Mixed Flow Submersible Pumps

Normally, impeller plays a vital role in submersible pumps usage. Three kinds of impellers all together are used for different needs. One is for axial flow, one is centrifugal, the last is mixed flow. In order to meet customers’ needs, APK based on the belief of continuous invention, adopted newly technology and international experiments results, developed impeller into adjustable, customers are able to adjust angel of installation according to their needs.
On account of effortless experiments on expansion water capacity, mixed flow submersible pumps from APK are widely used in all sorts of water treatment system and mariculture.

mixed flow pumps for sale
mixed flow pumps submersible
submersible mixed flow pumps for sale
mixed flow submersible water pumps
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mixed flow submersible water pumps
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Working Parameter

Flow Rate: 800 m³/h

Head: 3m

Outlet Diameter: 300mm

Power: Electric, 13kw

Low Pressure

Structure: Single stage

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Mixed flow submersible pumps from APK are especially famous for high capacity and non clog, so the whole using process is quite smooth, having the quality of high efficient and is energy saving. Therefore, they are widely used in reclamation, pool river drainage, flood and drainage control, sewage treatment and pump station water treatment. They are also used for drainage and irrigation in plain areas.


  • Long service life and brilliant performance
  • Good sealing system
  • Low noise and environmental friendly
  • Pump body and motor is linked together, easy to be installed and maintained
  • All sorts of types for satisfying all kinds of needs
  • Energy saving and space saving
mixed flow pumps pdf
Submersible mixed flow water pumps for sale

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Mixed Flow Submersible Pumps Definition

Mixed flow pumps submersible are one kind of commonly used pump type. As name suggest, mixed flow pumps means the impellers are of mixed flow type. When pump is working, impellers give water both centrifugal force and axial force. They are widely used for municipal water supply and mining dewatering use. As a professional dividing mixed-flow pump manufacturer, we provide all sorts of pumps for you and try our best to offer customized service.

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peerless mixed flow pump

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Mixed Flow Submersible Pumps Price

Dividing mixed flow pump is normally used for industrial use, therefore, the requirement of its head or flow capacity is relatively large. According to actual using condition, we will design our pumps into different head and flow capacity. And thus each of them points to their own prices. However, when compared with others, our dividing mixed-flow pump price is far more competitive. We have our own factory and we make all our pumps by ourselves, therefore, there is no extra disparity between factory and suppliers. Apart from this, our pumps are proved to have longer service life and is of highest quality. As the cost of replacing and repairing a mixed flow pumps is too high, our good quality pumps will save a lot money for you in actual using condition.

submersible mixed flow pumps for sale
mixed flow submersible pumps

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Mixed Flow Submersible Pumps For Sale

Apart from head and flow capacity, we divide our pumps into cast iron type and stainless steel one. Cast iron one is excellent in its hardness and wear resistance. However, when light corrosive liquid is transferred, we have stainless steel mixed flow pump for sale now. Dividing mixed-flow pump is also for sale now, it is more widely used for industrial use. In order to meet customers’ needs as much as possible, we will ask using condition in detail and change parts of our pumps carefully for your special order. APK, an excellent mixed flow submersible pump manufacturer, will always regard customers’ demand and quality of products as the major things.

submersible mixed flow pump for sale
submersible mixed flow pump

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Model Flow(m³/h) Head(m) Power(kw) Eff Rated Current(A)
250QSH-20-37 350 20 37 64 80
250QSH-5.5-11 450 5.5 11 60 26
250QSH-8-25 450 8 25 63 56
250QSH-15-37 450 15 37 62 80
300QSH-8-25 750 8 25 64 56
300QSH-12-37 750 12 37 61 80
350QSH-10-45 1100 10 45 68 95
400QSH-8-45 1560 8 45 68 95

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Mixed Flow Submersible Pumps Maintenance

The maintenance of mixed flow submersible pump is important for prolonging service life. APK not only produce high quality productions, but also offer intimate after sale maintenance service.

