submersible pump for fountain use

Submersible Water Pump For Fountain

Submersible water pump for fountain produced by APK is widely used in supplying water for fountain as well as aquaculture. Our main product is small submersible fountain pump, in order to be used indoor. It can also be used in park with several pumps working together. Normally, submersible water pump for fountain chooses to be in adjustable installation method, and is of multistage type.

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Working Parameter

Flow Capacity: 10-700m³/h;

Head Range: 15-405m;

Well Diameter: φ50-200mm;

Temperature: -15-40℃;

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Quality of submersible water pump for fountain is as follow:

  • Pump casing and accessories all casts iron to improve its performance of corrosive resistance.
  • Use high efficient water conservancy model to design our impeller, and adopt special material in case of impeller being loosen.
  • All the shaft bearing APK uses is water lubricated, making sand within water be drained out.
  • Based on normal submersible pumps, APK works hard and continuously improves skills and materials, making our fountain pump be able to be frequently turned on. Thus it can fully satisfy the need of music pump.
  • Our submersible fountain pump realized water injection automatically.
  • Use self circulation water cooler submersible motor.


  • Cast iron pump, uneasy to be broken, corrosive resistance
  • Space saving, motor and pump body are linked together.
  • Multistage style, high capacity and non-clog performance
  • Multiply combining method, able to change head and capacity according to customers’ needs
  • Low noisy, whole pump is immersed into water, seldom noisy can be heard
  • Wide range of pumps waiting to be chosen
  • Low cost in installation and repairing
  • Energy saving and environmental friendly, water quality is guaranteed
small water pump for indoor fountain
Small fountain pump submersible

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Submersible Water Pump For Fountain For Sale

Submersible water fountain pumps are widely used and always in great demands. Most types we use for fountain are QS series pumps. Its impact shape and smart design fits fountain use perfectly. As whole pumps need to be immersed totally into water, pumps are in great danger of being corrosion. For avoiding this, we spread corrosive resistance painting on pumps casing, and then paint another cover outside. Each of our pumps need to be tested from beginning to the end in the process of producing. All the fountain water pumps for sale in APK are promised to be in great quality level and are able to work for long time.

water fountain pumps for sale
submersible water pump for fountain

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Submersible Water Pump For Fountain Price

APK pump is a professional submersible pump enterprise with own strong strength factory, each pumps we sold are totally produced by our own factory, therefore, we can control producing cost all by ourselves. And no necessary cost in middle process is charged. Besides, we continuously improve our producing technology and prolong service life at maximum degree. The pass rate of our fountain pumps reaches 99.9%, thus the cost in repairing, replacing as well as maintenance is largely saved.

water submersible fountain pumps price
small submersible water pump for fountain

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Submersible Water Pump For Fountain Application

Fountain water pumps can not only used for fountain, they can also be used for other sphere.

  • Agricultural farmland irrigation
  • Lake or small pool water transfer and drill
  • Drip and sprinkler irrigation etc.
  • Dewatering use
submersible water fountain pumps manufacturer
submersible pump for fountain

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Submersible Water Pump For Fountain Replacement

Replacement of fountain water pumps are easy for our special designed pumps. Ball bearings of our fountain pumps enable adjustable angles of installation, therefore, fountain water pumps can be replaced all by oneself. Pump head is connect with flange, when replacing, one can just loose the connection part easily and remove pumps outside. However, the replacement cost may be quite large and is unnecessary for our pumps. Submersible fountain pumps in APK are proved to work for more than ten years and thus greatly reduced using cost. More information of replacement can be got from our personnel.

submersible pump for fountain
small fountain pumps submersible

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Small Submersible Water Pump For Fountain

Shapes of water fountain pumps in APK are designed impact and small, they can be well used for all sorts of situations and are easy to be installed. If used as outdoor water fountain pumps, several of them can be combined together. For prolonging service life of small fountain pumps submersible, copper wire and manometry is much higher than national standard. Good sealing system enables less leaking of transferred liquid, and overheat as well as overload devices protect pumps from being burnt.

fountain pump replacement
low voltage fountain pump

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Submersible Water Pump For Fountain Strength

