industrial water pumps for sale

Industrial Submersible Pump

Do you find it difficulty in finding best quality industrial submersible pump? Do you want to buy industrial water pump in the most reasonable price? APK pump is top rated industrial submersible pumps manufacturer in China, we are dedicated on producing large power pumps used in industrial and constructive areas. With strong strength factory, we have ample stock for high volume industrial submersible pump and other large power pumps ranging from 2.2kw to 450kw. Advanced stainless steel producing line guarantees high pumps quality. If you want a long service life pumps, APK industrial water pumps will be your best choice.

industrial pumps for sale
industrial submersible pumps
industrial water pumps for sale
industrial pump
industrial water pump
industrial water pumps
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industrial pump
industrial water pump
industrial water pumps
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Motor Parameter:

Above NEMA standard level

Insulation Grade: B

Protection Grade: IP68

Maximum Overall Diameter: φ95mm

Maximum Liquid Temperature: 35℃

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Industrial Submersible Pump Price

As is known to us all, China owns the most ample and cheap manual labor, producing costs of our country are much less than other manufacturers. With development of APK, we successfully substituted old working machine into new and advanced CNC machine. Automatic wielding line, automatic stamping line and automatic assemble line all helps in improving working efficiency. Therefore, whole producing costs are reduced to large extent. On transportation fee, we adopt groupage container services to reduce extra unnecessary price. Each different product refer to different price, if you want to know detailed industrial submersible water pump price list, contact us immediately and we will send you products quotations.

industrial water pumps for sale
industrial submersible pumps

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Industrial Submersible Pump For Sale

When pumps are working for industrial use, horsepower of them must be high enough to meet the requirements. Normally we will suggest large power pumps for you such as 140 kw or 160kw etc. Two sorts of pumps castings including cast iron industrial pumps and stainless steel industrial pumps are both in hot demand. With perfect stainless steel producing line, stainless steel industrial pumps are more popular ordered. Thanks to their excellent corrosion resistance performance, they are able to transfer light corrosive liquid or hot water. Most of our industrial pumps are used in large constructive projects, wholesale industrial submersible water pumps are provided any time you want.

industrial submersible pumps for sale
industrial submersible pumps

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Industrial Submersible Pump Cost

When choosing industrial submersible pump, customers need to take whole using costs into consideration. Once buying a weak quality pump, you have to spend large amount of money in repairing and even replacing with a brand new pump. Therefore, buying a long service life pump is extremely important. According to old customers’ feedback, our water pumps are able to be used for more than ten years without any repairing, thus whole using costs are low of our products. Besides, APK is a professional manufacturer with factory of its own, no middle charge occurs between suppliers and customers. That is why industrial submersible pumps cost of APK is the most reasonable and competitive among whole industrial submersible pumps markets.

industrial water pumps for sale
industrial submersible pump producer

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High Volume Industrial Submersible Pump

As complicated working conditions of industrial and constructive areas, high volume industrial water pumps are needed urgently. Because of our strong strength factory, we are capable of customizing large power pumps all by ourselves. Many industrial submersible water pumps 1000gpm are sold overseas and won great praise. Other large pumps specifications show as below, if you need larger pumps, contact us soon and we will meet your demand.

Model Flow rate Head






Motor Head


Pump Head


Maximum Diameter




Motor Weight
250QJ140-45/3 140 45 30 64.2 900 685 233 198
250QJ140-60/4 60 37 77.8 933 1055 245
250QJ140-75/5 75 45 94.1 1288 1230 349
250QJ140-90/6 90 55 114.3 1388 1405 395
250QJ140-105/7 105 63 127.9 1448 1580 435
250QJ140-120/8 120 75 152.3 1528 1755 475
250QJ140-135/9 135 90 182.8 1648 1930 516
250QJ140-150/10 150 100 203.1 1718 2105 561
250QJ140-165/11 165 110 223.4 2280
250QJ140-180/12 180 120 242 2455

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Industrial Electric Submersible Pump

In terms of electric water pump, motor is regarded as key factor. Normally water cooler submerged motor and oil filled submerged motor are used for downhole pumps. In order to guarantee using safety, we placed protective devices inside pumps body. Over flow and over heat devices help stop motor working in dangerous situations. A common shortcoming of submerged pump lie in its loosen shaft. In order to solve the problem, we changed internal materials into the field of chrome and replaced adhesive method into a new one. We are always innovating to bring better industrial water pumps for you. If you have any intention, contact us now for best pumps.

industrial submersible water pump for sale
industrial submersible pump

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Wholesale Industrial Submersible Pump

APK is a well known industrial submersible pumps company, offering all sorts of large power pumps. For over thirty years working experience, our factory is capable of producing all kinds of customized pumps. Till now, we have produced pumps casting parts for more than 2,000 ton, assemble cast submersible pumps, inline booster pumps, sewage pumps for over 100,000 units. We adopt attending personnel tracking system to guarantee quality of each customized pump. As a large submersible pumps wholesaler, we would like to offer you with best products and build long term relationship with you.

submersible industrial water pump
industrial submersible water pump

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Industrial Submersible Pump Supplier

Being the biggest submersible water pumps supplier in China, we regard constant innovation as our developing motto. Since foundation, we are continuously improving performance of our products. We changed end ring into built-in end ring to make them more attractive. National standard flange and other internal materials are used to better connect with world’s needs. In 2017, we have expanded the power of the 7 inch submersible pump motor to 22kw, 25kw, 30kw, 37kw, 16 inch submersible pump series power is expanded to 160kw-410kw to provide 2pole/2900rp. We also developed 600m³/h at 30m, 700m³/h at 60m, 1000m³/h at 18m, 1800m³/h at 16m and other large flow submersible pumps. All the water pumps are excellent in being adopted as industrial pumps.

industrial submersible pumps
industrial submersible pump for sale

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Industrial Submersible Pump Manufacturers

Since foundation, we have occupied China submersible pumps market and become leader brand in china water pump industry. We passed CE, BV, TUV and ISO standard successfully. In China only, our pumps’ using rate reaches far more than 70%. In various large occasions such as the Olympic Games and National Disaster and Flood Control, our pumps are regarded as designated products only. With brilliant working performance, our pumps quality are widely praised and are viewed as model on formulating national standard. In order to better respond to government call, we installed a series of environmental friendly devices inside factory, and passed national standard of Environmental Friendly Bureau successfully.

submersible industrial pumps
industrial submersible pump

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Our Service:

  1.  24 hours problems solved
  2. Detailed products introduction
  3. Appointed delivery time
  4. Free visit to factory anytime
  5. Free repair and maintain in limited time
  6. Ample stock for large power pumps
  7. Fast transport

For long period of time, we are looking for distributors or agents overboard, if you are capable enough to be a good cooperator, please read our distributors wanted requirement carefully and leave your detailed message, we will contact you as soon as possible!
With various kinds of industrial submersible pumps for sale, we have ample stock for large power pumps, if you need them urgently, please leave your message below and contact us as soon as possible!


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