three phase submersible pumps sale

Three Phase Submersible Pumps

Compared with single phase submersible pumps, three phase submersible pumps are more widely used by people from all over the world. They are suitable to be used for industrial and mining dewatering use because of large electric power required. In using process, APK makes perfect design and makes three phase submersible pumps less energy consuming. On producing submersible pumps, APK is always exerting to produce highest quality products. In terms of three phase submersible pumps price, we have different specifications pointing to different price level. Contact us soon for best pumps now!

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Motor Parameter: 2.2kw-420kw

NEMA Standard

Insulation Grade: B

Protective Grade: IP68

Maximum Diameter: φ30 – φ600mm

Maximum Temperature: 35℃

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Three Phase Submersible Pumps Price

Buying three phase pumps from APK is regarded by customers as the wisest investment. It does not mean we have the cheapest price, but for our reasonable and competitive quotation. On producing, we have our own strong strength factory, all the pumps parts and pump body are produced all by ourselves. With mechanical producing line and advanced producing technique, our working efficiency is largely improved and producing costs are reduced to large extent. Besides, once buying a weak pump, customers need to buy another fresh new pump after short period of using time because of its poor quality. On the contrary, APK pumps are able to be used for more than ten years according to customers’ feedback, long service life pumps are sure to help save large amount of money of yours.

three phase submersible pumps price
three phase submersible pumps

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Three Phase Submersible Pumps Quality

A common shortcoming in submersible pumps industry is easily loosen of motor shaft sleeve, in order to overcome the situation, we changed materials of shaft sleeve into the fields of chromium, the adhesive method is also replaced by new advanced way. After several experiments, whole quality of 3 phase submersible pumps are greatly improved. Besides, we are the most well known for our strict test system. In each process of producing, we have professional staff to be responsible for monitoring products quality, if any defective occurs, pumps will be sent back for reproducing. All the internal parts and whole pump body are far beyond national standard. On finding best rated submersible pumps, APK will never let you down.

three phase pumps for sale
three phase submersible pumps produce

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Three Phase Submersible Pumps Specifications

All together two types of 3 phase submersible pumps for sale now in our company, one is cast iron one, while the other is stainless steel one.
Cast iron three phase submersible pumps are classical and the most widely used types. Because of its hardness and wear resistance, they are frequently used for mining or constructive pumps. When they get into well, we made special protective rubber cover outside pumps body, in order to protect both pumps body and well wall from being collapsed.
Stainless steel submersible pumps are relatively new types of pumps. Covered with stainless steel materials, they are extremely excellent in transferring clean water or light corrosive water. For meeting customers’ demands, we produced newly types of pumps combining above two pumps together. Covered with stainless steel while still iron cast inside, our pumps are both attractive and wear resistance.

three phase submersible pumps
three phase submersible pumps manufacturer

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Three Phase Submersible Pumps Motor

Submerged pumps motor must fit under water working for long period of time, therefore, we adopt water cooler submerged motor and oil filled submersible motor. Water Cooler motor is suitable to be used for transferring clean drinking water, while oil filled submersible motor is excellent to be used in cold areas. Both motors are in good working performance and quality. In order to protect motor from being burnt down, we installed over flow and over heat devices inside motor, when temperature of motor is above restricted limit, protective devices would stop motor working automatically.

3 phase pumps
three phase submersible pumps

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Three Phase Submersible Pumps Working

Motor serves as the most important part in whole pumps working, after pump is on, motor starts working and drives other parts working accordingly. Impeller rotates rapidly and vacuum space formed near inlet, under unbalanced pressure, transferred liquid flows in and moves together with impeller. Then with centrifugal force, all the liquid is thrown out far away and leave pump body through outlet. For guaranteeing smooth working condition, crucial parts such as stator, is made through professional stamping machine, making accessory parts smooth and getting excellent performance. In using process, three phase power should be linked accordingly.

three phase submersible pumps
three phase submersible pumps for sale

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China Three Phase Submersible Pumps

With hot demand from customers, APK is always updating our products and design new types of pumps suitable for different using conditions. Our 7 inch three phase deep well submersible motors are broadened into 22kw, 25kw, 30kw, 37kw, 16 inch series pumps are expanded into 160kw-410kw to provide 2pole/2900rp. After strict experiments, our pumps win large market and excellent feedback from customers. On internal materials, we adopt most cost-effective one and make sure each of them is far beyond national standard. With reliable quality and service, our products are sold all around the world.

three phase submersible pumps quality
three phase submersible pumps price

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Three Phase Submersible Pumps Brand

As a leading submersible pumps brand, APK produced different parts casting for more than two thousand tons, and exported all sorts of pumps for more than 5000 per month. For many times, we are regarded as national designated products and used in many big occasions such as the Olympic Games and National Flood and Disaster Control. Because of our habitual good quality, our pumps are regarded as mold of regulating national pumps standard officially. In order to better serve customers, we invest large amount of manpower and money in stainless steel foundry, we will continue offer customized service on stainless steel three phase submersible pumps. If you have any special requirement, contact us immediately and we will design pumps specially for you.

three phase submersible pumps
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Three Phase Submersible Pumps Manufacturers

With more than thirty years working experience, our factory is capable of producing all types of pumps castings include wax film, sand film and lost foam. As reliable submersible pumps manufacturer, we bravely carry on social responsibility, we installed many environmental friendly devices inside our factory, and successfully passed national standard of National Environmental Friendly Bureau. Therefore, our delivery time is meanwhile guaranteed to large extent. Together with our ample storage, urgent needs can be fulfilled easily. Because of hot market of our pumps, our storage is changing everyday, if you need pumps urgently, please contact us and check updated storage condition.

three phase submersible pumps quality
three phase submersible pumps manufacturer

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