axial flow submersible pump types

Axial Flow Submersible Pump

Axial flow submersible pump is famous for its axial impeller, when working, axial impeller gives water axial flow force and make water moves together with impeller. Because of large flow performance of it, it is widely used for industrial or mining dewatering use. All sorts of axial flow submersible pump is for hot sale in APK, we have different kinds of axial flow submersible pumps types. If you want to buy best quality axial flow submersible pump, come to APK and we have the most competitive and reasonable price.

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Working Parameter

Flow Range: 250-40000m³/h

Head Range: 2-20m

Impeller Diameter: 300-1400mm

Outlet Diameter: 150-1600mm

Temperature: 0-40℃


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  1. Drain water system
  2. Flood protection and drainage
  3. Sewage water treatment
  4. Water treatment in pump stations
  5. Other industrial applications
axial flow pump uses
axial flow submersible pump applications

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Axial Flow Submersible Pump For Sale

As the large demand of axial flow submersible pump in industrial use, we designed several types for meeting customers’ demands. Most of which are low head heavy duty axial flow pumps, flow rate reaches as large as 1000 m³/h, 2000 m³/h and 3000 m³/h. On pumps castings, we mainly have two types, one is cast iron types while the other is stainless steel type. As cast iron axial flow pump is the classical type, for long period of time, it is always in hot demand. However, because of complicated using applications, corrosive areas may bring disaster effects on cast iron pumps. Therefore, stainless steel submersible pump is becoming more and more popular among customers. With our advanced stainless steel producing line, we are able to provide customized service for you. Any requirements on head, flow range or power can be satisfied by us.

axial flow submersible pump brand
axial flow submersible pump

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Axial Flow Submersible Pump Price

In traditional selling procedure, pump company needs to transport products from other factory, and large amount of extra expenditure is used in the middle steps. APK, however, changed the selling model with new and advanced one. We developed our own producing factory and design pumps all by ourselves. Extra charge is saved with the new type. Besides, all the internal materials we use are highly cost-effective type, before choosing, we did strict experiments on testing its performance. The most important factor in determining pump price is service life. A long life pump helps save large amount of money in repairing and replacing. Therefore, with more than ten years service life, our axial flow pump price is frequently praised as the most competitive and reasonable one among whole submersible pumps markets.

axial flow submersible pump types
axial flow submersible pump

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Axial Flow Submersible Pump Types


Model Flow(m³/h) Head(m) Power(kw) Eff Rated Current(A)
150QSZ-5-5.5 250 5 5.5 63 13.4
200QSZ-4-7.5 400 4 7.5 62 18.6
250QSZ-4.5-7.5 450 4.5 7.5 62 18.6
300QSZ-3.4-13 800 3.4 13 60 30
300QSZ-5.4-18.5 800 5.4 18.5 63 42
350QSZ-2.7-18.5 1500 2.7 18.5 63 42
350QSZ-5-30 1250 5 30 65 65
350QSZ-6.8-30 1000 6.5 30 62 65
350QSZ-7.8-37 1170 7.8 37 64 80
400QSZ-5.5-37 1650 5.5 37 64 80
400QSZ-4.2-30 1650 4.2 30 64 65
500QSZ-3-30 2250 3 30 61 65
500QSZ-4-40 1960 4 40 67 85
500QSZ-6.3-55 2160 6.3 55 64 120
500QSZ-4-55 2800 4 55 64 120
500QSZ-9.5-65 1400 9.5 65 63 140
500QSZ-8.2-65 1750 8.2 65 64 140
500QSZ-2.6-40 3000 2.6 40 67 85
600QSZ-4-65 3300 4 65 64 140
600QSZ-5.4-75 3350 5.4 75 64 160
600QSZ-4.5-75 3850 4.5 75 64 160
600QSZ-3-75 5050 3 75 64 160

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Axial Flow Submersible Pump Design

