumps, ample stock of them enables to meet urgent needs of yours. For providing best quality, distributors or agents are needed. If you are capable enough to be a good cooperator, read distributor requirements carefully and leave your message to us, we would like to hear from you soon.
If you have any intention on our products, please feel free to leave your detailed information below, we will help solve all your problems and give detailed submersible irrigation water pump quotation to you!!


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