axial flow pump for sale

Submersible Axial Flow Pump

Submersible axial flow pump is a kind of pump with axial impeller. It is a new style that produced by many experts in APK. We absorbed foreign advanced technology, through effortless experiments and finally created such high capacity submersible pump. There are several kinds of axial flow submersible pump for sale now in our company.
APK not only pays special attention on quality of products, but also takes social responsibility into consideration. As water occupies vital role in human life, we constantly innovate our technology to make environmental friendly products. This kind of pump added special material to reduce noisy pollution and energy saving.

axial flow submersible water pumps for sale
axial flow pump for sale
axial flow submersible pump types
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Working Parameter

Power: Electric, 37kw;

Flow Rate: 250-2500m³/h

Head Rate:2-20m

Outlet Diameter: 500mm

Model: QSZ 2000-4/37

Structure: Single stage

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The head of submersible axial flow pump is 2-8 m. It is a low head, high capacity pump. Pump station in low lying and plain areas especially need such pumps. They are used for large area of drainage and irrigation.


  • axial flow submersible pump uses water cooler submersible motor for immersing into water for a long time. This kind of motor adapted double or triple seal structure, so that no water can be leaked out of the motor.
  • Leak detection and temperature measurement devices are put into motor. When the temperature is high enough or water is leaked out of motor, the device would stop running for protecting itself. In this case, safety and reliability of usage can be well guaranteed.
  • The body of pump and motor use one sleeve. When submersible pump is on, this special structure will reduce attrition to sleeve, so that it is able to have a long-last service life.
  • Based on national requirement on producing, our company absorbed foreign advanced water conservancy model and developed our own special technology. For now, performance of our axial flow submersible pump is still under carefully detection and experiments.

Submersible Axial Flow Pump vs Centrifugal Pump

The difference between the two kinds of pumps lies primarily on their impellers.
As name suggests, axial flow submersible pump use axial impeller. When the pump is working, large quantity of water flow towards impeller. Rapidly rotated impeller produces centripetal force, the faster impeller rotate, the stronger the force is. Centrifugal force can well promise the high capacity of outlet water. So it is suitable to be used for fiercely fluctuated water level such as lakes or river .
On the contrary, centrifugal pump uses a totally different impeller. It is well designed. When water comes towards impeller, rapidly rotated impeller gives water centrifugal force, making water flow sequentially on the edge. Impeller can be well protected for seldom water flows near it. It is mostly used for sewage water, so that impurities or erosive fluid will be far away from impeller.

axial flow submersible pump brand

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Strength of Submersible Axial Flow Pump

  • High capacity submersible pump, good circulation and safety motion
  • Low noise, easily put underground and space saving
  • Easily operation, far reaching control
  • Meet different kinds of needs
  • High seal performance, high level of producing technology
  • Be able to be installed as underground pump station, environmental friendly.
axial pumps for sale
Axial flow submersible pump for sale

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 Submersible Axial flow Pump Specifications

Model Flow(m³/h) Head(m) Power(kw) Eff Rated Current(A)
150QSZ-5-5.5 250 5 5.5 63 13.4
200QSZ-4-7.5 400 4 7.5 62 18.6
250QSZ-4.5-7.5 450 4.5 7.5 62 18.6
300QSZ-3.4-13 800 3.4 13 60 30
300QSZ-5.4-18.5 800 5.4 18.5 63 42
350QSZ-2.7-18.5 1500 2.7 18.5 63 42
350QSZ-5-30 1250 5 30 65 65
350QSZ-6.8-30 1000 6.5 30 62 65
350QSZ-7.8-37 1170 7.8 37 64 80
400QSZ-5.5-37 1650 5.5 37 64 80
400QSZ-4.2-30 1650 4.2 30 64 65
500QSZ-3-30 2250 3 30 61 65
500QSZ-4-40 1960 4 40 67 85
500QSZ-6.3-55 2160 6.3 55 64 120
500QSZ-4-55 2800 4 55 64 120
500QSZ-9.5-65 1400 9.5 65 63 140
500QSZ-8.2-65 1750 8.2 65 64 140
500QSZ-2.6-40 3000 2.6 40 67 85
600QSZ-4-65 3300 4 65 64 140
600QSZ-5.4-75 3350 5.4 75 64 160
600QSZ-4.5-75 3850 4.5 75 64 160
600QSZ-3-75 5050 3 75 64 160

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  1. Low head and large flow, reaching 1000 m³/h, 2000 m³/h and 3000 m³/h
  2. Various installation methods, including horizontal, vertical and tilting ways
  3. Big flow with non-clogging design
  4. Pump motor and body share same shaft, improving rotor to large extent and doing less damage to shaft in working
  5. Adjustable impeller angle
  6. Three sealed motor, ensuring no water leakage at all
submersible axial flow pumps uses
submersible axial flow pump applications

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Design of Submersible Axial Flow Pump

A pump usually consists of four main parts, submersible pump motor, inlet, outlet, and impeller. Motor of this kind of pump is water filled, placed at the bottom, in order not to be burnt for long time working. Inlet and outlet is quite large, thus more water can be primed without obstacle. Submersible flanges are used to connect with outlet for drainage.
Usually two to six impellers are installed inside pump body, each of them is of open style. Impellers are designed twisted as propeller. When water comes near impeller, rapidly rotated impeller results in strong thrust, pushing water flow alongside axial direction .
According to installation angle, impeller of this kind can be divided into three types. One is fixed, one is half adjustable, the other is totally adjusted. We all know that installation angle of impeller affects head and water yield. So when buying such kind of pump, APK will help adjusting impeller angle for you after knowing your needs.
Division of single stage and multistage relies on impeller numbers. If one impeller is installed, it refers to single stage pump. Or it is multistage pump. No water needs to be added when pump is working.

axial flow submersible pump types
axial flow submersible pump

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Submersible Axial Flow Pump Manufacturers

Because of great need and good performance of axial flow submersible pump, many submersible pumps manufacturers are working hard to innovate and perfect their pumps. APK is also one of these suppliers. Since foundation, APK always sticks to the belief of “Client is oriented, faith is root,”continuously innovates technology and management system. Our products are sold overseas and won great praise among clients. As a leader of pump industry, we promise to offer best quality and best service for you.

High level and high quality of our submersible axial flow pump is able to meet all your needs. APK committed to offer the most satisfactory service to improve your purchase experience. If you have the intention to buy or still have some questions about our products or company, please leave your message below and we will keep in touch with you as soon as possible.

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