APK is a professional and the best submersible pumps manufacturer, we have our own factory to produce pumps for ourselves. Submersible pumps are core products in our company, apart from this, we also have many other sorts of submersible pumps for sale now, such as alloy pumps, self-priming pumps, magnetic driving pumps, slurry pumps and vacuum pumps. APK always stand on the view of customers and exert to offer the best purchasing experience for you. Detailed information of all sorts of pumps for sale are as follow:

Submersible Well Pumps


Deep Well Submersible Pumps

QJ series deep well submersible pumps are widely used pumps. They can be used not only for deep well, but also for municipal use. Pumps body and pumps motor are linked together for working underwater. Impact design makes it easy to be installed and repaired. Whole pumps need to be totally immersed into water when working, clean water or light corrosive liquid is often transferred.


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submersible well water pumps
submersible stainless steel pumps for sale


Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps

Stainless steel submersible pumps are more designed more good-looking than cast iron pumps. As covered totally by stainless steel, they are highly corrosive resistance. Hot water or light corrosive water often transferred. Its unique casting can protect water source to large extent and drinking water is also frequently transferred. Whole pump body is immersed into water when working.


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Bottom Suction Submersible Pumps

Bottom suction submersible pumps are widely used for mining dewatering, lake, river, and pool. They are designed based on QJ series pumps and add guide sleeve at the bottom. They pump water from bottom and efficiently guarantee good cooling characteristic of electric motor. They can also be used as emergency and expedition pumps. Compared with other pumps, they are easy to install and have high head.


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bottom suction submersible pumps for sale
submersible oil filled pumps



Oil Filled Submersible Pumps

Oil filled submersible pumps use oil filled submersible motors. They are widely used for farmland irrigation, well water lifting, industrial and residential water supply and drainage system, hill, mountain areas water supply etc. Oil needs to be filled in for cooling down heated motors. They are suitable to used in cold areas or winter for oil will not be frozen in such conditions. Installation and repair of them are quite easy and convenient. Clean water , river, lake or pool river is normally transported.


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Water Cooler Submersible Pumps

Water cooler submersible pumps are normally used for farmland irrigation, industrial and residential water use etc. Like oil filled submersible pumps, they are also used underwater. Water cooler submersible motor is installed for working under water. Clean water is filled inside for cooling down heated motor. They are normally used in high water quality required places. Pump motor and pump body are linked together.


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water cooler submersible pumps for sale



Axial Flow, Mixed Flow Submersible Pumps

Axial flow and mixed flow submersible pumps can be widely used for sewerage drainage, river drainage, flood control and drainage, sewage disposal and water treatment in pump station. Large flow and non clog performance increased stable working condition. Triple sealing system resist pumps from leaking and prolong service life of pumps.


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Multistage Pumps

boiler feed water pumps for sale


Boiler Feed Water Pumps

Inlet and outlet of boiler feed water pumps are all in vertical direction. They are used on the ground for transferring clean water or clean water-like fluid, they are especially suitable for medium and low pressure boiler feed, sub high pressure boiler feed, industry or urban high pressure boiler feed etc. Temperature of transferred medium is among -20℃ to 150℃. Permission pressure of inlet is less than 0.6Mpa. Motor and pump body are linked through coupling.


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Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

Vertical multistage centrifugal pumps are designed and perfected on the basis of horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps. They meet the requirements of JB/T72727-93 and national standard. Inlet is installed at the bottom and outlet is installed on the other side. Motor and pump are equipped vertically and linked through coupling. They are frequently used to transfer clean water or water-like fluid, the temperature of transferred medium should be among -15℃ to 120℃. They are widely applied in residential, hospital, hotel, office building water supply and drainage.


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multistage vertical centrifugal pumps
multistage centrifugal stainless steel pumps


Stainless Steel Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

Stainless steel vertical multistage centrifugal pumps are used for transferring water for water industry, cooling and air conditioner system, boiling water system, farmland irrigation, swimming pool water dealing and washing system. Inlet and outlet are separated on two sides at the bottom. Pump body is covered with stainless steel and it guarantees the quality of water. Excellent hydraulic model and smooth overflow parts improved mechanical efficiency to a large extent. Light weight of pumps and welding impeller make sure good balance and stable working condition.


