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Submersible pumps are important device for water supply and water drainage, thus they are widely used by people in many areas. According to their using condition and using environment, they can be divided in APK as submersible irrigation pumps, mine dewatering pumps, agricultural submersible water pumps, submersible water pump for fountain, domestic submersible pumps, commercial submersible pumps, industrial submersible pumps and sewage lift station pumps as well as submersible pump for septic tank etc. More detailed information about these kinds of pumps are as follows:

submersible irrigation pump

Submersible Irrigation Pumps

Agriculture occupies an important role in world economic development. Water is source of agriculture, so as an indispensable device, submersible ...
submersible pump for fountain use

Submersible Water Pump For Fountain

Submersible water pump for fountain produced by APK is widely used in supplying water for fountain as well as aquaculture ...
agricultural water pumps price

Agricultural Submersible Water Pumps

Agricultural submersible water pumps use submersible motor as dynamic power, lifting water from deep well or river for irrigation or ...
Mine dewatering pumps catelogue

Mine Dewatering Pumps

Mine dewatering pumps can be used as main drainage pump when being installed in mine. Because of submersible motor installed ...
domestic water submersible pump

Domestic Submersible Pumps

Domestic submersible pumps are some kinds of small pumps. They are also called small submersible pumps or mini submersible pumps ...
submersible electric water pumps

Industrial Submersible Water Pump

Industrial submersible water pump is normally marked by high head and large capacity. As the working situation of industrial centrifugal ...
fountain water pumps for sale

Small Submersible Fountain Pumps

Fountain has been an attractive spot in many places, all sorts of fountain water show is also becoming more and ...
fountain water pumps for sale

Submersible Water Fountain Pumps

Fountain pumps are immersion pumps used widely in park or scenic spots, because of their special using conditions, they are ...
fountain submersible pump

Outdoor Submersible Fountain Pumps

Apart from drinking water or daily water use, submersible pumps can also be used as a scenery at home or ...
stainless steel fountain pump

Indoor Water Fountain Pumps

Unlike outdoor fountain pumps, indoor water fountain pumps are designed small for domestic use. When pumps are used under water, ...
commercial electric pumps

Commercial Submersible Water Pumps

Same as industrial submersible pumps and domestic water pumps, commercial submersible water pumps are also in great demand for long ...
stainless steel fountain water pumps

Stainless Steel Fountain Pumps

When pumps work under water for long period of time, they are easily get corroded, especially for cast iron fountain ...
stainless steel fountain pumps

12v Submersible Fountain Pump

According to different using conditions and applications, different sorts of power pumps should be adopted. 12v submersible fountain pump is ...
agricultural submersible pumps

Submersible Water Pump For Agriculture

Submersible water pump for agriculture Adopts QS series and QJ series types. When used under well water, whole pump body ...
fountain water pumps wholesale

Wholesale Fountain Pumps

Fountain pumps are the most frequently used pumps for most parks or entertainment areas. When used, whole pumps body must ...
industrial water pumps for sale

Industrial Submersible Pump

Do you find it difficulty in finding best quality industrial submersible pump? Do you want to buy industrial water pump ...
submersible irrigation water pump 1hp

Submersible Irrigation Water Pump

Want the best submersible irrigation water pump for agricultural use? Still puzzled on choosing top rated submersible irrigation water pump ...
irrigation water pumps

Submersible Irrigation Well Pump

Agriculture takes up a large proportion in whole world’s economy, and irrigation well pump has been a significant tool in ...
pumpset in agricultural

Agricultural Submersible Pumps

Agricultural submersible pumps are the most common types of pumps. Whole pump body must be immersed under water when working ...

Submersible Pump Application

What Are Submersible Pumps

Submersible Pumps are also known as submerged pumps. When they are working underwater, whole pumps are immersed totally into water. Therefore, pump body and motor are linked together as one for better using and are able to save a large amount of space. Motors of submerged pumps are normally wet motors for operating more conveniently.

