agricultural submersible pumps

Submersible Water Pump For Agriculture

Submersible water pump for agriculture Adopts QS series and QJ series types. When used under well water, whole pump body is immersed totally under water. For better guarantee pumps quality, each agricultural submersible water pumps will be tested through strict testing machine. For meeting different applications, many sorts of submersible water pump for agriculture specifications are for sale now in our company. Ample storage will meet your urgent needs. If you have interested in buying best pumps, contact us soon and we will give you detailed price lists and products introduction.

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Motor Parameter

NEMA Standard

Insulation Grade: B

Protective Grade: IP68

Maximum Diameter: φ 175-400mm

Maximum Temperature: 35℃

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Submersible Water Pump For Agriculture Prices

The main concern of customers on buying submersible pumps is price. Price of a product is mainly determined by producing efficiency and products quality. Cheap price really means weak quality, when buying a weak pump, customers may spend large expense in buying a fresh new pump after short period of using time. On the contrary, good quality means long service life. According to customers’ feedback, pumps from APK are able to be used for more than ten years without repairing or replacing. On producing efficiency, our company is now developing into automatic producing line, professional staff is used for monitoring and testing performance of each parts. Therefore, APK pump price has always been regarded as the most reasonable and competitive one.

submersible water pumps for agricul
submersible water pumps for agriculture

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Buy Submersible Water Pump For Agriculture

Two sorts of agricultural irrigation pumps are used now widely, one is QS series while the other is QJ series. Main difference between them is the pump bearing, QJ series adopts ball bearing, and QS series adopts graphite bearing. Apart from this, we also divide pumps according to their castings. Cast iron pumps are the most widely used pumps, they are well known for their wear resistance and hardness. The other one is stainless steel type. Because of its stainless steel castings, they are highly corrosive resistance. Therefore, they can be used for transferring clean drinking water or hot water. With continuous innovation, we produced a new type of pump combining two pumps types together, they still adopt iron cast but cover with stainless steel outside pumps body. All the pumps types are in good quality, if you have trouble in choosing them, contact us and we will help you soon.

submersible agricultural pumps
submersible water pumps for agriculture

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China Submersible Water Pump For Agriculture

Quality of pumps determines their service life, when pumps are used under water, a quality pump enables safety and smooth working conditions. In order to guarantee products quality, we are continuously innovating and improving our producing skills. We are now replacing large manual labor with automatic winding line, automatic stator wielding line and automatic assemble line, old lathe is changed into accurate CNC machine tool. On testing and monitoring, we adopt special responsibility system in each producing process. Multi-functional high speed stamping machine is substitute for former single arm punch. Among whole China submersible pumps industry and markets, APK pumps is always playing a leading role.

agricultural submersible pumps
submersible water pumps for agricultural

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Submersible Water Pump For Agriculture Factory

APK pump factory has produced and designed submersible pumps for over thirty years. In developing, we changed agricultural borewell pumps motor end ring into built-in end ring, making pumps look more attractive. Outlet flange adopts universal standard type to better suit overboard applications. With improvement of technology, some shortcomings of easily loosing, falling off and frying are overcame by our through numerous submersible pumps experiments. All shaft materials are displaced by the fields of chromium, and original adhesive process is improved, too. Optimized and upgraded products are proved to have longer service life and better working performance according to feedback of our customers.

submersible agricultural pumps
submersible water pumps for agriculture customized

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Submersible Water Pump For Agriculture Suppliers

In order to meet various market demand, we are also updating and designing new types of products. In past few years, we expanded our 7 inch deep well submersible pumps motor into 22kw, 25kw, 30kw and 37kw. 16 inch borehole pumps are expanded to 160kw – 410kw. We designed new types of large flow submersible pumps as 600m³/h at 30m, 700m³/h at 60m, 1000m³/h at 18m; and 1800m³/h at 16m. All the new designed pumps must be tested strictly by testing machine in each producing process. With great demand of stainless steel borehole pumps, we spend large amount of manpower in improving our stainless steel foundry, wax mold casting enables tons of products per month. 12 inch, 14 inch and 16 inch motors are designed for different applications.

submersible water pumps for agriculture sale
submersible water pumps for agriculture parts

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Submersible Water Pump For Agriculture Manufacturers

For long period of time, we are regarded are the most trustful and reliable submersible pumps manufacturers. Because of our mature producing technique, we are capable of offering customized service on submersible water pumps for agriculture. For special products or urgent needs products, we adopt attending personnel tracking system. On providing thoughtful services, we are always the most professional one.

Our Service:

1. 24 hours detailed products introduction
2.All sorts of products offering
3.Customized service
4.Free visit to company and factory any time
5.Free repair and maintain in limited time
6.Fast delivery time

agricultural submersible pumps sale
submersible water pumps for agricultural test

Most submersible water pump for agriculture for sale now are in hot demand. Our ample storage will meet your urgent demand. If you have interested in our products or our company, please feel free to leave your detailed information below, we will contact you as soon as possible!!
Besides, in order to provide better service, we are looking for overboard distributors for long period of time around the world, if you are interested in the project and capable enough to be our cooperator, please read our distributor requirements carefully and send email to us, hope to hear from you soon.



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