Submersible Fountain Pump


QSP series water fountain pump is a new-style water discharge machine designed and manufactured on the basis of the original ordinary pump, according to the requirements of the special pump for the fountain. APK pump factory has undergone many tests and continuously developed in technology, and the processing materials have been continuously improved, so that the special pump for the fountain can be started frequently, which is completely suitable for the use of the musical fountain.


submersible fountain pump


Capacity range: 10-250m3/h

Head range: 5-121m

Voltage: 380v/420v or As per request

Frequency: 3 phase 50hz/60hz

Material: Cast iron

Install: Vertical or Horizontal

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stainless steel submersible fountain pump


Motor power: 2.2kw-7.5kw submersible fountain pump

Flow rate: 10-250m3/h

Head range: 5-121m

Voltage: 380v/420v or As per request

Frequency: 3 phase 50hz 60hz

Material: SS304 SS316 SS316L

Protection class: Ip68

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Submersible Fountain Pump Application

Especially suitable for transmission the liquids that in fountain, and with clean liquid. With the strong impeller installed inside in advance made of material high quality cast iron or stainless steel, all QSP submersible water fountain pump can transfer the clean water into the outlet pipe and then for the sprayer. Therefore, it is widely applied in garden, construction building and landscape.

  1. Fountain landscape
  2. Farm irrigation
  3. Sprinkler irrigation with water
  4. The supply and drainage system of civil building
  5. Draining water from the hills and mountainous area
  6. The diversion in low-lying areas


submersible fountain pump applications

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Submersible Fountain Pump Install

QSP fountain pump’s pump body, wet parts and external spare parts are made by cast iron or stainless steel, the motor is made by 100% copper wire. The suction tube and must be filled with clean water before submersible fountain pump running. After the pump is working, the impeller rotates at a high speed, and the liquid rotates with the blade. Under the action of the centrifugal force, it flies outward from the impeller, and the liquid that is ejected in the pump chamber diffuses slowly, the pressure gradually increases, and then flowing out. Therefore, impeller and motor have to be strict quality.

Note: Standard QS submersible fountain pump motor power is not more than 7.5kw 10hp, but APK pump factory could assemble water submersible well pumps be submersible fountain pumps, horizontal install, reaching high head for music fountain projects.

submersible fountain pump install

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Submersible Fountain Pump Feedback

Our Saudi Arabia customer work in a company doing government projects. When the music fountain projects started to running, attaching importance to local news and twitter. A great thing! Now, we make a longer cooperation each other.

We have export many countries, also knowing local markets. We are China submersible pumps manufacturer.


submersible fountain pump feedback

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Submersible Fountain Pump Maintain

  1. When the submersible pumps are not used for a long time, the water in the motor should be released in time
  2. The surface of submersible pumps should be wiped clean, and the anti-rust oil should be applied to the place where it is relatively clean, dry and free of chemical corrosion.
  3. After the inner cavity of the motor is filled with clean water, it is strictly prohibited to put it under ambient conditions with a temperature of 0 °C or below. Otherwise, the water in the cavity must be cleaned to prevent the cracking of the motor.


submersible fountain pump

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Submersible Fountain Pump Price

Submersible fountain pumps price is subjected to several factors:

Firstly, pump material. Submersible fountain pumps material have cast iron and stainless steel. Stainless steel fountain pump is higher price than cast iron fountain pump with same parameters.

Secondly, pump parameters. Large capacity and high head is higher price than small capacity head.

Thirdly, motor power. Standard fountain pump motor power is 7.5kw 10hp in China. However, Shenlong pump factory could manufacture submersible fountain pump motor power more than, such as 15kw, 30kw, changing vertical submersible well water pump be horizontal fountain pump. Submersible fountain pump motor from APK is strict quality. Motor, impeller, bearings, stator component, rotor, all made ourselves, reducing material cost, more competitive price than other pump factory.

submersible fountain pump

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If these submersible fountain pump parameters do not meet your demand, please feel free to send an inquiry as below. We will choose one suitable fountain pump model for you.

Model Flow Head Motor Power Flange Diameter Discharge Diameter
QS(P) Series m3/h m kw mm mm
QS(P)15-14-1.1 15 14 1.1 156 50
QS(P)25-9-1.1 25 9 1.1 156 65
QS(P)40-9-1.5 40 9 1.5 156 80
QS(P)15-26-2.2 15 26 2.2 150 50
QS(P)65-7-2.2 65 7 2.2 150 90
QS(P)50-13-3 50 13 3 168 90
QS(P)25-30/2-4 25 30 4 168 65
QS(P)100-9-4 100 9 4 168 90
QS(P)10-95/7-5.5 10 95 5.5 168 50
QS(P)25-40/3-5.5 25 40 5.5 168 65
QS(P)65-18-5.5 65 18 5.5 168 90
QS(P)120-10-5.5 120 10 5.5 200 125
QS(P)220-5-5.5 220 5 5.5 200 150
QS(P)10-121/9-7.5 10 121 7.5 168 50
QS(P)30-50/3-7.5 30 50 7.5 168 65
QS(P)80-22/2-7.5 80 22 7.5 168 90
QS(P)250-8-7.5 250 8 7.5 200 150

Shenlong pump factory no only provide submersible fountain pumps, also provide service: Design, Manufacturing, Installation, Reconstruction and Maintenance.

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