deep well submersible pumps

Submersible Deep Well Pumps

Submersible pumps are mainly used for transferring or sucking water from deep well or shallow well, therefore, submersible deep well pumps are the most frequently used types among other types. In order to guarantee pumps quality, APK did many experiments and constantly upgraded our products. If you want to buy submersible deep well pumps in the most reasonable price, come to APK store and we will satisfy all your needs. Ample storage of us are able to meet urgent pumps needs. Contact us soon for best purchasing experience now!

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Motor Parameter

NEMA Standard

Insulation Grade: B

Protective Grade: IP68

Maximum Diameter: φ 141mm

Maximum Temperature: 35℃

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Submersible Deep Well Pumps For Sale

According to castings, submersible deep well pumps in our company are divided into cast iron types and stainless steel types. Cast iron deep well pumps are frequently used in constructive or mining areas, because of their wear resistance and hardness, they have relatively longer service life. When transferring clean drinking water, water source and requirement of transferred liquid is high, therefore, stainless steel pumps are used so as to protect water source. Their special materials also help in transferring light corrosive liquid or hot water. With hot demand of customers, we designed new types of pumps, covering with stainless steel outside while keeping iron cast inside body. Combination of those two makes them more attractive.

submersible deep well pumps for sale
submersible deep well pumps

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Submersible Deep Well Pumps Quotation

Costs of buying a submersible deep well pump is closely related to its service life and quality. When purchasing a weak quality pump, customers need to buy another fresh new pump in short period of time. Best quality pumps of APK enable long service life and save large amount of money in an indirect way. On producing costs, we spend large money in improving working technology and efficiency of our factory. Lie in middle part of China, we own the most ample and cheap manual labor, therefore, manual costs are much lower than in any other parts. However, with fast development of APK, our factory is now stepping into automatic producing times, all the old machine tools are replaced by new and accurate ones. Most manual labors are designated for monitoring and testing, thus producing efficiency and quality of our products are largely improved. That is the exact reason for our reasonable and competitive price of submersible deep well pumps.

submersible deep well pumps sale
submersible deep well pumps casting

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Submersible Deep Well Pumps System

Internal materials are important in submersible pumps performance and service life. According to customers’ feedback, pumps shaft sleeve is easier to get loosen or falling off. Therefore, we changed cohesive method in sleeve making and replaced all the materials into the fields of the chromium. Motor serves as the vital and primary part in driving all the pumps parts, especially for submerged pumps, safety of motor is extremely important in pumps using. We installed many protective devices inside pumps motor such as over heat and over flow equipments, when temperature of motor is higher than limited level, protective devices will stop motor working automatically. With good materials and design, our pumps are able to work smoothly and safely.

submersible deep well pumps price
submersible deep well pumps for sale

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Best Submersible Deep Well Pumps

As a professional submersible pumps manufacturer, we pay special attention on pumps quality. We have test machine of National B Level, each producing procedures must be tested strictly through machine. Instead of sample survey, each of our pumps will be tested and any defective pumps will be sent for reproducing. With automatic mechanical producing line, stators of our water pumps are produced by stamping machine to make them smooth and in good working conditions. Under the help of advanced producing technology, we improved our management system and has special professional staff to be responsible for pumps products in each steps. Through strict test system, our pumps passing rate reaches far more than 99.9%. Therefore, if you want to buy the most qualified products, contact us to enjoy best purchasing experience.

deep well submersible pumps
submersible deep well pumps factory

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Submersible Deep Well Pumps Customized

Universal pumps may not suitable for each using conditions, therefore, customers need special customized pumps to meet their requirements. A submersible pump supplier offering customized service needs to have mature producing skills and perfect monitor system. With more than thirty years producing experience, APK is able to offer customized service for you. We invest large amount of money and manpower in improving our stainless steel foundry. For special order or temporary emergency products, we adopt attending personnel tracking system and make sure pumps performance are in best condition. All sorts of submersible deep well pumps specifications can be offered by our factory.

submersible deep well pumps for sale
submersible deep well pumps sale

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Submersible Deep Well Pumps Suppliers

APK pumps manufacture produced different casting parts over 2,000 ton and assemble cast submersible pumps, sewage pumps and pipeline booster pumps for more than 100,000 units. With national standard quality level, our well pumps are regarded as Designated products used for big occasions such as the Olympic Games and National Disaster and Flood Control. As a responsible pumps supplier, we actively carry on social responsibility and do our best to protect environment around us. Thus, we installed a series of environmental friendly devices inside our factory. Meanwhile, our factory passed standard of National Environmental Protection Bureau and is now capable of delivering submersible pumps in appointed time. Besides, we have ample storage put in our storage room, if you have urgent needs, they can be sent out immediately. Because of hot demand of our pumps, storage products are always on change, so check out the updated products from us if you want them.

deep well water pumps
submersible deep well pumps manufacturer

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Submersible Deep Well Pumps Manufacturers China

With development of our company, branches of APK spread everywhere around China. Till now, using rate of our pumps reaches far more than 70% only in China only. In order to meet customers’ demands, we are constantly updating our products and designing new types of pumps. We have expanded the power of the 7” submersible pump motor to 22kw, 25kw, 30kw, 37kw, 16” submersible pump series power is expanded to 160kw-410kw to provide 2pole/2900rp and 4pole/ 2900rpm motor. All the old machines are replaced by automatic advanced ones. Each of our pumps are promised to have highest quality level and longest service life. Therefore, if you have any intention or interest in our products or our factory, please feel free to leave your information below, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!!

best submersible deep well pumps
submersible deep well pumps test

In order to offer better services for customers, we are looking for overboard distributors for long period of time, if you are interested and are capable of being a good cooperator, please read our distributor requirements carefully and leave your detailed information. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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