electric water pumps

Electric Submersible Water Pumps

Electric submersible water pumps are widely used for industrial water supply and drainage, domestic drinking water use and deep well water drainage etc. When it is used under water, whole pump body is immersed under water totally. In order to guarantee safety working condition of electric submersible water pumps, each pump must be tested strictly before selling. On producing submersible pumps, we are the most professional corporate, and we are able to offer the most competitive electric submersible pumps prices to you.

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Working Parameter

Flow Range: 12.5 – 100m3/h

Head Range: 15 – 200m

Diameter Range: φ50 – φ100mm

Temperature Range: 0 – 40℃

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  • High working efficiency and low energy consuming
  • All sorts of specifications
  • Wide ranges of applications
  • Full lift design
  • Perfect hydraulic system and sealing system
  • Stable and smooth working performance
  • Long service life and space saving
  • Low noisy and environmental friendly

Using Conditions

  1. Power supply:

Three phase AC power supply, 50HZ, 380V
Electric pump should be immersed under water, immersion depth should be no less than 0.5m

2.Water Pump:

Clean non-corrosive water transfer, sediment content should be no more than 0.01%
PH level of water: 6.5 – 8.5
Clean water or oil must be filled in before operating

electric submersible pumps for sale
electric submersible water pump

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Electric Submersible Water Pumps For Sale

As motor pumps, horsepower of electric pumps various according to actual using conditions. For domestic use, we suggest small horsepower pumps for you such as 3 hp, 4 hp or 5 hp pumps, if they are used industrially, large horsepower pumps as 12 hp pumps or even 100 hp pumps can be chose.
On pumps castings, we mainly have cast iron casting and stainless steel casting. Cast iron pumps are the most common used types, they are excellent in wear resistance and hardness. When transferring drinking water or light corrosive water, we have stainless steel types resisting corrosion. Sizes of pumps body are different according to head and flow rate, portable electric submersible pumps are also on selling list if you need.

submersible electric water pumps
electric submersible water pumps

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Electric Submersible Water Pumps Customized

Because of complicated using conditions, customized pumps are always in hot demand. Many small submersible pumps manufacturers are not capable enough on offering customized services for lack of technology. However, dedicating on producing water pumps for more than thirty years, we are experienced enough on designing pumps according to customers’ demands. Besides, if you have any problems on pumps, we are also glad to resolve all your problems. For providing better customized services, we have professional staff to absorb new and the most advanced producing technology regularly. After hundreds of experiments, we made many kinds of newly designed products and each of them are praised by customers around the world.

electric submersible water pumps for sale
electric submersible water pumps

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Electric Submersible Water Pumps Price

Price of each types of pumps are different, compared with customized pumps, universal pumps may be much cheaper. However, among submersible pumps industry, costs of APK pumps are the most competitive and reasonable, but not the cheapest. Because cheap pumps usually mean weak quality, once pumps get broken in short time, customers need to spend large money on pumps repairing and buying. Our premium quality pumps guarantee long service life, one pump can be used for more than ten years without repairing.
Our reasonable prices lie in our low and controllable producing costs. We have our own producing factory and its high and rich producing experience enables good quality. With mechanical producing line, producing efficiency are improved to large extent. And therefore, our producing costs are declined.

electric submersible water pumps factory
electric submersible water pumps

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Electric Submersible Water Pumps Motor

Submerged motors can be divided into two types, oil filled motor and water cooler motor. Oil filled submerged motor can be used in cold areas because it is not easily get frozen. Water cooler submersible motor should be used to transfer drinking water or clean water, because the leaking water will not pollute water source. Both of the pumping motors are in excellent sealing system. Mechanical seal and packing seal are both for chosen if in need.
For better protecting pump motor, we installed many protective devices inside. Over flow and over heat devices will stop motor from operating if in danger. Besides, excellent internal materials also protect pumps motor from burning down easily.

electric submersible water pumps quality
electric submersible water pumps testing

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Electric Submersible Water Pumps Distributor

Many overboard customers think online buying as a matter of trouble, and after sale service is not easily got. Therefore, with rapid development of our company, we have now broaden our submersible pumps markets and are planning to build local distributors or agents around the world. Once becoming our distributors, we will provide you with the detailed instructions on selling and maintaining submersible pumps. In order to offer best services, we will also teach you all aspects of knowledge on submersible pumps. Products we offer will be the highest quality level, and the price of which are the most competitive and reasonable. Therefore, if you are interested in becoming our distributors, look at our distributor wanted requirements and then leave your detailed information to us, hope we will be in best and the most harmony distribution-ships.

electric submersible pumps supplier
electric submersible water pumps factory

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Electric Submersible Water Pumps Factory

APK factory is listed on top ten China best submersible pumps factories, our branches lie in everywhere around China. On producing technology, we stick to continuously innovate and adopt foreign advanced technology all the time. Our large mechanical producing line replaced total manual labor. On management system, we set professional testing machines in each producing line to make sure every producing procedure is beyond national standard. Three pumps castings including wax film, sand film and lost foam castings are skilfully mastered by us. If you need to customize pumps, tell us detailed information on applications, we will design pumps for you.

submersible electric water pumps for sale
electric submersible water pumps packing

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Electric Submersible Water Pumps Manufacturers

Reputation of a submersible pump manufacturer is based on products quality and customers’ feedback. Many customers will send us email on praising our pumps and choose us as long-term cooperator, that is why our brand is regarded as the leader in whole pump industry. Since foundation, our pumps are sent to each corners of world, in China only, our pump using rate reaches far more than 70%. APK pump make great distributions on large occasions such as National Flood and Disaster Control, Olympic Games etc. Apart from premium quality products, we also have perfect service for you.

  1. Customized service for meeting all your demands
  2. Patiently resolving all your problems
  3. Free visit to our factory any time
  4. Free repair and maintain in appointed time
  5. Fast and strict delivery time
electric water pumps factory
electric submersible water pumps parts

As a common tool for draining water, choosing a reliable supplier is quite important. APK, as the best submersible pumps supplier, will be your trustful cooperator. If you have any intention on our products, please leave your detailed information and demands to us, we will send detailed price list to you soon!!


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