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Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

Inlet of multistage centrifugal pumps are in horizontal direction, while outlet keeps vertical. Head of pumps depend on numbers of impellers installed. They use best hydraulic model for keep efficiency and energy saving. They can be used for transferring solid particles, clean water or clean water-like liquid. They can also be used for transferring hot water, oil and corrosive fluid by changing materials, sealing method and adding cooling system.


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multistage centrifugal water pumps

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Single Stage Single Suction Pumps


Single Stage Single Suction Pumps

Single stage single suction pumps are used for transferring clean water or fluid without solid particle. This type of pumps are new designed products with National Standard of ISO2858, they are designed together with other suppliers among pump industry. Specification range is wide and have better performance and efficiency. As their reliable and stable working condition, they are regarded as popularization energy-saving products.


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single stage single suction pumps for sale
double suction single stage pumps


Single Stage Double Suction Pumps

Single stage double suction pumps are used in electricity station, industrial water supply system, fire fighting system, pump station and construction water supply system etc. Pump casting can be opened in the middle and flow capacity is large. Motor and pump body are separated and connected with bearings. They can be installed vertically or horizontally according to actual using conditions.


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Sewage Water Pumps

non clog dirty water pumps


Non-Clog Sewage Water Pumps

Non-clog sewage water pumps are widely used for agricultural, industrial, mine mountain, construction and municipal areas. They can transfer solid particle or soft solid fluid such as muddy water, dirty water, domestic waste water etc. But they cannot be used for explosion-proof areas. Some specification use channel impeller to improve their performance of avoiding clogging. Total head theory design keeps pumps from overloading and greatly prolongs service life of pumps.


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Water Filled Sewerage Pumps

Water Filled Sewerage pumps are designed on the basis of combination on foreign advanced technology and pump using characteristics. They are highly energy saving and are able to install as well as control automatically. And they have the capability of avoiding clogging and winding. This kind of pumps have special strength in transferring solid particle and long fiber waste. Combined with submersible motor and double suction pump, they are able to work efficiently in stable working conditions.


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water filled dirty water pumps for sale
submersible bottom suction sewage pumps


Bottom Suction Sewage Pumps

Bottom suction sewage pumps are used for transferring dirty water and dirty muddy in complicated situations. Bottom suction type enables on-ground water can be pumped. They use three phase motors, pump body is linked directly with motor. Excellent sealing system prevent cooling liquid from exchanging with transferred liquid. The whole pumps structures are designed impact and easy to install and operate.


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Submersible Sewage Cutter Pumps

Submersible sewage cutter pumps are consists of water pump, sealing and motor. Motor is installed at the upper part of pump and sealed with cemented carbide. Overheat and overload protection devices are equipped for protecting motors. They can be used for transferring waste water including plastic bag, strings, leaves, long fiber and cloth strip. Position of pumps casting can be adjusted for improving head.


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Automatic Mixing Sewage Pumps

Automatic mixing sewage pumps add automatic mixing device inside. By swirling with motor axial, the device produces large force and mix sediment into suspended matter. Therefore, anti-blocking and pumping performance is largely improved. It helps drainage, decontaminate and removal split all in one time. Running cost is greatly saved and are regarded as the most advanced environmental protection products. They can be widely used for factory and business sewage water drainage, urban waste water disposal factory and municipal construction waste water drainage etc.


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Mine Sewage Pumps

Mine sewage pumps use large flow channel design with non-clogging parts, together with oil chamber seal monitor device to promise safety working condition of pumps. They are designed on the basis of foreign advanced technology, and combined them with our unique skills. On transferring solid particles and long fiber waste, they have extraordinary performance. The whole type of products are all in accordance with design and safety requirements. They can be widely used for chemical, petrol, mining, electricity factory and urban sewage disposal factory etc.


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submersible high head sewage pumps


High Head Sewage Pumps

High head sewage pumps use single or double channel for best over-currency. Large inlet and vertical outlet promise large water flow. Automatic coupling installation system and mobile free installation system can be chosen. Impact shape and low noisy reduced energy cost. They can be used to transfer solid waste water, muddy water, clean water or light corrosive medium.


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Stainless Steel Sewage Pumps

As the most ideal and advanced disposal device, stainless steel sewage pumps can work under safety condition in relatively large flow range. Diameter among 15mm to 45mm solid particles and long fiber fluid can be transferred through large channel of impeller. Bottom suction design and their stainless steel casting guarantee their corrosive resistance performance. They have large using conditions and movable situations. Floating ball switch automatically control pumps according to change of fluid.

