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Submersible Well Water Pump

Submersible well water pump can be divided into two kinds, one is shallow well pump, the other is deep well submersible pump. Shallow well pump, as name suggests, used for shallow well. It is a kind of centrifugal pump with long transmission shaft, its structure is simple and high efficient. Compared with shallow one, deep well submersible pump is more broadly used.
Submersible well water pump is an important water supply device. It is used in residential water supply, agricultural irrigation, industrial cooling, sea water lift, geothermal heating and ship load.
It is consists of four main parts. They are water pump, submersible electric motor, water pipe and control switch.

submersible water well pumps
water well pumps submersible
submersible well water pumps
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Working Parameter

Flow Capacity: 10-700m³/h;

Head Range: 15-405m;

Well Diameter: φ50-200mm;

Temperature: -15-40℃;

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  • Our submersible well water  pump uses water cooler 3 phase submersible motor, clean water is filled in for cooling down heated motor and lubricating shaft bearing. Pressure regulating film at the bottom of motor is used to adjust inflation water pressure difference inside caused by increasingly heated motor.
  • Two oil seals are installed in opposite direction with thawing ring, this structure is able to efficiently stop sand from well falling into pump.
  • Pump shaft and motor shaft are tied together with coupling, with pressure regulating film installed at the bottom of electric motor, so that pump shaft is unable to move above when working.
  • Motor and pump shaft use water as lubricate medium.
  • APK choose high quality submersible motor winding wire as stator wingding, leading to high insulating.
  • We use centrifugal impeller and adopt vertical style, making our simple and high efficient.

Working Process

When submersible motor starts working, impeller rotates in high speed. Then vacuum situation is formed at the entrance of inlet, water is pumped near impeller. Fast rotated impeller gives water centrifugal force, making it produce pressure force and dynamic force and pushing itself toward next impeller. With added impeller, pressure of water is also added gradually. At last, water flows out of pump through water pipe.

submersible well pumps water
Submersible well water pumps for sale

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Submersible Well Water Pumps For Sale

Submersible water well pumps for sale in APK mainly includes QJ submersible well water pumps, oil filled submersible pump, water cooler submersible pumps, ss304 stainless steel submersible pumps, single phase submersible pumps and bottom suction submersible pumps.
As a leader of submersible pump manufacturers, APK insists on producing best quality products. We continuously innovate our technology, using advanced skills to cut producing price.


ModelFlow range(m³/h)Head range(m)Motor power(Kw)Rotating speed

Submersible water well pumps from APK is of high rusty resistance and anti-aging, it is able to transfer water under 120℃, and is identified by the Ministry of State.

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  1. Our pump has high head and short pump body, so that the whole height is narrowed for good stability.
  2. Diameter of pump shaft far more bigger than national standard in case of better safety.
  3. We choose HT200 as casting, when normal casting keeps under HT150. Giant deep well submersible pump uses ductile iron or steel to enhance its load capacity.
  4. Carefully designed check valve by APK ensures giant submersible pump safely working. Normal pump may suffer the danger of falling into well because of large backwater hammer, it will bring large impact force so that valve body get easily broken. Our pump can well avoid the situation.
  5. Axial force is designed small so that motor’s service life can be prolonged.
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Submersible well water pump price

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Using Condition of Submersible Well Water Pump

  • Voltage

  1. Rated voltage should be 380v ± 5%, frequency between 50Hz ± 1%;
  2. Transformer’s loaded power should be 75% less than its capacity;
  3. For motor power more than 45Kw, distance between well and transformer remains within 20 meters; If more than 20 meters, transmission line specifications should be two levels higher than cable.
  • Protection of Device

  1. The control device of water pump needs to be able to protect pump when situation as short circuit, lack of phase, overloaded and overflow happens. Thus when installing pump, personnel from APK will carefully adjust the figures so that pump can be work smoothly.
  2. If pumps have to be installed by yourself, we will give detailed description to you, and make sure the pump is installed correctly.
  • Water Quality

  1. Clean water without corrosion should be transferred;
  2. Sediment content remains less than 0.01%;
  3. PH level stays between 6.5-8.5;
  4. Chlorine content within mg/L;
  5. Distilled water or at least clean water needs to be filled within electric motor.
submersible well water pumps
Well water pumps submersible catalogue

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 Submersible Well Water Pumps Specifications

Model Flow rate Head






Motor Head


Pump Head


Maximum Diameter




Motor Weight
250QJ160-30/2 160 30 22 47.9 870 510 233 167
250QJ160-45/3 45 30 64.2 900 685 202
250QJ160-60/4 60 45 94.1 1288 1055 325
250QJ160-75/5 75 55 114.3 1388 1230 368
250QJ160-90/6 90 63 127.9 1448 1405 408
250QJ160-105/7 105 75 152.3 1528 1580 448
250QJ160-120/8 120 90 182.8 1648 1755 489
250QJ160-135/9 135 100 203.1 1718 1930 534
250QJ160-150/10 150 110 223.4 2105

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Submersible Well Water Pumps Manufacturers

The essential role of pump is needless to say, thus many water pump suppliers are working hard to perfect its pump. As one of best submersible well pump manufacturers, APK is also continuously learning from others. We adopt advanced producing and maintenance technology abroad, and combine them with our own skills. We are always exerting to make better pump and bring great purchase experience for you.
Compared with other pump manufacturers, we not only produce high level of pumps, but also offer great after- sale service. We promise to help repair for free in a year. And our personnel is always waiting for solving any problems for you.
If you have any intention on our products or our company, please leave your message below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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