domestic water submersible pump

Domestic Submersible Pumps

Domestic submersible pumps are some kinds of small pumps. They are also called small submersible pumps or mini submersible pumps. Because of their compact shape, they are widely used in farmland irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, well water lifting, residential water supply and drainage etc. Normally, domestic submersible pumps for sale in APK adopt iron as pump casting. So our pumps are excellent on its hardness and wear resistance.

domestic submersible water pump
domestic water submersible pump
domestic water submersible pump for sale
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Working Parameter

Flow Capacity: 10-700m³/h;

Head Range: 15-405m;

Well Diameter: φ50-200mm;

Temperature: -15-40℃;

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Using Condition

  • Voltage should be 380v±5%, frequency should be 50Hz
  • Corrosive water should not be transferred by domestic submersible pumps
  • PH level remains 6.5-8.5
  • Clean water must be filled before using
  • Temperature of transferred liquid should be no more than 40℃


  • Unique vent design ensures high flow
  • Perfect combination of impact shape and large capacity
  • Long working hours of our domestic submersible pumps
  • Simple structure, easy to be installed and repaired
  • Energy saved and space saved
  • Bring no pollution to water source and environment


Domestic submersible pumps are widely used in rural area well water pumping, farmland irrigation, garden watering, household water using, industrial water drainage, construction water supply and drainage as well as aquaculture water supply etc.

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Domestic Submersible Pump Price

Domestic pumps in APK are designed small and easy to be installed and to be operated. Compared with other factories, APK continuously update our technology and skills, in order to reduce the cost of our pumps. Therefore, domestic water pumps price in our company are promised to be affordable and reasonable.
Different models in our company can be chosen. They are divided according to their flow and head. Prices of each of them are varies. We will offer you the detail submersible pump price list if you need.
In order to make our pumps to be cost-effective, we especially pay attention to quality of our pumps. When pumps need to be repaired frequently, cost on repairing or replacement is relatively high. So all our pumps need to be strictly tested to ensure their high quality, then customers are able to save large amount of money on repairing.

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Best Domestic Submersible Pump Brands

Submersible pump for home use are always in great needs for its impact shape. Therefore, many submersible pump brands appeared for people to choose.
APK, as a famous submersible pump supplier, won great praise among customers and pump industry. As one of the best submersible pump brands, we paid great attention on quality of our pumps. Besides, using experience is also an important factor in our producing process. We continuously improve our skills to make our pumps easier and more convenient to be used.
Qualification of a company has to be carefully considered when looking for best pump brands. APK has many times won the title of “the Certificate of energy saving products in China”, and got the honor of “A-level Enterprise of Credit”.

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Domestic Submersible Pumps Selection

Sometimes, best brands do not mean the most suitable pump. Many factors need to be considered when choosing pumps.

1. Detailed Information of Suppliers.

Certification of products must be paid great attention when choosing suppliers. If three-no goods are bought, then rights and interests of customers can not be guaranteed. All products in APK are promised to meet national standard and get the certification of ISO, CE, BV, TUV etc. So all our products are worth trusting.

2. Single Phase or Three Phase

Voltage of domestic pumps are divided into single phase one and three phase one. When three phase power is installed, three phase one is suggested to be chosen. Compared with single phase, three phase pumps are lighter and smaller, thus is more suitable to be used at home.

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3. Parameter of Pumps

Different using condition requires different head and flow. When choosing suitable pumps, personnel from our company will ask in detail for using condition, in order to introduce suitable head and flow for you. Chosen head should be almost equal to marked one, or the service life of pumps may be narrowed.

4. Quality of Pumps

Before using, quality of pumps should be checked carefully for safety. Many companies choose to check randomly on their pumps, so some of defective pumps may be sold out. In our company, each of our pumps will be tested strictly. We have professional testing machine to promise each of our pumps are of high quality.

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Our Services:

Pre-sale Service:

1. Welcome every time for visiting our factory
2. Patient and responsible introduction
3. Competitive and reasonable price provided

After-sale Service:

1. Careful restored and package
2. Professional installation instruction
3. Long period maintenance and repairing for free
4. 24 hours problem resolving


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