submersible well water pumps

Submersible Water Well Pumps

Do you have interested in buying the highest quality submersible water well pumps? Here APK has the best quality level and competitive price. As a professional submersible pumps manufacturer in China, we not only have advanced producing technology, but also owns most comfortable after sale service. For large horsepower submersible water well pumps, we have ample storage for urgent needs. Because of strong strength producing factory of us own, our customized service will sure to meet all your demands and requirements. Our pumps are able to fit all sorts of large fountain projects and industrial or mining area large water transfer.

submersible water well pumps for sale
submersible well water pumps
submersible well water pumps
water well pump
water well submersible pump
water well submersible pumps
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water well pump
water well submersible pump
water well submersible pumps
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Motor Parameter

NEMA Standard

Insulation Grade: B

Protective Grade: IP68

Maximum Diameter: φ 141mm

Maximum Temperature: 35℃

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Submersible Water Well Pumps For Sale

According to applications and using conditions, submersible water well pumps specifications are various in our company. We have small power pumps ranges from 2.2 kw to 7.5 kw, large power pumps such as 140kw, 160kw, 180kw and 220kw water well pumps. In terms of transporting hot water, we suggest stainless steel submersible pumps for you, which are suitable for 3 phase 50hz, 60hz, 380v, 415v, 460v as well as 660v.
On pumps casting, we have stainless steel types and cast iron types for you. Stainless steel submersible pumps are capable of transporting hot water or salt water, therefore, they are suitable for sea water use. On the contrary, cast iron types are excellent in wear resistance and hardness, thus they are most commonly used in sucking deep well water or mining area water.

submersible water well pumps for sale
submersible water well pumps

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Submersible Water Well Pumps Price

Two factors determine pumps price to large extent, the first is producing costs. Lie in the middle part of China, we own the cheapest and the most ample manual labor, together with our high producing efficiency, producing costs can be reduced largely. Besides, thanks to our strong strength factory, all the pumps units and parts are designed and produced all by ourselves, thus no middle fee is charged. The other element in deciding pumps price is quality. A weak quality pump can not be used for long time, customers need to buy another fresh new pump after short period of time, and they may spend large amount of money in repairing and replacing. According to customers’ feedback, submersible well water pumps from APK are able to be used for more than ten years. Therefore, our price is always praised as the most competitive one. If you want a long service life pump with low purchasing cost, come to APK now!

submersible water well pumps price
submersible water well pumps for sale

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Submersible Water Well Pumps Quality

In terms of products quality, apart from scientific producing process, testing system should be regarded as core element. For most submersible pumps manufacturers, sampling survey is the most common method in testing a batch of pumps. Standing on the view of customers, we are always paying large attention in pumps quality. In each producing steps, each part or unit must be tested strictly, and unlike sample survey, we test each single water pump through professional testing machine. All the performance will be shown on the screen, and if any defective occurs, it will be sent back for reproducing soon. We also adopt attending personnel tracking system, professional staff is set to be responsible for specific producing process. All the pumps are guaranteed to be beyond national standard.

stainless steel water well pumps
submersible water well pumps stainless steel

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Submersible Water Well Pumps Brand

Among top rated submersible pumps brands in China, APK is always on the top position. With 70% using rate in China, our products played important roles in every aspects of human life. On large occasions such as the Olympic Games and National Flood and Disaster Control, APK submersible pumps are regarded as officially designated products. For responding to national call on protecting environment, we particularly installed a series of environmental friendly devices. Together with advanced producing machine, our pumps are able to release less pollution than others.

submersible water well pumps price
new submersible water well pumps

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Submersible Water Well Pumps Working Principle

When pumps is on, motor begins working and drives all the others parts work together. Impeller rotates rapidly and leads vacuum space formed near inlet. Transferred liquid flows in under large pressure and then moves accordingly with impeller, then impeller gives water centrifugal force and throw all the liquid out of pump body. In this process, head and flow rate formed. To guarantee smooth working conditions of pump, we made several submersible pumps experiments and designed carefully on hydraulic system. Protective devices such as over heat and over flow equipment are installed to protect pumps motor from burning down.

