3hp pumps price

3hp Submersible Pump

3hp submersible pump is a relatively low horsepower pump. 3hp refers to the power of electric motors, and we normally have 3hp water pump, 4hp pump, 5hp well pump, 6hp water pump and 12hp submersible pump. It is widely used domestically and industrially. 3hp submersible pump price remains competitive in APK and power consumption of it is lower when compared with others. As a professional submersible pump supplier, APK exerts to provide best performance water well pumps for you all the time.

3hp pumps price
3hp single phase submersible pump
3hp pump
3hp well pump
pump 3hp
submersible 3hp pump
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3hp well pump
pump 3hp
submersible 3hp pump
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Working Parameter

Flow Capacity: 10-700m³/h;

Head Range: 15-405m;

Well Diameter: φ50-250mm;

Temperature: -15-40℃;

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  • Agricultural farmland irrigation
  • Industrial mining dewatering use
  • Hot water transfer
  • Tap water project
  • Thermal power plant
  • Steel plant


  • Long service life and safety working condition
  • Simple and impact design
  • Easy to maintain and repair
  • Space saving and cost saving
  • Good sealing system
  • Excellent hydraulic design
  • Small horsepower of motor and energy saving
  • Light weighted, easy to remove
submersible water well pump 3hp price
3hp submersible pump

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3hp Submersible Pump Price

3hp borewell pump price is closely connected with specifications and materials. All the materials we use are on high level standards and remain good performance for long period. When all the pumps are produced, they are put into storage and then transport directly from our salesmen. In this way, no middle interests occur between factory and company, thus the cost of 3hp submersible pump is largely reduced. On the other hand, our high quality pumps guarantee less unnecessary spending on maintenance and repairing. Besides, in producing process, we replace total manual labor with mechanical producing line and the producing efficiency gets large improvement.

water pump motor 3hp
3hp irrigation pump

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3hp Submersible Pump Specifications

3hp single phase submersible pump and 3 phase 3hp submersible pump serve for all sorts of using conditions. Single phase has limited range of applications of using under 220v only. Therefore, it mainly refers to domestic submersible pumps. 3 phase submersible motor fits large voltage situation such as industrial and constructive places. On addition, three types of pumps casting are designed for more complex using conditions. Cast iron one is wear resistance and stainless steel one is perfect for transferring light corrosive fluid. Newly designed type combines two of them together and make iron as inside casting and stainless steel as cover. The whole pumps look simple and attractive. 3hp submersible pump price lists of the three types differ but are all competitive.

single phase 3hp submersible motor
stainless steel 3hp submersible pump

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3hp Submersible Pump For Sale

APK pump is a famous brand on producing and selling submersible pumps in China. All of our pumps are proved to own longer service life and reliable performance. When designing and producing 3hp submersible pump, we regard quality and complex applications as primary thing in line. We adopt high-tech hydraulic design as well as modern lost foam casting skills, combine with high efficiency automatically mechanical producing line to guarantee safety and stable operating condition. B level testing machine in APK carries on responsibility on testing performance of every pumps strictly.

3hp motor price
3 horsepower water pump producing

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3hp Submersible Water Pump Flow Rate

3hp submersible pumps are widely used in many areas and flow range diverse from 10 to 700m³/h, perfectly suits all sorts of using conditions. If need, we can also enlarge the flow rate according to actual situations. Besides, we install overheat protection system and over-current protection device for prolonging service life of pumps. 3hp pump head of our company ranges among 15 – 405m. While the diameter of well differs among 50 – 200mm for 3hp deep well pump.

cost of 3hp submersible pump
3hp submersible deep well pump

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3hp Submersible Pump Power Consumption

As 3hp submersible well pump is a relatively small power pump, the power consumption is not large accordingly. It can be perfectly used for 220v domestically. Motor serves as the most vital part for water pumps, therefore, we exert to reduce the power consumption in designing. After several submersible pumps experiments, we successfully cut down the unnecessary electric power consumption and efficiently improved the working efficiency of motors. Therefore, our pumps are more energy saving and cost saving when compared with other suppliers. Being a responsible submersible pump supplier, APK always carries on social responsibility and does as best to protect water source and the whole living environment.

3hp submersible motor prices
3hp well pump prices

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3hp Submersible Pump Manufacturer

Water is the essential part of human living, anywhere water exists, the pump is needed. As an excellent water pumps supplier, we always treat customers’ demands as the impulsion of producing. APK produces all sorts of 3hp water pumps, includes deep well pumps, 3hp irrigation pumps and electric motor pumps. Not only do we offer high quality products, we also have advanced managing system and perfect warranty process.

3 horsepower submersible well pump
3 horsepower submersible pump

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After-sale Service:

1.Professional staff waiting all the time for introducing the most suitable pumps.
2.Welcome anytime for visiting producing factory.
3.Installing personnel accompany for installing pumps and provide right maintain skills.
4.Free maintenance and repairing in limited time.

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