Customized Stainless Steel Fountain Submersible Pump

Because the fountain project is underwater engineering, if long-term work, cast iron submersible pumps are prone to corrosion. On the basis of the original ordinary pump and according to the requirements of the fountain special pump, APK submersible pump manufacturer has been experimenting for many times. It has been continuously developed in technology and improved in processing materials, so that the fountain special pump can be started frequently. It is completely suitable for different scenic spots of fountain application.

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Working Parameter:

Discharge capacity: 10m3/h-250m3/h

Lift head: 3m-121m

Motor power: 0.55kw-45kw

Rated voltage: 220V/380V/460V/480V/660V

Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Water temperature:  <55℃

Solide content:  0.01%

Protection class: IP68

Insulation class:  F

Pump material:  304/316/316L stainless steel or cast iron

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  1. Motor and pump are integrated, simple structure
  2. Easy to install,use,disassemble and maintain
  3. Taking little floor space
  4. No pollution to water source


  • Fountain system
  • River water pumping
  • Irrigation system
  • Water supply system
  • Other industrial applications
stainless steel 7hp fountain submersible pump
stainless steel fountain pump

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Customized Stainless Steel Fountain Submersible Pump Story

Customer country: Saudi Arabia

Application: submersible pump for fountain

Application place: Al Ahsa Park

Pump basic parameter table:

Model Discharge


Lift head Motor power Voltage Quantity Pump material
QS80-22-7.5 80m3/h 22m 7.5KW 380v,60Hz 12 set 304 stainless steel
QS30-54-7.5 30m3/h 54m 7.5KW 380v,60Hz 4 set 304 stainless steel
250QJ80-80-30 80m3/h 80m 30KW 380v,60Hz 2 set 304 stainless steel
Model Discharge capacity Lift head Motor power Voltage Quantity Pump material
QS20-20-2.2 20m3/h 20m 2.2KW 380v,60Hz 6 cast iron
QS80-20-7.5 80m3/h 20m 7.5KW 380v,60Hz 33 cast iron
QS30-54-7.5 30m3/h 54m 7.5KW 380v,60Hz 8 cast tron
250QJ80-40-15 80m3/h 40m 15KW 380v,60Hz 2 cast iron

Problems encountered in the negotiation process:

  1. The whole pump should be 304 stainless steel material, also need 380V, 60Hz power
  2. These pumps are used for replacing of old pumps, so the size should be same
  3. Fountain pump is high required for head, otherwise the landscape is not looking good
  4. Because the local temperature is very high, almost 50 degrees. So the pump must be worked in hot water for a long time.


  1. Our factory adoptwax mold precision casting, and customized stainless steel submersible pumps for customer
  2. According to the flange size provided by customer, we develop new moldsin order to provide the same size pumps, much easier to install for customer
  3. We have tested every singlepump for three times, especially the pump head. Ensure the pump working head can meet requirement
  4. All parts of the pump adopt international standards, strictly control the quality of each part, so that the pump can suit for high temperature working for long time

Stainless Steel Fountain Pumps For Sale

Small submersible pump is widely used in various of water conservancy facilities such as fountain,

stainless steel submersible fountain pump
stainless steel fountain water pump

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Stainless Steel Fountain Submersible Pump Manufacturers

Our Service: 

We can provide one-stop service, including design, manufacture, installation, remake and maintenance, etc;

If you need to purchase fountain pump or don’t know how to choose the most suitable type, please send inquiry to us.

 If you plan to do complete fountain project, please provide:

1. The layout of the whole project in CAC format;

2. The max budget;

3. The list of the service( Fountain equipment, service, etc);

4. Some picture or video what you prefer for ref;

We will quote you the best price according to your design, budget and expecting fountain pump.

If you are interested in our products, please leave you contact information. We will contact with you as soon as possible.

wholesale stainless steel fountain submersible pump

stainless steel fountain pump

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