Submersible Pump Solutions

Submersible Pumps Possible Failure and Troubleshooting

Submersible water pumps will have some possible failure during working.  Shenlong pump factory will list several failure and solutions.

1.Intermittent water or no water or less water

What is the problem ?

  1. Motor does not start (low voltage, wire too thin or too long, drop too much voltage does bot start or pump stuck up)
  2. Pipe blocked or Strainer blocked.
  3. Pipe broken
  4. Suction out of water
  5. Submersible pump turn in the opposite
  6. Impeller rings and seal rings worn
  7. Impeller loose or blocked
  8. Rotor shaft loose or broken rotor bar

How to fix ?

  1. Eliminate circuit fault, find out the cause and rule out seizure
  2. Clear the blockage
  3. Repair broken part
  4. Decentralization of submersible pumps, if still no water coming out, the pump head may be more than the range head, recommended for pumps
  5. Swap any two connector cables
  6. Change the new impeller, sealing ring
  7. Re-installation new impeller clean block
  8. Repair or change rotor

2. Large current swing the ammeter pointer

What is the problem ?

  1. Large flow, low head that is over usage range, motor overload
  2. Graphite bearings, rubber bearings or bushings abrasion, thrust bearing, the impeller down
  3. Thrust bearing, the impeller down
  4. Pump shaft bending, bearing misalignment

How to fix ?

  1. Reduce flow with the flow control valve to the rating
  2. Change new bearing or bushings, check the sediment size is too big
  3. Change thrust nearing and thrust disc
  4. Fixed or change axis bending to new one

3. Motor winding insulation resistance to ground less than 0.5 megohm tropical

What is the problem ?

  1. Magnet wire insulation aging or broken
  2. Water into the cable
  3. Gland failure

How to fix ?

  1. Opening winding, wrapped with adhesive tape or new coil rewinding
  2. Find out broken part, wrapped with adhesive tape or use fire
  3. Open, connected, re-wrapped

4. Motor will not start and with sound

What is the problem ?

  1. Broken wire or switch-off phase(single phase operation)
  2. Guide bearing axle motor
  3. Impeller pump stuck with a foreign body
  4. Voltage is too low

How to fix ?

  1. Repair broken, take a good fuse
  2. Repair or change bearings
  3. Clean the foreign body
  4. Adjust the voltage

5. Pump severe vibration

What is the problem ?

  1. Rotor not balance
  2. Impeller not balance
  3. Pump shaft bending
  4. Bearing abrasion
  5. Blots loose
  6. Pump collision well all
  7. Thrust fried, under thrust abrasion

How to fix ?

  1. Test rotor balancing
  2. Test impeller static equilibrium
  3. Straightening
  4. Change bearing, bush
  5. Tighten the bolt
  6. Adjust the pump in the middle of well
  7. Check if the pump into the bottom mud of well, lift pump

6. Motor winding burn

What is the problem ?

  1. Inside of motor less water
  2. Single-phase operation
  3. Overloading long run

How to fix ?

  1. Must filled with water
  2. Check and adjust the start protection equipment to ensure the normal operation of the motor
  3. Control flow through the valve to reduce the load, so that current and voltage cannot exceed the rated nameplate value

Submersible Water Pumps

Shenlong pump factory mainly manufacture submersible pumps, including submersible well pumps, sewage pumps, submersible axial flow pumps, inline water pump, submersible fountain pump, split case pump, boiler feed water pump, etc.

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Submersible Well Pump Parameters

Shenlong pump factory is focus on manufacturing submersible water pumps and design projects in 1996. Special pump parameters, special install site, special working condition, special pump material, etc, we could produce submersible pumps as your requirements

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