When pumps are working under water, impeller serves as the most important part for whole pump body. Compared with centrifugal pump, axial impeller pump gives water axial force, making it moves around impeller. In order to guarantee excellent performance of our pumps, all the internal materials we use are of the highest quality level. Copper wire and stator we use are far beyond national standard, with automatic stator wielding line and stamping machine, accessories parts are made smooth and in excellent electrical conductivity. For large power pumps, we designed rubber cover to use outside pump body. When it is put inside deep well, rubber cover is able to protect both pump body and well wall from being collapsed.

axial flow pump design
axial flow submersible pump customize

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  1. Various installation methods, including horizontal, vertical and tilting
  2. Big flow and non-clogging design
  3. One shaft links pump and motor together, improving rotor and less damage to shaft in working
  4. Adjustable impeller angle
  5. Motor is sealed three times, ensuring no water leakage

Vertical Axial Flow Submersible Pump Suppliers

With the huge development of our corporate, we improved our stainless steel foundry and now is able to provide customized service for you. Together with stainless steel producing line, all kinds of customized stainless steel pumps can be made. If you have special requirements on pumps head or power, contact us now and we will offer you with the best quality customized pumps. Development of a corporate is closely related with its ability on innovation. Especially for professional axial flow pump supplier like us, constantly changed demands of customers is the base of our development. For now, we have developed the power of the 7”submersible pump motor to 22kw, 25kw, 30kw, 37kw and expanded 16 inch submersible pump series power to 160kw-410kw to provide 2pole/2900rp.

customized axial flow pumps
axial flow pumps design

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Axial Flow Submersible Pump Factory

Producing ability of factory effluence pumps company development to large extent. Therefore, we have constantly improved working efficiency and techniques. In the past years, we invest in large money and manpower in developing producing skills, stainless steel foundry has become a major part. Old machine tools are replaced with new and modern CNC machines. Automatic winding line, automatic stator wielding line and automatic assemble line all helped in strengthening producing capability. In order to solve the problem of loosen shaft occurred commonly among submersible pumps industry, we changed cohesive method and substitute old materials into the field of chrome. Under hard working of us, our factory has produced all sorts of pumps parts and units for more than 200,000.

axial flow submersible pump
axial flow submersible pump for sale

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Axial Flow Submersible Pump Brands

For over thirty years experience, APK developed into a large submersible pumps manufacturer and is listed on the top rated axial flow submersible pumps brands reviews. Our products are sold everywhere around the world, with strong strength factory, passing rate of our brand reaches far more than 99.9% and wins wide praise among customers. In order to provide better service for overboard customers, we are looking for distributors or agents. Detailed instructions on pumps installation and maintenance will be taught, and we would like to share end customers with you if you need. All the detailed requirements of distributor wanted is included, if you are willing to join the project and is capable of being a good cooperator, please leave all your information below, we will contact you as soon as possible!

axial flow pump producers
axial flow pump suppliers

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Axial Flow Submersible Pump Manufacturers

With the qualifications of BE, CE, ISO and UV, we are regarded many times as the most trustful and reliable axial flow pumps manufacturers in China. For many times, our axial flow pumps are treated as National designated products to be used for large occasions and National Flood and Disaster Control. In order to better response national call, we also installed a series of environmental friendly devices inside our factory and successfully passed national standard formulated by Environmental Protection Bureau. With branches spread all around China, using rate of our products are far more than 70%. In order to meet demand of urgent needs for large power pumps, we have ample stock for placing urgent needed pumps. If you want large pumps, we are able to transport to you immediately. But as the hot demand of our products, please be sure to check stock with our personnel first.

axial flow pumps brands
axial flow submersible pumps for sale

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Our Services:

Apart from excellent products and strict management system, we are also widely praised for our satisfying services.
1.Customized service
2.Free visit to factory and company any time
3.Professional instructions taught
4.Fast delivery
5.Detailed introductions on products performance
6.24 hours problems solved
7.Free repair and maintain in appointed time


As a professional axial flow submersible pumps manufacturer in China, we guarantee all the selling products are in the best quality level. We adopt strict testing system to ensure each of our pump is far beyond national standard. Therefore, on buying axial flow pump, APK will be your most reliable partner. If you have any intention on our products, please feel free to contact us as soon as possible!!


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