High Head Submersible Pumps

Head refers to lifted height of water. High head submersible pumps usually mean multistage pumps, for the head of pump is closely connected with numbers of impeller. High head submersible pumps for sale now in APK are able to be designed according to customers’ needs. The more height customers need, the more impellers we would added accordingly. As a professional submersible pump manufacturer, we have the capable of taking care of both quality of products and need of our clients.

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Technical Parameters:

Power: Electric, 15kw/20hp

Head : 60m-500m

Flow: 50-1200m³/h

Diameter: 10 inch/ 250mm

Pressure: Low Pressure

Model: 250QJ50-60/3

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High head submersible pumps are important device for lifting water from deep well. Therefore, they are widely used in mine and industrial drainage and cooling, agricultural irrigation, residential water supply, river water lifting as well as ship loading, center air conditioning cooling and clean water transferring in other situations.

Using Condition

1. Capacity of outflow should be within rated, which means the high head submersible pumps should be used under rated head.
2. Depth of immersion should be less than 5m
3. Temperature should be kept under 40℃.(Hot water pumps should be kept 100℃)
4. PH level of transferred medium should be 5-9
5. Motor can not work for long time without water(We suggest to fill water inside motor every time when working for prolonging service life)
6. Clean water should be transferred. Sediment content should be less than 0.02%


  • Easy to be installed and operated
    Pump body and motor are linked together, so the whole structure is well-knit and simple. This design promises our pumps easily to be installed or carried in basic construction and mining areas.
  • Easy working
    Our pumps have no special requirements to pipes. Pumps can work well if water pipes are able to bear the pressure.
  • Cost saving and space saving
    As high head submersible pumps are usually of vertical types, they are easy to be installed. And there is no need to build pumping station. The repairing and maintenance of our pumps are simple because of our unique design. Therefore, they can save more space and more constructing cost.
  • Low noisy and energy saving
    Our pumps are well sealed so that no water is able to  leak out when working. Careful design and great performance keeps it sounding less noisy.
  • Safety working
    Motor and pump body are immersed into water when working. So our pumps are able to be used without spark and explosive. Safety of high head submersible pumps are well guaranteed.
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High Head Submersible Pumps For Sale

As the special need of high head pump, we accept to design our pumps according to each customers’ needs. More or less impellers would be added or reduced based on actual usage, so that our pumps can better serve for you.
Materials we use are all of high quality. Normally, our high head submersible pumps are iron casting. We use HT200 as main casting material for its hardness and wear-resistance. Thus the long service life of our pumps can be guaranteed.
Unique design and simple structure makes our pumps cost saved and land free. More space can be used for another usages. We promise to use affordable price in exchange for highest quality.

high head submersible pumps for sale
high lift submersible pumps for sale

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Advantages of High Head Submersible Pumps:

    • They are consists of two parts, motor and pump body. Motor is straightly linked with body, reliable shaft sealing device keeps pumps being no leakage.
    • We use polyethylene water resistant magnetic wire inside motor, and use water as cooling liquid.
    • Use water lubricated bearings to avoid leaking, nickel-containing copper blocks as thrust bearings.
    • Axial force carrier is installed inside to improve head onto 1500m.

Want to know more details?

High Head Submersible Pump Selection

On choosing high head pump, actual usage conditions must be taken into consideration.
If the pumps are used under deep well, the diameter of deep well and length of well needs to be made clear. If they are used for transferring low sediment content fluid, you should know the PH level and content of medium.

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Submersible high head pump catalog

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High Head Submersible Pump Specifications

Model Flow rate Head






Motor Head


Pump Head


Maximum Diameter




Motor Weight
200QJ32-26/2 32 26 4 10.1 603 405 184 69
200QJ32-39/3 32 39 5.5 13.6 618 540 184 89
200QJ32-52/4 32 52 7.5 18 648 860 184 101
200QJ32-65/5 32 65 10 24.7 673 995 184 113 50
200QJ32-78/6 32 78 13 29.7 703 1130 184 140 65
200QJ32-91/7 32 91 15 33.9 876 1265 184 169 83
200QJ32-104/8 32 104 18.5 41.6 926 1400 184 190 93
200QJ32-117/9 32 117 22 48.2 1177 1535 184 243 134
200QJ32-130/10 32 130 22 48.2 1177 1700 184 255 134
200QJ32-143/11 32 143 22 48.2 1177 1835 184 267 134
200QJ32-156/12 32 156 25 54.5 1237 1870 184 291 146
200QJ32-169/13 32 169 25 54.5 1237 2105 184 303 146
200QJ32-182/14 32 182 30 65.4 1317 2240 184 330 161
200QJ32-195/15 32 195 30 65.4 1317 2375 184 342 161
200QJ32-208/16 32 208 37 79.7 1452 2510 184 366 183
200QJ32-221/17 32 221 37 79.7 1452 2645 184 378 183
200QJ32-234/18 32 234 37 79.7 1452 2780 184 390 183
200QJ32-247/19 32 247 45 96.9 1537 2915 184 419 199
200QJ32-260/20 32 260 45 96.9 1537 3050 184 431 199
200QJ32-273/21 32 273 45 96.9 1537 3185 184 443 199
200QJ32-286/22 32 286 45 96.9 1537 3320 184 455 199

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High Head Submersible Pump Manufacturers

As a main device for draining water in mining and industry area, the need of high head submersible pumps are on a rising trend. APK, as one of the best submersible pump manufacturers, exerting to produce high quality products to meet customers’ needs.
Every pump we produced is under carefully tested and monitoring. All our producing devices meet National B level standard. And all our pumps show good performance in testing. We only produce best quality products for you. Any problems of using can be perfectly resolved by our personnel.

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320m high head submersible pump

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After-sale Service

  • After ordering, each pump will be packed closely and well stored
  • Any problems can be resolved by contacting us, our personnel is waiting for your call in 24 hours
  • Long-time maintenance and repairing guaranteed
  • Skilful personnel is arranged for installing or teaching skills for you
  • Any defects of our pumps would be sent back for reproducing if happened before first using
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High head submersible pump manufacturer

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Many other factors are to be known clearly. As a responsible pump factory, APK will ask in detail before choosing right pump for you. So if you have the puzzle on choosing suitable pump, our staffs are waiting all the time for introduction. If you have any questions or intentions on our products or our company, please leave your message below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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