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Slurry Pumps

slurry pumps for sale


M, AH, HH Series Slurry Pumps

M, AH, HH series slurry pumps are cantilever and horizontal types. They are widely used in metallurgy, mining areas, coal, electricity and building materials sectors to transfer high corrosive and high concentration slag. If needed, they can be used in series. Horizontal type with hard alloy and rubber ensures excellent performance in resisting corrosion and wear. Outlet of pumps can be installed in eight angles for fitting different installation conditions. Multiple connection of pumps can suit the need of long distance transport.


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SP Series Submerged Slurry Pumps

SP series submerged slurry pumps are vertical centrifugal type, they are used to transfer corrosive, solid particles included and high concentration slurrry. No shaft seal is needed and they can still in reliable working condition when suction amount is less than required. They are widely applied for metallurgy, mining mountain, coal, electricity, constructive materials and environmental protection department etc.


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submersible slurry pumps
vertical type slurry pumps for sale


ZJ, ZJL Series Slurry Pumps

ZJ, ZJL series slurry pumps are used to transfer slurry including high corrosive and high concentration tailing, concentrated ore powder and fly ash in power plant. They perfectly adopt modern theory and each side of performance reaches above national standard, most of efficiency reaches far beyond modern level internationally. They have been listed as power technology achievement extension project by Ministry of energy and they have been 50-300MW thermal power auxiliary machine.


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ZGB Series Slurry Pumps

ZGB series slurry pumps are mainly used to transport corrosive slurry in electricity, metallurgy, mining mountain, coal, constructive materials sectors, especially for ash slurry system in power plant. They can be used in series among working permission and the largest working power is 3.6 MPa. Packing seal and assembly mechanical seal can be chosen in different working conditions.


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slurry pumps principle

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Vacuum Pumps

two stage vacuum water ring pumps


Two Stage Water Ring Vacuum Pumps

Two stage water ring vacuum pumps are used to pump air or other non corrosive gas, so that some kinds of vacuum space can be formed inside closed vessel. They are most suitable to be used in textile, food, metallurgy and chemical sections. In process as vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration, resurgence, dry and vacuum smelt, they play a huge role. They are designed on the requirement of JB/T7255-94. They have high vacuum degree, large pumping speed and impact shape etc.


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2BV Vacuum Pumps

2BV vacuum pumps are single stage direct joint structure liquid ring vacuum pumps, pumps body and motors are linked as one. No chassis is needed in installation. They fit continuous operation on forming vacuum space well and is able to pump dry or wet gas. The ultimate vacuum is determined by the saturated vapor pressure of the working fluid.


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vacuum pumps manufacturer
liquid ring vacuum pumps principle


SZ, SK Series Vacuum Pumps

SZ, SK series water ring vacuum pumps and compressor is used to pump or compress gas or other non corrosive and non solid particle gas, so that to form vacuum space and pressure in closed vessel. Little liquid is allowed inside gas. They are widely used in machinery, petroleum, chemical, pharmacy, food, sugar industry and electronic field etc. As compression of air is isothermal in working process, they are not easily get into dangerous situation in compressing and pumping flammable and explosive gas.


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2BE, SZB Series Vacuum Pumps

2BE series vacuum pumps are new designed products, they combined national modern technology. Through changes of structure material, they can also be used to transfer corrosive gas and fluid. SZB series vacuum pumps are cantilever water ring type. Lowest pumping pressure is 0.086MPa. Transferred fluid of SZB series are the same as 2BE, they are especially suitable applied for water diversion of large water pumps.


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Others Type of Water Pumps


Single Stage Single Suction Chemical Centrifugal Pumps

Single stage single suction centrifugal is designed according to national standard, and adopt non-metal producing process. They frequently transfer corrosive fluid, temperature of transferred medium stays among -20℃to 105℃. They are widely used for petrol, chemical, electricity, food and medicine departments. Pump body and motors are linked through coupling, and both of them are place on the set. Soft packing seal and mechanical seal can be chosen. They need to be installed horizontally.