  1. Considering pump’s service life, APK sticks to remind customers of draining all the water out of pumps body when it kept unused. Water source must be kept far away in case that water pumps being frozen or broken. Smooth surface of APK’s submersible pumps makes it easier to be dried, and professional drainage skills will be taught by personnel from APK.
  2. APK helps to wash and check your pumps regularly. Oil will be added if needed, so as to keep submersible pump accessories in good working condition. We strongly recommend you not to disassemble submersible pumps by oneself, APK is always on if something wrong happened.
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Axial vs Mixed Flow Pump Submersible

Apart from centrifugal submersible water pumps, axial flow pumps and mixed flow pumps are also widely used for industrial or municipal use. The main difference between axial and mixed flow pumps lie in their impellers. When pumps are working, impellers of axial flow pumps make water move next to impellers and rotate together with them. While mixed flow pumps work between axial and centrifugal pumps. Both of them are excellent in large flow capacity. In order to satisfy customers’ needs, APK normally design mixed flow submersible pumps into large type. And inlet of both pumps are made wide and easy to pump water.

dividing mixed-flow pumps sale
submersible mixed flow pumps for sale

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Advantage of Mixed Flow Submersible Pumps

  • Cavitation Resistance

When installing centrifugal pump higher than normal, water pressure would be reduced, therefore, liquid would rapidly flow into bubble center and bring powerful force, that is cavitation. It can give pump submersible devastating hurt. Special design of impeller from APK promises to be cavitation resistance and better protect your pump.


  • Space and Cost Saving

Vertical mixed flow submersible pump has to be installed upright, so half of the space is free when compared with horizontal one. Besides, it must be immersed into water when working, thus greatly reduced the cost on ground construction, leading to narrowed cost of producing a pump.


  • Easy Installation of Submersible Pump

APK offers many methods to install mixed flow submersible pumps, customers can choose to hang it in or out of well or pond. The whole installation skill is easy to master, if any problem occurs, professional personnel from APK will help you out.

Mixed flow submersible water pump
Mixed flow submersible pumps

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Mixed Flow Impeller Design

Differs from axial flow and centrifugal submersible pump, impeller of mixed flow submersible pump is designed into slanting shape. Working principle of such unique design relies on two simultaneous force. When pump is on, rapidly rotated impeller gives water both pushing and centrifugal force, making water obliquely outflow. Thus this kind of pump is also called oblique flow pump.

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Mixed flow submersible pumps for sale

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For this, performance of mixflow stands right between those two, rotating speed remains 300-500, higher than centrifugal one but lower than another. As well, capacity keeps the second.It can be divided into two sorts according to the position of sleeve. One is vertical style, the other is horizontal.
Adjustable impeller offers wider capacity range, giving customers choices to meet their needs. APK will adjust suitable capacity and head if acquired. We are still working for perfect design and comfortable usage experience.

mixed flow pump submersible
Mixed flow submersible pumps suppliers

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Mixed Flow Submersible Pumps Working Principle

As whole pump need to be immersed into water totally, we design our pumping machine into submersible type, motor and pump body is linked together. When the pump is operating, impeller will rotate rapidly. Then vacuum space is formed near inlet, and water flows in under great pressure. When water comes near impeller, it will move accordingly under both centrifugal force and axial force. After that, water flows out and new vacuum space formed on the inlet. Because of water cooler submersible motor or oil filled submersible motor is installed, the pump is able to work under water for quite a long time. More details working principle can be seen in our mixed flow pump animation provided by our personnel. We also offer mixed flow pump pdf if you need.

submersible water well mixed flow pump
mixed flow submersible pumps

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Vertical Mixed Flow Submersible Pumps Manufacturers

Since foundation, APK has sold all sorts of dividing mixed flow pumps all around the world and won great praise among others. Compared with other dividing mixed-flow pump manufacturers, we have strong strength factory of our own to provide the highest quality products. In order to guarantee the quality, each of our pumps have to be sent for strictly test through our testing machine. Besides, we continuously learn new and advanced technology from others, and our factory has achieved auto-mechanical producing system. More manual labor change their work into monitors, so any defective in producing process by machine can be found and corrected in time.

After-sale Service

  • Personnel waiting online all the time for resolving all sorts of problem
  • We offer customized service and provide the most suitable pumps for you
  • Professional installing staff helps install pumps for free
  • Perfect warranty system and all defective can be repaired for free in a year

Want to know more details?

Mixed flow submersible pumps are still for sale now, APK promises to exchange the lowest price for highest quality. We have intimate before sale and after sale service. if you have intention or some questions about our products and our company, please leave your message below and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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