10 Inch Deep Well Submersible Pump In Kazakhstan


We received an inquiry in November, 15th, 2017 from a Kazakhstan customer. After in-depth exchanges with our customer, we recommended QJ deep well submersible water pump. Our submersible water pump flow is 5-2500m3/h, lift head is 10-600m, motor power is 2.2kw-410kw, is widely used to water supply, irrigation system. On November, 19th, APK signed contract for one set of submersible water pump (250QJ120-60 30KW ) with Kazakhstan customer.


30kw submersible pump


Pump diameter: 10 inch well submersible pump

Capacity range: 120m3/h

Head range: 60m

Voltage: 30kw

Material: Cast iron

Install: Vertical

Application: Agricultural farmland irrigation

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30kw Well Submersible Pump Testing

Submersible water pump has always been one of APK’s major target industries. Many industries require special, dedicated pumps for their specific processes. Capacity of APK pump can reach 2500m3/h by customizing. And we can also optimize designs to meet your specific requirements.

30kw deep well submersible pump testing

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Well Submersible Pump Feedback

Now, this well submersible pump are in good working, we also get good feedback from our friends. Customers’ recognition is our greatest encouragement. APK pump teams always service for you all the time. By the way, we have a warehouse in Xinjiang Province to make a stock, which is more convenient for Russian, East Asia countries to order submersible pumps from our factory.

30kw submersible pump feedback

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10 Inch Well Submersible Pump Parameters:

If these 10 inch submersible deep well water pumps parameters do not meet your requirements, please feel free to contact us as below. We will recommend more submersible well pumps model for you.


Model Motor Power Motor Power Flow Range Head Range Rated Current
QJ(H) Series kw hp m3/h m A
250QJ(H)50-20/1 5.5 7 46-54 17-23 13.6
250QJ(H)50-40/2 9.2 13 46-54 34-46 21.7
250QJ(H)50-140/7 30 40 46-54 119-161 64.2
250QJ(H)50-200/10 45 60 46-54 170-230 94.1
250QJ(H)50-240/12 55 75 46-54 204-276 114.3
250QJ(H)50-340/17 75 100 46-54 315-375 152.3
250QJ(H)63-20/1 5.5 7 58-68 17-23 13.6
250QJ(H)63-120/6 37 50 58-68 100-138 77.8
250QJ(H)63-260/13 75 100 58-68 220-299 152.3
250QJ(H)63-300/15 90 122 58-68 205-343 182.8
250QJ(H)80-20/1 7.5 10 74-86 17-23 18
250QJ(H)80-80/4 30 40 74-86 68-92 77.8
250QJ(H)80-160/8 55 75 74-86 136-184 114.3
250QJ(H)80-200/10 75 100 74-86 170-230 152.3
250QJ(H)160-30/2 22 30 148-172 25-35 47.9
250QJ(H)160-150/10 110 150 186-214 128-170 222.1

We will work closely with you to make every submersible pumps perfectly tailored to the specific situation and to ensure that each pump is just right for your special needs. From 1986 beginning, our company has specialized in the production of submersible water pumps for 30 years, focused on quality.

APK pump, your trusted partner.

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