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Mortar Pumps

Mortar pumps are multi-functional pumps, they are able to be applied for different engineers such as transferring acid or alkaline liquid or slurry, corrosive pulp in smelting industry, all sorts of dilute acid in sulphuric industry, all kinds of dirty water for environmental protection industry etc. They are frequently used by nonferrous smelting and sulphuric acid enterprise for their corrosive resistance and reliable sealing performance. Mortar pumps are regarded as the most ideal transport pumps for corrosive fluid at present.


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mortar pumps manfacturer


Alloy Pumps

Fluoroplastics reinforced alloy pumps use the best corrosive resistance materials among the world. Mechanical strength is high and pump is not easily aging. When transferring, no toxic decomposition occurred, therefore, they are suitable to be used for transferring acid, alkaline liquid, oxidant or other corrosive fluid. Pumps body and motors are separated and linked with coupling. Both of them are placed on the set and they need to be installed horizontally.

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In-line Pumps

GDL series in-line pumps are designed according to strength of centrifugal pumps. They are of high pressure and use great hydraulic model to guarantee high efficiency and stable working condition. They are widely used for constructive water supply, boiling water supply, industrial cycle pressurization and other clean fluid transfer. They can be installed directly into pipe and unique installation structure greatly narrow the occupation of pipe. Mechanical sealing enables no leakage of medium and stable working condition.


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gear oil transfer pumps


Oil Pumps

Gear oil pumps are used to transfer all sorts of lubricated liquid, and temperature of it should be no more than 80℃, working pressure among 0.28-1.45Mpa. They cannot be used to transfer high corrosive or solid particles fluid. They are widely applied for oil depot, wharf, vessel, industry, farmland and mining mountain etc. Dry motor is installed and placed on a pump set and then connect by a strong coupling.


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Mud Pumps

NB series mud pumps are single stage single suction horizontal centrifugal pumps. They can be widely applied for sucking sands in river and lake, dirty muddy in pools. They can also be used as draining machine parts in water well. Whole pump body uses cast iron to ensure long service life, simple construction and reasonable design helps maintain and repair more convenient. NL series mud pumps are single stage single suction vertical centrifugal pumps. Transferred liquid flows out in some angles and liquid loss is less. Overflow parts use wear resistance cast iron type, together with excellent bearings and bold shaft. Whole pumps are able to have longer service life and stable working.


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mud pumps for sale
self priming centrifugal pumps


Self-priming Pumps

ZX series self-priming pumps are clean water centrifugal types, no valve is needed in installation, pipeline system is thus simplified. ZX series belongs to non-clog sewage water types, they can be used to transfer large solid particles and long fiber. CYZ series self-priming pumps are used to transfer all sorts of boiled oils.


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Unsealed Self-control Self-priming Pumps

They are widely used in petroleum, electricity, electronics, chemical, metallurgy, medicine, food, environmental protection, fire control, petroleum, civil construction etc. They adopt theory of vacuum pumps and have stable self-priming performance. Liquid force seal replaced traditional packing seal, successfully prolonged service life of pumps. They are the ideal devices for replacing long shaft under water pumps, submerged pumps and sewage water pumps.


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single screw pumps working


Single Screw Pumps

G series single screw pumps are widely used for environmental protection, petroleum, medicine, construction, mining, chemical, shipbuilding, construction and paper making industry etc. Stator of them are made of many sorts of elastic materials. Therefore, they are able to transfer high viscosity fluid and hard suspended particles and fiber included medium. Few parts and impact shape makes them easy to be installed and maintained.


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Magnetic-drive Pumps

Magnetic-drive pumps use modern magnetic principles and adopt push and pull transfer of internal and external magnetic steel to enclose liquid into isolation sleeve. Static seal reinforce their performance of leaking avoiding. They are made by corrosive resistance stainless steel. In chemical, petroleum, food, medicine, electroplate and scientific research institution, they are used to transfer acid, alkaline liquid, oil and flammable as well as explosive liquid.


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Constant Pressure Water Supply Unit

Constant pressure water supply unit is able to connect directly with tap water pipe. They are consist of variable frequency control cabinet, steady flow tank, pump unit, meter and valve. They are suitable to be used for water pressure increased and steady flow required water supply system.


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Since foundation, we regard quality as the most important thing in line. All the products we sold are of the highest quality with the most competitive price. Apart from submersible pumps, we also produce many other kinds of water pumps to meet the demand of our customers. Each type of water pumps we produce have longer service life. So if you have any intention, please feel free to leave your message and we will contact you as soon as possible!!


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