deep well submersible pump for sale

Deep Well Submersible Pump

Deep well submersible pump is a frequently used pumps among other submersible pumps. Usually, it is a multistage centrifugal pump, and pumping water from deep well. Wide range of choices of head and capacity results in its complex structure. But this kind of pump has high requirement on deep well. It is widely used in agricultural irrigation, industrial and domestic water supply, sewage treatment station etc.

This kind of pump has to be immersed into water, so the design of motor is especially vital. Submersible pump motor is consists of four branches, water cooler motor, oil cooler motor, air cooler motor and half air cooler motor. Usually, submersible pump from APK uses water cooler motor and oil cooler motor. Thus our pumps can be worked in water for relatively long time without burning motors.

submersible deep well pump for sale
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deep well submersible pump for sale
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Working Parameter

Flow Capacity: 5-2500m³/h;

Head Range: 10-600m;

Well Diameter: φ175-800mm;

Temperature: -15-40℃;

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Executive Standard

Implementation of national standard: GB/T2816-2002
Three phase submersible motor executive standard: GB/T2818-2002

Working Process

Working process of deep well submersible pumps are as follow:
1. Before working, pumps has to be filled with water.
2. Motor is turned on, impeller rotates in high speed
3. Rapidly rotated impeller produces a vacuum filled space without water and air. Well water is primed under such high vacuum low pressure environment.
4. Water comes into pump from inlet, rotates together with impeller. Then with centrifugal force, water is pushed away from impeller and flows alongside designated route.
5. Pressure in pumps is strengthen, water flows out of pump under high pressure.


  • High head and large flow capacity
  • More than 70% pump efficiency
  • Continuous running for 1800 hours
  • More than 7 years service life when transferring clean water
  • Low noisy and environmental friendly
  • Small volume and less water pollution
deep well submersible pump for sale
deep well submersible pump price

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Deep Well Submersible Pump specifications

ModelFlow range
Motor power
18.53 phase 380V/440V/460V/480V/660V50Hz/60Hzstainless steel/cast iron
223 phase 380V/440V/460V/480V/660V50Hz/60Hzstainless steel/cast iron
250QJ160-45/316045303 phase 380V/440V/460V/480V/660V50Hz/60Hzstainless steel/cast iron
250QJ160-60/416060453 phase 380V/440V/460V/480V/660V50Hz/60Hzstainless steel/cast iron
250QJ160-75/516075553 phase 380V/440V/460V/480V/660V50Hz/60Hzstainless steel/cast iron
250QJ160-90/616090633 phase 380V/440V/460V/480V/660V50Hz/60Hzstainless steel/cast iron
250QJ160-105/7160105753 phase 380V/440V/460V/480V/660V50Hz/60Hzstainless steel/cast iron
250QJ160-120/8160120903 phase 380V/440V/460V/480V/660V50Hz/60Hzstainless steel/cast iron
250QJ160-135/91601351003 phase 380V/440V/460V/480V/660V50Hz/60Hzstainless steel/cast iron

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Submersible Deep Well Pump For Sale

Submersible deep well pump is an important tool for industrial and agricultural irrigation. After deciding the usage of pump, we need to take price into consideration for it is the most vital factor in choosing pump. Here APK gives a detail introduction of submersible deep well pump for sale.

Each kind of pump has its own working parameter. You need to determine what working parameter fits your needs most. In other words, you need to decide what head and capacity you need. Different working parameter points to different price level. APK has large quantity of pumps with different head and capacity. We have personnel to recommend pump for you according to your description and give you exact judgement on price.

submersible deep well pump price
Deep well water submersible pumps catalog

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Secondly, special needs of customer also has influence on submersible pump price. APK has various pumps with many sorts of materials for chosen. We have stainless steel submersible pumps, cast iron submersible pumps, ss304 stainless steel pumps, 316 stainless steel pumps etc. APK is sure to satisfy all your needs.

Last but not the least, APK offers intimate installation and maintenance service for you. We have professional staffs waiting for your call any time on any questions.
Submersible deep well pump for sale in our company now includes 7”(short for 7 inch diameter), 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”,18” deep well submersible pumps. And each motor of pumps is installed together with pump body, leading to its being easily checked and repaired.

Deep well submersible pump manufacturer
Stainless steel deep well submersible pumps

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Deep Well Submersible Pump vs. Submersible Pump

Deep well water pump submersible is a branch of submersible pumps. Both of them are used under water, so their motors must be carefully designed for underwater use. Motors and pump body are designed together, so that the pump is easy to be repaired and maintained. Both of them are of low noise and energy saving.

Normal submersible pump uses single stage impeller, the head of it is relatively low. Pump body is designed big, while power of it is quite small. On the contrary, deep well water pump is multistage pump. The whole pump body is small while power being big. Its small and long body is designed for immersing into deep well with small caliber.

Submersible pumps can be used widely for clean water and also sewage water. While deep well pump can only be used to transfer clean water or fluid like water.

deep well submersible pump sale
deep well submersible pump use

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Deep Well Submersible Pump Selection:

APK has many sorts of submersible pump for deep well, so before buying, we will ask in detail about your need, and help you select the most suitable pump. Here are some factors we will take into consideration before recommending for you.

Want to know more details?

  • The Features of Medium.

We will make sure the name and density of medium, whether medium is toxic or corrosive or not. And something figures about PH level.

  • Sediment Content

The diameter and density of medium needs to be taken into consideration. And we will choose stainless steel type for you if necessary.

  • Capacity

According to customers needs, we will carefully figure out the amount of outflow and design our pumps with these figures.

  • Temperature of Medium

We will make clear the temperature of medium, if it is too hot, we will adjust the waterproof wire and choose hot water submersible pump with hot water submersible motor if necessary.

  • Pressure

We need to know clearly about pressure that customer needs, and then figure out the head and pressure of pump.

  • Pipe Line Data System

As this kind of pump need to be served for deep well, the diameter and depth of deep well needs to be worked out. Then we will  measure and design the length of pipe. Only when such factors above are made clear, can we choose the best pump for you. APK will always put your requirements ahead, exerting to enhance our quality service and working hard to be the best submersible pump manufacturer.

Submersible pumps borewell
Deep well water submersible pumps

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Deep well submersible pump is consists of three parts, working units with filter net, suction pipe section and transmission part with motors. The first two parts are immersed into water while transmission part is put on the ground. When impeller rotates, water flow pressure and speed are strengthen. APK, as one of the best submersible manufacturers, offering the best quality products for you. Our goods are promised to be of cost-effective. And we also provide solution to your special needs. So if you have any question or have intention on our products, please leave your message below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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