single phase borewell pumps for sale

Single Phase Borewell Submersible Pumps

Single phase borewell submersible pumps and 3 phase submersible water pumps are divided according to voltage. Single phase submersible pumps are normally used domestically. As a professional and one of the best submersible water pumps manufacturers, APK offers detailed single phase submersible pump price list. On adopting advanced technology abroad, we continuously perfect our pumps and make our pumps easier to be used.

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Working Parameter

Flow Capacity: 10-700m³/h;

Head Range: 15-405m;

Well Diameter: φ50-200mm;

Temperature: -15-40℃;

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Single phase borewell submersible pumps are normally used for domestic water supply and drainage.


  • Easy for installing and maintaining
  • Simple structure and compact design
  • Easy for removing and replacing
  • Long service life
  • Reliable and safe
  • Environmental friendly
Single phase borewell pumps in APK
Single phase borewell submersible pumps for sale

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Single Phase Submersible Pump Price List

Single phase borewell submersible pump price differs for many factors. As APK provides various kinds of water pumps, cost of submersible pumps are diverse accordingly. We have many kinds for different applications and different models. Customers can buy suitable pumps according to actual using conditions.
Besides, quality plays an important role in price setting. Normally, cheap price may lead to low quality and short service life. As we know, service life of good quality single phase borewell submersible pumps can stay as long as ten or twenty years. Therefore, when producing, we especially pay attention to quality of water pumps. Submersible pump cost in APK is more cost-effective and competitive than others.

submersible single phase pumps for sale
single phase submersible pumps catalogue

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Single Phase Borewell Pump vs. Three Phase Borewell Water Pump

A major difference between single phase pump and three phase pump lies in their application. Single phase one is a good choice for home or domestic use because of low voltage demand. While 3 phase pump is suitable for mine or engineering use. Because of its voltage capacity and low using costs. On choosing, customers should determine according to actual using condition, or to ask our personnel for detail and customized suggestion.

submersible single phase pumps for sale
Single submersible phase pumps in APK

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Single Phase Borewell Submersible Pumps For Sale

Now, APK produces lots of kinds of single phase pumps. Among them include stainless steel submersible pumps, cast iron submersible pumps, water cooler pump submersible, oil filled submersible pumps and deep well submersible pumps. We also have many sorts of models and specification for choosing. In producing, we continuously absorb foreign technology and skills, combine them with our own products and carry on perfecting our pumps. Therefore, single phase submersible pumps for sale in APK are of high quality and have their own peculiarities.

submersible single phase pumps for sale
single phase borewell submersible water pumps transport

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Single Phase Borewell Submersible Pumps Quality

Submersible pump accessories we use are of high quality, therefore, our pumps have long service life and can better serve for people. The important concern of single phase submersible pumps are their stators. Single phase submersible pumps are easily broken for low quality stators. In APK, we use punching machine to make silicone steel into plate and thus the edge of stator can be smooth enough. Besides, we replace manual winding with machine working, it greatly improves working efficient and quality.

single phase stator wiring diagram
Single phase submersible pump stator wiring diagram

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Single Phase Borewell Submersible Pump Maintenance

Single phase borewell pump submersible needs voltage of 220v, so before using, customers must be sure that voltage is in accord with it. Besides, water inside should be pumped out when it keeps unused for a long time. In order to better pump out water, we design our borewell submersible pumps easy to be operated and installed. Apart from this, cast iron type must be well treated for preventing corrosive. We paint some kinds of corrosive resistance materials at the surface of pump, so our pumps are able to resist corrosion for quite a long time. Of course the most important thing is the quality of pumps. If buying a low quality pump, customers need to spend a lot of time on maintenance and repairing. It will greatly increase submersible pump cost of using. On considering this, we stick to use high quality materials and mature technology. Therefore, our pumps have long service life and is easier to maintain.

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Single Phase Borewell Submersible Pump Manufacturer

APK is one of the best submersible pump suppliers among China. Our products are sold overseas and got great praise among customers. We not only have high quality products, but also offer cost-effective price. We have our own factory and the strength of our factory is far more stronger than any others. Therefore, there is no middle dealers among us and customers, that’s why prices and costs of our pumps are relatively lower than other pump manufacturers. We have overall and intimate service system to help protect your interests and improve your purchasing experience.

borewell single phase pumps for sale
Single phase borewell submersible pumps in APK

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