submersible water well pumps sale
submersible water well pumps casting

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Submersible Water Well Pumps Specifications

Model Flow rate Head






Motor Head


Pump Head


Maximum Diameter




Motor Weight
QS10-40 10 40 2.2 5.7 674 168 45
QS10-54 54 3 7.52 748 51
QS10-65 65 4 9.78 808 54
QS10-81 81 4 9.78 904 52
QS10-95 95 5.5 13.11 963 56
QS10-108 108 5.5 13.11 1006 59
QS10-121 121 7.5 17.43 1071 67
QS15-26 15 26 2.2 5.7 635 43
QS15-39 39 3 7.52 716 49
QS15-54 54 4 9.78 783 56
QS15-65 65 5.5 13.11 849 65
QS15-80 80 7.5 17.43 974 56
QS20-30 20 30 3 7.52 682 46
QS20-40 40 4 9.78 752 52
QS20-54 54 5.5 13.11 821 61
QS20-65 65 7.5 17.43 896 55

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Submersible Water Well Pumps System

In whole submersible pumps industry, shaft sleeve loosen has been a large problem in pumps working system. In order to overcome the problem, we changed original adhesive method and replaced old materials with the fields of chrome. All the producing technologies are improved to large extent. Besides, on internal materials choosing, we adopt national standard materials only. In order to improve smoothness of stator, we use stamping machine to press stator into plate. Copper wire and other vital parts are guaranteed to be far beyond national standard. We promise to give you the best using experience and make water transfer much easier and more convenient.

submersible water well pumps sale
submersible water well pumps company

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Submersible Water Well Pumps Factory

Pumps castings techniques can be approximately divided into three types, wax film, sand film and lost foam castings. With more than thirty years producing technology, we master the three technology skillfully. Besides, with large demand of stainless steel submersible pumps, we improved stainless steel producing line and are now capable enough to provide all sorts of stainless steel pumps for you. With continuous innovation spirit, we are also constantly designing and producing new types of pumps. We successfully broaden water well submersible pumps power to 22kw, 25kw, 30kw and 37kw, developed large flow submersible pumps such as 600m3/h at 30m, 700m3/h at 60m, 1000m3/h at 18m; and 1800m3/h at 16m. Various new designed pumps are tested carefully and praised by others widely.

well water pumps submersible
submersible water well pumps brands

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Submersible Water Well Pumps Manufacturers

For the past years, we produced different casting parts for over 2,000ton, and assembled cast iron submersible pumps, sewage pumps and pipeline booster pumps for more than 100,000 units. We also improved automatic assemble line, automatic winding line and automatic stator wielding line. Majority of manual labor are sent for monitoring and testing. Producing machines changed from old lathe to accurate CNC machine tool, single arm punch is also replaced by multifunctional high speed stamping machine. Besides, we invested large amount of money in improving stainless steel casting foundry. For special requirements on pumps, we offer customized service for you. Special staff will be responsible for quality and performance of customized products. If you need them, call us now!

water well pumps impeller
submersible water well pumps impeller

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Our Services:

1.Customized service
2.Free visit to our factory and our company
3.24 hours problems solved
4.Free maintain and repair in limited time
5.Detailed products reviews

APK now is becoming a world wide brand praised and used by people from all over the world, so in order to provide better service for customers, we are looking for good cooperators to be our local distributors or agents. If you are capable enough to be the most suitable cooperator, please read our distributor wanted requirements and leave all your detailed information below, we will contact you as soon as possible!

As a professional submersible pumps manufacturer, we are able to offer you the highest quality level products in most reasonable price. If you want the most satisfying purchasing experience, please leave your message and information below, we will get in touch with you soon!


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