submersible 4hp pumps

4hp Submersible Pumps

Motor serves as the core parts in submersible pumps and 4hp submersible pumps are regarded as the most commonly used types. Water cooler submersible motors and oil filled submersible motors enable pumps to be submerged totally under water for long-time working. Water is the basis of each living, therefore, as a responsible submersible pumps manufacturer, APK is always dedicated on producing the best 4hp submersible pumps for you. For meeting customers’ demands, each types of water pumps are served and the cost of 4hp submersible pumps are the most competitive in our company.

4hp submersible pump for sale
ss 4hp submersible pumps
submersible 4hp pumps
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Working Parameter

Flow Capacity: 10-700m³/h;

Head Range: 15-405m;

Well Diameter: φ50-250mm;

Temperature: -15-40℃;

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  • Farmland drop irrigation and sprinkler irrigation
  • Industrial dewatering use
  • Deep well water drainage and supply
  • Mining area water drainage
  • Constructive water supply
  • Water treatment in pump station


  • Low noisy and low pollution to water source
  • High efficiency and energy saving
  • Space saving and cost saving
  • Long service life
  • Easy to be maintained and repaired
  • Wide range of applications and specifications
  • National standard level products
submersible 4hp pumps
4hp submersible pumps

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4hp Submersible Pumps For Sale

As is known to us all, quality of internal materials directly influence service life of submersible pumps. Therefore, for providing the highest quality products, APK does many submersible pumps experiments and chooses the suitable materials for installing. Apart from this, we own strict examine system and each of our pumps need to be tested carefully in each producing process. On account of this, 4hp water pumps produced by APK seldom need repairing in long-term using. Based on our excellent brand reputation, our products are widely trusted among customers and APK becomes the best submersible pumps brand in China.

submersible 4hp pumps price
4hp submersible water well pumps

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4hp Submersible Pumps Price

Cost of 4hp submersible pumps in APK has always been the most competitive when compared with others. Because of best quality products, our pumps are proved to work for more than ten years without repairing, which saved a large amount of money. Apart from this, we have big working factory under our brand. All of products are produced directly by factory and sold out by us. Therefore, no middle manufacturers interposed in selling process and thus no extra fee is charged. As the improvement of factory scale, we updated our producing system and adopted mechanical producing line, which fastened producing efficiency to large extent.

4hp water pumps for sale
4hp submersible pumps for sale

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4hp Submersible Pumps Specifications

Horsepower represents the power of pumps motors, for different using conditions, we have various specifications. When transferring drinking water for residential use, stainless steel casting may be a good choice. They prevent corrosive drops from falling into water source. On other condition, cast iron types are able to pump water conveniently for hardness and wear resistance. Head and flow of water pumps are able to be adjusted according to actual use by controlling numbers of impellers. For better serve customers, we exert to provide customized service and are able to redesign our pumps for unique working situations of pumps.

submersible 4hp pumps
4hp submersible pumps for sale in APK

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4hp Submersible Pumps System

Submerged pumps need to be immersed into water for quite a long time, therefore, safety is the core consideration in producing process. Once the sealing system is in bad condition, water or other transferred medium will get into motor, which narrows service life or even cause fatal damage to pumps. Therefore, APK uses advanced oil chamber sealing and mechanical sealing method, together with over-flow and over-heat protection devices, to guarantee safety working condition of pumps. Besides, When pumps get into water, labor control becomes difficult, then we choose to install switch on the ground or to control them with computers.

high head 4hp pumps
4hp submersible pumps high head

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4hp Submersible Pumps Parts

It is no doubt that motor plays vital role in operating submersible water pumps, for better protecting them, we install specific underwater motors such as water cooler types and oil filled types. However, the other irreplaceable element in water pumps is impeller. Specifications of impellers are also varies and each of them decides head and flow capacity. 4hp submersible pumps usually use centrifugal impellers. Water is thrown out under great centrifugal force and the unique design keeps impeller away from water, protecting it from being damaged.

4hp submersible pumps cost
submersible 4hp pumps

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4hp Submersible Pumps Installation

When head of pumps is lower than 30m, they can be installed directly with wire rope or hemp rope. For protecting well wall from collapsing, we use soft protecting casting to cover pumps when putting them under well. For high head pumps, steel pipe needs to be adopted together with sling chain to hang water pumps into well. For safety installation, detailed installation method will be taught and we have personnel to help instruct or install large water pumps for customers.

4hp submersible water pumps
4hp submersible pumps parts

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4hp Submersible Pumps Manufacturers

As 4 hp pumps submersible are widely used types of pumps, most submersible pumps suppliers are able to produce them. Different from others, APK pays more attention on quality and using experience. With professional testing machine, our pumps passing rate reach more than 99%. Combined with feedback of customers, we continuously update our producing skills and make pumps more convenient and easier to be used by customers. In submersible pumps industry, we never stop inventing and reforming, that’s exactly why for thirty years, APK is always dedicated on submersible pumps and make APK the best Chinese submersible pumps brand.

submersible 4hp pumps
water submersible 4hp pumps

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After-sale Service in APK

  • 24 hours online problem solving
  • One year repairing for free
  • Professional maintenance skills taught
  • Detailed installation and replacement skill instruction

submersible 4hp system
4hp submersible pumps parts

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Advantages of APK Submersible Pumps Manufacturer

     1.Fast and restricted delivery time guarantee.

For corresponding national call, APK installed environmental protection equipment and successfully passed standard of National Environmental Protection Bureau. Unlike other small submersible pumps suppliers, APK will not be ordered to stop producing casually.

      2. Advanced producing technology and diverse producing system.

On meeting customers’ demand, APK masters three main advanced casting skills. With large workshop dimensions and constant inventory spirits, APK is able to produce pumps range from 2.2kw-450kw.

      3. World-wide agents distributions.

With rapid development of APK pumps, our products are sold all over the world and each type is in great demand. On account of this, we made many distributorships around the world and each of them is strictly instructed for providing best services. Therefore, rights of customers can be assured locally. Besides, we are looking for overboard distributors and agents all the time, any excellent cooperators will be warmly welcomed.

submersible 4hp well pumps for sale
4hp well pumps submersible

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With best using experience and lower but cost-effective products, APK will be your the most reliable cooperators. If you have puzzle in our company scale, we welcome anytime for visiting and asking. Therefore, please feel free to leave your message below and we are looking forward to hearing from you.


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