45kw 60hp Well Submersible Water Pump

  • Pump diameter: 8 10 12 14 16 Inch submersible pump or As your request
  • Capacity Range: 18-540m3/h
  • Head lift: 18-465m
  • Motor power: 60hp/45kw submersible water pump
  • Voltage: 380v/440v/660v or As per request
  • Frequency: 3 phase 50hz/60hz or As per request
  • Material: Cast iron/SS304/SS316/SS316L/Duplex stainless
45kw 60hp submersible pumps

Motor Power: 45kw 60hp submersible pump

Capacity range: 18-540m3/h

Head range: 18-465m

Material: Cast iron or stainless steel

Pump diameter: 8 10 12 14 16 inch submersible pump

Install: Vertical

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60 hp 45kw Submersible Pumps Applications

Lots of people choose one suitable water pump model according to pump applications. 45kw 60hp submersible water pumps are mainly used in farmland irrigation, spray irrigation, drawing water from wells, water supply and civil buildings, as well as water drawing system in hills and mountain areas, water supply in cities or villages. Submersible pumps are mainly simple structure with motor and pump integrated, easy to install, maintain or disassemble, vertical install, covers little floor space, no pollution to water source.

Submersible pump and motor

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45kw 60hp submersible water pump features:

45kw 60hp submersible pump diameter could be 8 inch submersible deep well water pumps, 10 inch submersible deep well water pumps, 12 inch submersible water well pumps, 14 inch submersible deep well water pumps, 16 inch submersible deep well water pumps. Also please choose one suitable submersible pump model according to your well diameter. Well diameter has to be larger than submersible well pump diameter. Detailed parameters please feel free to contact us.

  1. Continuous running 2500 hours
  2. 7 years life with clean water
  3. 3 years life with water have impurities
  4. Low noise and long lifetime
  5. Water-filled motor, no pollution
45kw 60hp submersible pump

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60 hp 45kw Submersible Pumps Price

Submersible water pump prices are influenced by pump model, motor power, materials, special requirements, brand, deliver time, etc. Shenlong pump factory has more than 15 working shops, such as mold workshops, casting workshops, finishing workshop, assemble workshop, testing workshop, painting workshop, package workshop, deliver workshop, sale workshop, technical department, etc. Compared with other submersible pump supplier, our submersible pump price is more advantageous, reasons: 1. we are direct pump factory, reducing intermediate price difference than distributor; 2. pump raw material, motor, molds all produced by ourselves, reduce costs; 3. Automatic production, reducing labor costs.

Pump materials: Cast iron deep well submersible water pump is wear resistant and more hardness, for stainless steel materials, drawing salt water sea water submersible pumps is a better choice, corrosive resistant, non water pollution, longer service life.

multistage submersible pumps price
stainless steel multistage submersible pumps

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Shenlong Submersible Pumps Factory

Shenlong (APK) pump factory manufactured submersible pumps casting parts in 1986, focusing on manufacturing submersible pumps and projects design in 1996, more than 23 years’ experience. We not only manufactures submersible pump, also supporting design projects.

submersible water pumps

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If you do not how to choose one suitable pump model, please feel free to contact us. We will choose one submersible pump meet your requirement. Also, if you have any special offer, please send an inquiry, we accept ODM OEM.

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