3 phase water pumps

3 Phase Submersible Pumps

3 phase submersible pumps can be widely used in many areas such as fountain projects, industrial water supply, mountain water transfer, steel or other constructive places water transfer etc. Because of their high performance and high head, 3 phase submersible pumps are always for hot sale. Many sorts of 3 phase submersible pumps specifications are for sale now in our company, each of them points to different price level. As a professional submersible pumps manufacturer, we exert to provide you with the highest quality products with the most reasonable and competitive price. If you have interested in enjoying best purchasing experience, contact us now!

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Motor Parameter

NEMA Standard

Insulation Grade: B

Protective Grade: IP68

Maximum Diameter: φ 141mm

Maximum Temperature: 35℃

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3 Phase Submersible Pumps Quotation

Price represents products quality to some extent, when choosing suitable pumps, customers should buy the most competitive and reasonable one but not the cheapest one. Lying in the middle part of China, we own cheap and the most ample manual labor, but with the development of our technology, we improved our producing efficiency and therefore decreased large amount of producing costs. Another reason for our reasonable price is for our long service life pumps. According to customers’ feedback, our pumps are capable of being used for more than ten years without any maintain or repair. If trying to buy the most cost-effective 3 phase centrifugal water pumps, APK pump will be your primary choice.

3 phase centrifugal water pumps
3 phase submersible pumps

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3 Phase Submersible Pumps Specifications

3 phase submersible pumps can be divided into many types according to its power or impeller, such as 3hp 3 phase submersible pumps and 3 phase centrifugal water pump. However, we would divide them into types according to castings, one is stainless steel pumps, the other is cast iron pumps. Stainless steel is becoming more and more popular because of its excellent working performance and corrosion resistance features. Cast iron 3 phase pumps are classic types of pumps, they have long service life for their strong hardness and wear resistance. When they are used under water, two layers of corrosion resistance paintings will prevent them from being corroded. Apart from these, we also have many other 3 phase deep well borehole pumps specifications for sale.

3 phase centrifugal water pumps
3 phase submersible pumps

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Buy 3 Phase Submersible Pumps

A weak submersible pump has large potential in being repaired and maintained for short period of using, therefore, in order to get better purchasing experience, we suggest our high quality pumps to you. In order to guarantee national standard level, each part in every step of producing must be tested strictly through testing machine. All the internal materials we use are of the highest quality level. Copper wire and steel plate reaches national standard level. The core part, stators, are made through automatic stamping machine. In order to get better performance, we did many submersible pumps experiments to make sure hydraulic design is of the best level.

3 phase centrifugal water pump
3 phase submersible pumps

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3 Phase Submersible Pumps Factory

APK pump factory is one of the biggest factory in China, in past years, we produced different casting parts for over 2,000 ton and assembled cast iron submersible pumps, sewage pumps, inline booster pumps for more than 100,000 units. As a professional pump supplier, we are constantly upgrade our products and producing machine. Old lathe are changed into accurate CNC machine, multi-functional high speed stamping replaced former single arm punch. Built-in end ring is constantly improving pumps appearance. With more than thirty years producing experience, we have now mastered three casting techniques including wax film, sand film and lost foam casting skillfully. Thanks to excellent producing skills and trustful brand reputation, our factory has been long term cooperators with many customers overboard.

3 phase submersible pumps
3 phase submersible centrifugal pumps

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Customized 3 Phase Submersible Pumps

With hot demand from customers, we are also capable of offering customized 3 phase centrifugal water pumps for you. Because of complicated applications and using conditions, universal pumps are not able to meet all requirements. In order to provide better customized service, we invested large amount of money and manpower in improving stainless steel foundry. According to customers’ demands, we make monthly plan and take the attending personnel tracking system to ensure each customized products are in premium quality level. Till now, we have sold hundreds of customized stainless steel pumps, every single of them are widely praised by our clients.

3 phase submersible water pumps
3 phase submersible pumps

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China 3 Phase Submersible Pumps Manufacturers

In terms of best rated China submersible pumps manufacturers, APK is on the top of the list. As a leading brand, we occupy China submersible pumps markets for more than 70%, and our pumps play an important role in every corner of the land. In many big occasions such as the Olympic Games and National Flood and Disaster Control, APK pumps are for many times regarded as National designated products. For many large power pumps, we also have many storage in our storage room, if you need pumps urgently, we are able to transport immediately. But with hot demand of our pumps, our storage is changing all the time, so please check with our personnel on most updated storage if you have urgent needs on those large power pumps. Apart from strict monitor system, we also have excellent service system.

3 phase centrifugal water pumps
3 phase submersible pumps for sale

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Our Service:

  1. 24 hours all problems solved
  2. Detailed introduction on submersible pumps
  3. Customized service
  4. Free visit to factory and company
  5. Free repair and maintain in limited time
  6. Appointed delivery
  7. Ample storage
3 phase submersible pumps
3 phase centrifugal water pumps

We are the most professional 3 phase centrifugal water pumps manufacturer in China, and our factory is strong enough to provide all sorts of pumps types to you. If you have interested in buying best qualified products, APK will be your best choice. Please leave your detailed information below if you want to know more detailed price list or specifications, we will contact you as soon as possible!!
Besides, because of hot demand and better service provided, we are looking for good distributors to provide pumps locally. If you are capable enough to be a best cooperator, please read our distributor wanted requirement carefully, we are extremely looking forward to hearing from you.


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