fountain water pumps for sale

Small Submersible Fountain Pumps

Fountain has been an attractive spot in many places, all sorts of fountain water show is also becoming more and more popular. Therefore, small submersible fountain pumps are in great demand for quite a long time. Apart from deep well submersible pumps, fountain water pumps are normally of small type for easy installation and using. Many types of small submersible fountain pumps are for sale now in APK submersible pumps supplier.

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Working Parameter

Flow Capacity: 10-700m³/h;

Head Range: 15-405m;

Well Diameter: φ50-250mm;

Temperature: -15-40℃;

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Small submersible fountain pumps have wide range of applications, they can be used as sea water fountain pumps, landscape fountain, high sand fountain pumps etc. Apart from this, they can also be applied for supplying clean water from well, agricultural irrigation and farmland water supply etc.


  • Low energy consume, low noisy and environmental friendly
  • Impact shape and delicate design
  • Stable working condition
  • Multiple installation methods to meet various using conditions
  • Various specifications and applications
  • Excellent sealing system for stable working


submersible small fountain pumps for sale
small fountain water pumps

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Small Submersible Fountain Pumps For Sale

Small water fountain pumps in APK have many specifications and each of them are of the highest quality level. The commonly used types fountain water pumps for sale are QS series. They have short base and small shape, therefore, they can also be used for domestic submersible pumps. Apart from QS series, we have ODM pumps. Whole casting of ODM pumps is of stainless steel to resist corrosion. As a responsible submersible pumps supplier, we are able to help choose the best suitable pumps with cost-effective price for you.

fountain water submersible pum
small fountain water pumps

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Small Submersible Fountain Pumps Price

Fountain water pump price is the most competitive in APK when compared with other manufacturers, and several factors lead to the result.

  1. No middleman lies between manufacturer and sellers. APK has own factory with strong strength and is able to provide fountain water pumps all by ourselves. Therefore, no middle fee is charged to customers.
  2. High quality guaranteed. Cheap and low quality water pumps are destined to be repaired for many times, when it occurs, customers need to pay a lot on replacing a fresh new pump. On account of this, all of our pumps are tested strictly for best performance.
stainless steel fountain pumps
stainless steel casting technique

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Small Submersible Fountain Pumps vs Deep Well Fountain Pumps

With different using applications, the dimension of submersible fountain pumps and deep well fountain pumps are quite large. Normally, deep well fountain pumps are used under deep well, which require high head or high flow capacity. Therefore, they are designed to be installed vertically. On the contrary, fountain pumps can be installed vertically and horizontally or in any angels. And because of the bearing inside deep well pumps, the base of it is higher than fountain water pumps. However, the basic design and shape are of them are similar.

submersible small fountain pumps for sale
small submersible fountain pumps

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Small Submersible Fountain Pumps Quality

Good quality products enable to save large amount of money and quality of water fountain pumps depend on internal material as well as producing process to some extent. Each material should meet national standard. In terms of this, APK pumps has been regarded as reference on laying down criterion nationally for its great reputation and excellent products performance. Therefore, each products and each internal materials we use are required to be far above national standard in our company. Apart from this, we have strict testing system and every single pump need to be tested in detail in every producing process.

small fountain submersible pumps
fountain submersible water pumps

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Small Submersible Fountain Pumps Specifications

Most of our submersible pump for fountain are iron cast type, in order to avoid corrosion, we will spread two layers of corrosive resistance paint inside and outside pumps. However, as more and more applications required by customers, we produced stainless steel type to transfer salt water or other light corrosive medium. According to actual using conditions, we have different kinds of head and flow capacity for choosing. If you have puzzle in choosing suitable type, our personnel is ready to help solve your problems anytime.

small submersible fountain pumps for sale
stainless steel fountain pumps

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Small Submersible Fountain Pumps Manufacturers

Finding a reliable submersible pumps supplier is a vital thing for customers, for it can better protect products quality as well as using safety. Luckily, APK pump is a responsible pumps manufacturer worth trusting. For over thirty years, APK sticks on producing and designing submersible pumps only. We made large amount of submersible pumps experiments for better using feelings. Because of our strong strength factory, we are able to produce all sorts of pumps vary from 2.2kw-450kw. Besides, we master three casting technique and advanced designing skills.

submersible small fountain pumps use
small submersible fountain pumps application

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On producing and offering best submersible pumps, APK will always be your best choice. We promise to provide you with the most suitable water pumps with the most competitive price. Besides, we are looking for overboard distributors or agents for long time, if you have any intention, contact us immediately. For better introducing the most suitable pumps for you, please fill in detailed information below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!!


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