submersible oil filled pumps for sale

Oil Filled Submersible Pumps

Oil filled submersible pumps are most commonly used type especially in winter. As oil is not easily frozen in low temperature, such kind of pumps are excellent to replace water cooler motor in cold areas. Impact shape and well sealing system results in long service life, excellent hydraulic design and high quality materials enables stable working condition of oil filled submersible pumps in APK. As a professional submersible pumps manufacturer, we dedicate on producing submersible pumps only for over thirty years and exert to provide you with the highest quality products on the most competitive prices!

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Working Parameter

Flow Capacity: 10-700m³/h;

Head Range: 15-405m;

Well Diameter: φ50-250mm;

Temperature: -15-40℃

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  • Farmland irrigation
  • Outdoor or indoor fountain
  • Tap water project
  • Boiler feed water supply
  • Deep well water drainage
  • Lake or pool water supply

Using Condition

  1. Immersion depth should be no more than 5m
  2. Temperature of water should be no more than 40℃
  3. Sediment content should be no more than 0.1%
  4. PH level of water among 6.5-8
  5. Clean water such as well, river and lake river is transferred
submersible oil filled pumps for sale
oil filled submersible pumps

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Oil Filled Submersible Pumps For Sale

Safety is the primary factor of products in line. To guarantee stable and reliable working condition, APK regards quality as cornerstone of development. On producing stator, we use stamping machine as well as stamping workshop to promise the standard level of products. Quality of copper wire and manometry is far above national standard. Pass rate of our products is more than 99.9%, and service life of our oil filled pumps submersible is able to retain more than 10 years according to actual customers’ feedback.

submersible oil filled pumps manufacturer
oil filled submersible pumps for sale

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Oil Filled Submersible Pumps Features

  • Stable working condition. We use good sealing system to avoid leakage, and overheat as well as overload device equipped for reliable operating.
  • Energy saving. Low voltage submerged motor installed, low noisy occurred in operating.
  • Space saving and cost saving. Impact designed shape of pumps and easy to operate and move, no need to build another pump station.
oil filled submersible motor
submersible oil filled pumps

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Oil Filled Submersible Pumps Price

Price of water pumps are deeply influenced by quality and internal materials. APK is the best brand in China water pump industry, most of our products are used for national use. After long period of developing, our products quality are proved to be above the national level and has longer service life than others. Therefore, customers are able to save large amount of money on replacement and repairing in their using. Besides, all our products are produced by our own factory, no extra cost is charged between manufacturer and company. That’s the main reason for our competitive price of oil filled submersible pumps.

oil filled bearings
electric oil filled submersible pumps

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Oil Filled vs Water Filled Submersible Pumps

Oil filled and water cooler motors are two types of submerged motors, they are especially used underwater. Oil and water is filled inside separately for cooling down heated motors. In winter or cold areas, water is easily got frozen and is bad for using, therefore, we normally suggest oil filled type to be used in such condition. On the other hand, when oil leaks out of pump, it may pollute water or liquid source. Therefore, when transferring residential or drinking water, water cooler submersible pumps are used frequently. Both of them need to add water or oil inside before operating and have brilliant function in cooling down motors.

submersible oil filled pumps for sale
oil filled submersible pumps price

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Air Cooler vs Oil Filled Submersible Pumps

Major difference between two types of pumps lie in using conditions. Air cooler submersible motor is used on the ground. While pumps are working, overheated motor is easily burnt. We use fans or other fan-like device on the ground to cool down motors. But they cannot suit the need when pumps work under water. On the contrary, oil filled pumps use oil as cooling materials. Basic performance of two types are the same.

oil filled submersible pumps for sale
oil filled submersible pumps

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Oil Filled Submersible Pumps System

Submersible oil filled pumps are submerged pumps. Pumps body and motor work under water by totally immersed into it. For avoiding burning, cooling oil pours into pump body before operating, and pump is equipped with overheat and overflow devices. Excellent oil chamber sealing system promises less leakage of transferred liquid. In producing process, pump surface is painted with corrosive resistance materials before final paint is spread. Impact shape and great hydraulic system enables easy installation and repair. After many times of oil filled submersible pumps experiments, products in APK are able to have stable and smooth working condition and reliable quality level.

oil filled pumps system
oil filled submersible pumps for sale

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Oil Filled Submersible Pumps Parts

Spotlight of oil filled pumps lie in their oil filled electric submersible motor. Different power of motors result in different head and flow capacity. When pump is on, oil filled electric motor is on after adding cooling oil inside. Pump impellers are installed above motor and rotate together with operating pumps. Inlet part adds filter outside and ensures large flow capacity. Outside part connects with flange to pump water out. APK sticks to offer one-stop service and offer accessories as well as wearing parts for you.

submersible oil filled pumps for sale
oil filled electric submersible pumps

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Oil Filled Submersible Pumps Manufacturers

APK is a professional manufacturer for producing and designing submersible pumps only for over thirty years. As Chinese leading enterprise, our products are used for national occasions such as Olympic Games stadiums and National Water Conservancy Bureau frequently. Coverage rate of our pumps among China reaches 70%. APK is also a China submersible pump brand for national emergency rescue and disaster relief.

oil filled submersible pumps manufacturer
oil filled submersible pumps in APK

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Unique Strength of our factory:

  1. Our factory reaches testing standard of EPA and installs environment protection device, therefore, our factory will not be stop casually as small factory does. And the delivery time is promised.
  2. When producing products, we will make large amount more than ordered and keep the rest as storage. Those storage can be used for urgent needs and will be transported in 48 hours.
  3. We master three types of forging process as precoated sand, lost foam and cere technique skillfully. And we are also able to produce large power pumps range from 2.2kw to 410kw.
  4. Each producing process has above national standard test, and each qualified pumps can be sent to next process. All our pumps are proved to have longer service life.
oil filled electric motor
submersible oil filled pumps

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Oil Filled Submersible Pumps Specification


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As a professional oil filled submersible pumps supplier, we will be your best choice and great cooperator. With fast development of our company, we are now looking for distributors or agents abroad, therefore, if you have intention to be our agents, contact us right now! Any questions or intentions on our products or company, please leave your message here and we will contact you as soon as possible!!


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