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Submersible Pumps System And Working Principle

Submerged pumps are consist of inlet, outlet, motor and impeller. Some sorts of elements such as head, flow capacity and rate are closely connected with impellers and motors. Inlet and outlet also plays an import role in adjusting flow rate, the larger inlet and outlet are, the more flow capacity of pumps. Motors serve as main bone of whole water pumps. When pumps are on, the operated motor brings large power and drives pump working. Head of pumps are determined by numbers of impellers, each stage of impeller represents twenty meters. For mining or industrial use, multistage pumps are frequently used.

submersible pumps manufacturer
submersible pumps application

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Types of Submersible Pumps

According to using condition of submersible pumps, they can be divided as hot water submersible pumps, submersible clean water pumps, submersible irrigation pumps, mine dewatering pumps, agricultural submersible water pumps, submersible water pump for fountain, domestic submersible pumps and industrial submersible pumps. In terms of casting, stainless steel and cast iron pumps are most common type. Basic submersible pumps are able to be applied for most situations, only additional accessories are added or changed in complicated using requirements. Apart from submersible pumps, we also produce all sorts of above ground water pumps for different needs.

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General Submersible Pump Application

Submersible pumps are widely used for agricultural farmland drainage and irrigation, well water extraction, industrial and residential water supply and drainage system, hills and mountain diversion, drainage in low-lying areas, water supply of industrial and mining enterprises in urban and rural areas etc. Most of submersible pumps are used for deep well, the whole pumps bodies are immersed totally into water. When they are used in more complicated areas, internal materials will be changed accordingly.

submersible water pumps manufacturer
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Cost of Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps price diverse for many factors. Quality of products have been the primary element in controlling whole cost of using submerged pumps. Our water pumps adopt highly advanced technology and special forging process to ensure long service life. Internal materials and spare parts are all of the highest quality level. In purchasing process, we cut down unnecessary middle process and produce as well as sell pumps by our own factory. Repairing and replacing submersible pumps can be a large expense for transportation fee should be paid by customers, on that condition, high quality pumps save large amount of money.

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Submersible Pump Selection

Each kind of pumps have their range of applications. Before choosing, customers should bear in mind of their using conditions.

  • The head of pumps should be almost in accordance with actual need, flow and efficiency of pumps will be reduced if low head is chosen.
  • Customers should be aware of dynamic water level, static water level and condition of water source, in order to estimate head and pumping pipe length.
  • Matched cable should be in accordance with submersible motors. The specifications and length must fit motor well, or service life of cable and motor solenoid will be narrowed and motor is easily get burnt. For safety, we suggest matched cables offered by us.
submersible pumps for sale
submersible pumps working principle

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Submersible Pumps For Sale

All sorts of water pumps are for sale now in APK, but as a submersible pumps professional manufacturer, we focus mainly on submerged pumps. QY series and QS series deep well pumps are most commonly used. Both of them are made with cast iron casting or stainless steel casting. QY series pumps adopt double end mechanical seal, while QS series use skeleton oil seal with rubber as main part. Detailed submersible pumps pdf can be found in!AhIukKMIiAHOgRtfeKhmduniy3K6.

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Submersible Pumps Manufacturers

As development grows, more and more submersible pumps suppliers sprung up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Besides concerning on quality as most suppliers do, APK also lay emphasis on customers using experience. In China, usage rate of APK pumps reaches more than 70% and our products are requisitioned frequently by government to do rescue and relief work.

submersible pumps making
submersible pumps producing and winding

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Advantage of APK Submersible Pumps Manufacturer

  • One-Stop and Customized Service.

We offer customers with accessories and vulnerable parts. To special need customers, we provide them with customized service and design pumps according to customers’ needs. For different market, we also offer high-end products.

  • Punctual Delivery.

Many Chinese submersible pumps suppliers have trouble in being ordered to stop working, APK pump is governed and ordered directly by national government. Besides, we particularly equipped with environmental devices and pass the standard of National Environmental Protection Bureau.

  • Sufficient Stock.

On producing pumps, we normally produce extra ones and put them in stock for urgent needs. When customers need pumps immediately, we are able to send pumps to them in 24 hours. But as the great demand, our stock will be changed every day, if you want to know the inventory, our personnel is willing to help you any time.

  • Efficient Transport.

After ordering, we promise to send out products in 48 hours. We are now adopt method of spice box transportation to save freight.

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As a best China submersible pumps brand, APK will be your reliable partner and permanent cooperation friend. If you have any problems on our company or our products, please leave your message below and we will contact you as soon as possible!!


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