37kw Submersible Well Pumps

37kw 50hp deep well pump diameter is 7 8 10 12 inch submersible pump. The motor power is 50hp, rated current is 77.8 A. It is mainly used in drawing water from wells, river, sea and lake; farmland/spray irrigation; aquaculture; water supply or drainage system for cities, industrial and kine establishments; drawing water in hills an mountain areas; fountain projects.

37kw submersible pump

Pump diameter: 10 inch 37kw well submersible pump

Capacity range: 160m3/h

Head range: 35m

Voltage: 3 phase 380v 50hz

Application: Pumping clean water

Material: Cast iron

Install: Vertical

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37kw submersible pump

Well diameter: 37kw well submersible pump

Flow rate: 18-214m3/h

Head range: 35-388m

Voltage: Low pressure 380v/420v/660v/1140v or As per request

Frequency: 3 phase 50hz 60hz

Pump diameter: 7 8 10 12 inch submersible well pumps

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37kw Well Submersible Pump Materials

Submersible well pump materials mainly have cast iron and stainless steel. Our submersible well pumps bearings are graphite or asbestos iron. Stator component is silicon steel. Cast iron deep well submersible water pump is hardness and wear resistant. However, if submersible well pumps are used to transfer drinking water or sea water, salt water, stainless steel deep well submersible water pump is a good choice, environment friendly, corrosive resistant, no water pollution. Different submersible pump applications, there are different submersible pump models. Detailed submersible well pumps material have been given as below.


Non-corrosive medium: cast iron HT200;

Mildly or moderately corrosive: stainless steel 304;

Strongly corrosive: stainless steel 316 or stainless steel 316L

37kw submersible pump

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Well Submersible Pump Testing

Shenlong pump factory tests each submersible water pumps one by one. We have professional submersible pumps testing machine, submersible well pumps are placed in water, therefore their safe performance is more important. We have the most advanced production technology, combing with customers’ feedback, we instantly perfect our submersible pumps model step by step. In a word, our submersible pumps seldom have quality problem, we monitor our submersible pump production constantly. If any quality problem, our teams will correct as soon as possible.

37kw submersible pump

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Submersible Water Pump Stock

Shenlong (APK) pump factory have two workshops be package, deliver, stock. We manufacture batch of submersible pumps in advance according to regular well pump parameters. Each submersible well pumps will be tested one by one when they are produced. If your submersible pump requirements are not special, such as voltage, pump materials, we will delivery in one day after payment confirmed.

submersible well pump

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Water Submersible Pumps Display

Shenlong pump factory displayed different submersible well pumps model, 7 inch submersible deep well pumps, 8 inch submersible deep well water pumps, 10 inch submersible deep well water pumps, 12 inch submersible water well pumps in 2019. There are not only submersible well pumps, also sewage pump, fountain pump, axial flow pump, mixed flow pump, split case pump, pump station, etc. Every year, our factory will hold sales conference and submersible pumps show, various water pump series. And lots of distributors and customers will visit here,

well submersible pump

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If these submersible pump parameters do not meet your requirements, please feel free to contact us. We will choose one suitable pump model for you.

Model Motor Power Motor Power Flow Range Head Range Rated Current
QJ(H) Series kw hp m3/h m A
200QJ(H)20-297/22 37 50 18-22 252-341 79.7
200QJ(H)20-310/23 37 50 18-22 265-356 79.7
200QJ(H)20-338/25 37 50 18-22 287-388 79.7
200QJ(H)25-308/22 37 50 23-27 260-355 79.7
200QJ(H)32-240/15 37 50 29-35 204-276 79.7
200QJ(H)40-208/16 37 50 37-43 177-247 79.7
200QJ(H)50-169/13 37 50 46-54 140-190 79.7
200QJ(H)63-126/9 37 50 58-68 100-147 79.7
200QJ(H)80-99/9 37 50 74-86 84-113 79.7
200QJ(H)100-75/5 37 50 80-120 72-77 79.7
250QJ(H)50-160/8 37 50 46-54 136-184 77.8
250QJ(H)63-120/6 37 50 58-68 100-138 77.8
250QJ(H)80-100/5 37 50 74-86 85-115 77.8
250QJ(H)125-64/4 37 50 116-134 54-73 77.8
250QJ(H)140-60/4 37 50 130-150 52-69 77.8
300QJ(H)200-40/2 37 50 186-214 35-45 77.8

There are many submersible pump manufacturers in the world, factory, dealer, agent, distributors, choosing a available suppliers more important, depending on pump quality and pump price. Shenlong pump factory always believe “Integrity could win the world”. Strict test, suitable package, safe delivery, reliable payment, we will give you a satisfied service !

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