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Wholesale Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps are commonly used transferring machine applied to every aspects of human lives. As a large submersible pumps manufacturer, we supply customers with wholesale submersible pumps service. All the products are in the most reasonable price range and are guaranteed to be on the highest quality level. If you want to engage in large water pumps trade, APK will be your best and the most suitable cooperator. If you have trouble in finding best pumps for yourselves, contact us soon and our personnel will help you any time.

wholesale pumps
wholesale pump & supply
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Motor Parameter: 2.2kw-410kw

Above NEMA standard level

Insulation Grade: B

Protection Grade: IP68

Maximum Overall Diameter: φ95mm

Maximum Liquid Temperature: 35℃

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Wholesale Submersible Pumps For Sale

Normally two sorts of submerged pumps are sold in our company, one is stainless steel pumps casting, the other is cast iron pumps casting. Stainless steel submersible pumps are the core products in our company, with improved stainless steel foundry, our pumps are more competitive and have longer service life than others. Because of their special stainless steel materials, they are able to be used for transferring salt water or sea water. Cast iron pumps are excellent in their hardness and wear resistance. All the pumps from our company are of the premium quality standard, with strict testing system, we promise that each of our pump are in good working performance anytime.

wholesale pumps
wholesale submersible pumps

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Wholesale Submersible Pumps Price

Compared with other wholesaler or wholesale dealers, our pumps prices are always regarded as the most reasonable and competitive. Lie in the middle part of China, we have excellent manual labor, together with our advanced producing skills, our producing efficiency is greatly improved, which leading to low producing costs. The other thing worth mentioning is our long service life products. When buying a weak pump, customers will find it costly to repair and maintain it,. Once pumps get broken and need to be replaced, they need to spend large amount of money in buying a fresh new pump. Therefore, buying a long service life pump can be a wise investment. According to feedback from customers, our pumps are able to be used for more than ten years. Detailed price lists can be found from our staff, contact us soon and get most cost-effective products!

wholesale pumps
wholesale submersible pumps

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Wholesale Submersible Pumps Specifications

With strong strength factory, our large power pumps are more competitive and widely praised. Pump power in our company ranges from 2.2kw to 450kw. We also have wholesale 3/4″ single phase deep well pump and wholesale three phase deep well submersible pump. All the pumps specifications can be customized according to detailed requirements, more specifications can be found as follow,

Model Flow rate Head






Motor Head


Pump Head


Maximum Diameter






300QJ200-20/1 200 20 18.5 41.7 18.5 360 281 118 380V
300QJ200-40/2 37 37 77.8 37 560 187 380V
300QJ200-60/3 60 55 115 55 1005 250 380V
300QJ200-80/4 80 75 154.1 75 1205 308 380V
300QJ200-100/5 100 90 183.8 90 1405 352 380V
300QJ200-120/6 120 110 222.1 110 1605 397 380V
300QJ200-140/7 140 125 249.5 125 1805 453 380V
300QJ200-160/8 160 160 317.5 160 2005 502 380V
300QJ200-180/9 180 160 317.5 160 2205 557 380V
300QJ200-200/10 200 185 367.14 185 2405 628 380V
300QJ200-240/12 240 220 436.5 220 2605 726 380V

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Wholesale Submersible Pumps Quality

In terms of quality, most experienced submersible pumps customers discover that one common shortcoming of submerged pumps is the loosen shaft. In order to overcome it, we changed internal materials to the field of chrome, replaced old adhesive method with new advanced one and improved producing technology, according to testing results and feedback from clients, the problem is totally solved. Besides, on the basis of rapid development of company scale, we replace the old machine tools with accurate CNC machine tool. Automatic stator wielding, automatic winding and automatic assembly line are improved to large extent. Each internal parts and accessories produced by us are far more beyond national standard.

water pumps wholesale
wholesale submersible pumps

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Wholesale Submersible Pumps Brand

With branches spread everywhere around China, using rate of APK pumps reaches far more than 70%. In large occasions such as the Olympic Games and National Flood and Disaster Control, our water pumps played important roles and showed their excellent working performance. In order to guarantee pumps quality, we set strict testing system. In each producing steps, professional staff will be responsible for their performance and quality, any defective will be sent back immediately for reproducing. Therefore, in terms of top rated wholesale submersible pumps brands, APK is always on the top of the list. Regarded frequently as officially designated products, our well pumps are recognized as model on regulating national standard in submersible pumps industry.

wholesale submersible water pump
wholesale pump & supply Inc

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Wholesale Pumps & Supply Inc

A company offers wholesale service must be qualified enough, for more than thirty years producing experience, APK pumps factory are capable of providing all sorts of submersible pumps. As a professional wholesale pumps&supply inc, APK gains permission on CE, BV, TUV and ISO. Output of our well pumps reaches far more than 8,000 per month. In order to better meet customers’ demands, we provide customized service for you, for special required products, we adopt attending personnel tracking system to guarantee pumps quality. Until now, millions of wholesale pumps are sent out and no one get returned. With high quality and working performance, nearly all the customers are willing to build long-term relationship with us. For finding wholesale pump and supply, come to APK and we will never let you down.

submersible pumps wholesale manufacturers

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Wholesale Submersible Pumps Manufacturers

Leader of the submersible pump wholesale manufacturers in China belongs definitely to APK. Since 1986, our factory is constantly innovating and designing new types of pumps according to customers’ demands. For the past years, we produce different casting parts for more than 2,000 ton, assembling cast iron submersible pumps, sewage pumps and inline booster pumps for more than 100,000 units. All the casting methods including wax film, sand film and lost foam casting are mastered skillfully. With high-tech stainless steel producing line, our stainless steel pumps reaches world-class level. Apart from best quality products and reasonable price list, we are also praised for our service.

  1. Customized service
  2. 24 hours problems solved
  3. Detailed introduction on products details
  4. Free visit to factory and company anytime you want
  5. Free repair and maintain in limit time
wholesale submersible pumps manufacturers
wholesale submersible water pumps

In order to meet urgent needs, we have ample storage for large power pumps, they can be sent out immediately if you need. As a top rated submersible pumps wholesaler and whole dealer, we would like to be your long-term cooperators. In terms of transportation, we choose LCL transport to help reduce transportation fee. Therefore, if you need large amount of submersible pumps, please leave your detailed message below, we are looking forward to hear from you.

For offering better service for customers, we are looking for overboard distributors and agents locally, if you are capable enough to be an excellent cooperator, please read our distributor wanted requirement carefully and leave your message, we will contact you as soon as possible!!

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