As one of the best submersible pump manufacturers, APK has many sorts of fountain water pumps for sale now. Different pumps are designed for different needs. And we are sure that there is always a pump in APK suits your need best.
Safety is a vital property a submersible fountain water pump needs most. When working underwater for a long time, pump may suffer the dangerous of leakage. This usually happens when lead line of cable and wiring part rub a lot. Thus cable wire is broken, leading to the leakage finally. In order to avoid the situation, APK did large amount of experiments and research, and finally choose to use plug-in cable between lead line and wiring part. So that submersible fountain pump produced by our company seldom suffers from leakage and is more reliable.
Submersible water pump for fountain from APK is able to be turned on frequently and suffer the high pressure raised in short period of time. We use multistage design, which promises to be of high capacity. Small fountain pump is designed light and easy to be installed.

submersible pump for fountain use
Fountain pump submersible for sale

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Submersible Water Pump For Fountain Selection

As fountain water pump is installed under water, the depth of water and submersible capability has to be considered. When choosing suitable fountain pump for customers, APK will consider the capacity and head customers need. According to the two figures, several pumps will be filtered. Then we will make detail comparison till finally the most suitable pump is filtered out.

Submersible water pump for fountain in APK is of cast iron type. Our pump body uses gray cast iron with HT200, this kind of type is excellent in its hardness. So our pump is uneasy to be broken. Furthermore, our impeller of the pump chooses ductile iron. It has better comprehensive performance, and mechanical properties are better than steel, thus it is often used to replace steel. Impeller produced by ductile iron is well known for its high cost-effective.

submersible fountain pumps price
Fountain water pumps submersible

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Submersible Water Pump For Fountain and Normal Pumps

Compared with other pumps, submersible fountain pump has to be specially designed for its peculiarly usage. Firstly, fountain pump needs to be turned on frequently, such as music fountain. Therefore, APK decides to use high quality waterproof wire and changes electromagnetic design. We use high magnetic cool rolling silicon steel sheet to produce our iron core, so our pump can be turned on many times in a second without being too hot. Our motor is made perfectly to follow music rhythm without delaying.

small submersible fountain pump for sale
12 volt fountain pump

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Secondly, different from dewatering pumps, submersible water pump for fountain has to be immersed into water for quite a long time. Therefore, it has to be of highly corrosive resistance. APK chooses self circulation water cooler submersible motor. Inside pump is equipped with good high pressure polyethylene waterproof wire. Before selling, each of our pumps is strictly tested, making sure that our pump can be worked in water for long time without leaking.

small submersible water fountain pumps
Submersible small water fountain pumps catalogue

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Thirdly, because of its special usage condition, submersible fountain water pump has to be used in full head. Normal submersible pumps would be overloaded on this occasion. We changed our design many times and thought of unique water conservancy design, and finally produced high efficient fountain water pump. This kind of pump from APK is excellent and reliable for its carefully designed capacity, effectiveness as well as head.

submersible fountain water pump
Fountain submersible water pump for sale

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Submersible Water Pump For Fountain Manufacturers

APK pump is a professional submersible pump manufacturer, in the thirty years of developing, we are always and only dedicated in producing and designing submersible pumps. Compared with other fountain water pumps suppliers, we have our own factory and is the most primary strength. Apart from this, we also have other irreplaceable advantages as follow:

Want to know more details?

  1. Our factory is tested through National Environmental Protection Agency and reaches the national standard, therefore, we would not be suggested to stop producing casually as the small suppliers. Thus the agreed delivery time is guaranteed.
  2. Most types of submersible water pump for fountain have storages in our store, when in urgent need, we are able to transport them immediately.
  3. Three types of forging technologies as lost foaming skills, coated sand and wax film skills are all being applied in our factory. Therefore, we are able to produce large voltage pumps in high quality.
commercial fountain pumps
electric submersible water pump for fountain

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Self circulating motor, loosen resistance impeller and iron cast pump body are all specially designed by APK for fountain use. We are still doing research and experiments to get better performance of our pumps. Wide range of products are waiting in APK for you to choose. We have best quality and reasonable price. So if you have any intention or questions about our products and our company, please leave your message below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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