APK is a professional submersible pumps suppliers, we have all kinds of pumps submersible for satisfying all the needs of customers. With the expansion of foreign market, our products are sold overseas and won great praise among customers. Therefore, we need wholesale distributors and dealers worldwide. It is the best distributorship business opportunity that you cannot miss. Want to be our distributors or agents? Contact us at  Sales@apkwellpumps.com


As a famous and the best submersible pumps brand in China, APK owns strong strength factory. Our factory masters three casting technology, including lost foam skills, sand film and wax film skills. We are able to make large power pumps, pumps power ranges from 2.2kw to 410kw. All of pumps quality are above national standard. Since 1986, monthly output of submersible pumps in our factory is more than 8000. In order to protect environment, we installed environmental protection device and we successfully reached the standard of National Environmental Protection Agency, therefore, our factory will not be ordered to stop producing at any time. All the ordered products will be sent out in 48 hours and we strictly obey the deliver time. For transporting, we intend to adopt LCL as main method to save both shipping costs and selling costs.


What Do We Offer?

1. 2200% return on investment

2. Door to door service for training and marketing skills

3. Competitive price and low costs

4. We share end customers to our distributors

5. Continuous profit

Want to know more details?


APK always regard quality and customers purchasing experience as primary business. As a result, we hope our distributors be able to give customers great purchasing and using experience as we do. Distributors with following experiences are warmly welcomed.

  • Having the rights of import and export or the experience of importing and exporting;
  • Having the experience of selling water pumps or relative products before for several years;
  • Having the team of installation and offering after-sale service;
  • Having own store or warehouse.

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