7 inch submersible deep well water pumps suppliers

7 Inch Submersible Deep Well Water Pumps

Submersible water well pumps can be divided according to its well diameter, core submersible deep well water pumps for sale now in APK include 7 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch and 18 inch types. As a professional and qualified submersible water pumps manufacturer, APK sticks to use high quality materials. Therefore, 7 inch submersible deep well water pumps for sale in APK are promised to have longer service life than others. Detailed information of 7 inch submersible pumps price list will be given if needed.

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Working Parameter

Flow Capacity: 9-86m³/h;

Head Range: 10-312m;

Motor power: 2.2kw-37kw

Voltage: 380v/420v/660v/1140v or As per request

Material: Cast iron/Stainless steel

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7 inch deep well submersible water pumps have wide range of applications. They can be used in agricultural water drainage and supply, farmland irrigation, residential water supply, mountain area water supply and transport, mining and industrial water providing.

Using Condition

  • Clean water must be filled before using
  • Distance between bottom of motor and well should be no less than 3m
  • PH level should be among 6.5-8.5
  • They should transfer clean water or light corrosive water
  • Pumps need to be immersed into water totally
  • Pumps must be in good condition before working
deep well 7 inch submersible water pumps catelogue
Submersible 7 inch deep well water pumps

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7 Inch Submersible Deep Well Water Pumps For Sale

7 inch pumps submersible for sale now include two types. They are cast iron type and stainless steel one. 7 inch cast iron submersible pumps are more wear resistance and not easy to be broken. In order to prevent cast iron pumps from being corrosive, we especially paint corrosive resistance materials outside our pumps. If still concerning about corrosive droppings, we have stainless steel 7 inch pumps. This kind of pumps are made by 304 stainless steel materials, whole pumps looks simple. They are able to resist corrosion and pollution, light corrosive and hot water can be transported as well.

deep well submersible 7 inch pumps catelogue
7 inch deep well submersible water pumps for sale

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7 Inch Submersible Deep Well Water Pumps Manufacturer

7 inch submersible pumps are relatively large diameter pumps, so they can be used for industrial and mining use. There are many 7 inch submersible pumps suppliers can be chosen. But in order to choose a right pump, customers should pay great attention on its quality and qualification of pumps suppliers. APK is confirmed officially by Government Environment Department and also wins many other qualifications. We have professional testing machine reaching B level of national standard. Each of our 7 inch borehole submersible pumps would be sent for testing and guarantee every of our pumps in good quality. Any defective would be sent for reproducing.

Deep well submersible water pumps for sale
7 inch deep well submersible water pumps in APK

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Features of 7 Inch Submersible Deep Well Water Pumps

  • Whole pumps body are carefully designed, so our pumps look more simple and neat.
  • Water pumps and pump motor are connected together, so they are easy to be operated.
  • Simple and convenient to install and dissemble.
  • This kind of pumps must be totally immersed into water when working, so they are safer.
  • Space saving and energy saving.
  • Special materials are installed for protecting water quality.
  • Less noisy will be produced when working, therefore, they are more environmental friendly.
stainless steel submersible 7 inch pumps catelogue
stainless steel 7 inch pumps for sale

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7 Inch Submersible Deep Well Water Pumps Price List

Different models of 7 inch deep well water pumps for sale now. Each models points to different price. As a best submersible pumps company, we offer detailed submersible pumps price list for you to choose. Price of 7 inch pumps differs from their quality and types of motors. Since foundation, APK sticks to regard quality as primary producing standard. We regularly send personnel for learning advanced technology to perfect our pumps. And we constantly do experiments for prolonging service life of our pumps. Therefore, our products are sold well and won great praise among customers. Besides, we will always monitor using experience of our pumps and then try to make some change for better using experience.

7 inch stainless steel water pumps for sale
submersible 7 inch stainless steel pumps catalogue

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We are professional 7 inch borehole pumps manufacturer, we have legal purchasing process, complete warranty system and intimate after sale service. Detailed price list and parameter lists will be given if you require. And we have professional staff waiting all the time for your question. So if you have any intention to buy or any questions about our company and our products, please leave your message below and we will contact you as soon as possible!


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