75kw well submersible pump

75kw deep well pump diameter is 10 12 14 16 inch deep well submersible pump. The motor power is 100hp, rated current is 152.3 A. Water drawing system in hills and mountain areas is more economical for 75kw submersible well pump.


75kw well submersible pump


Pump diameter: 10 inch 75kw well submersible pump

Capacity range: 160m3/h

Head range: 105m

Voltage: 3 phase 380v 50hz

Application: Pumping clean water

Material: Cast iron

Install: Vertical

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75kw well submersible pump


Well diameter: 12 inch 75kw well submersible pump

Flow rate: 240m3/h

Head range: 66m

Voltage: 380v 50hz

Applications: Drawing clean water for fountain projects

Material: Stainless steel 304

Install: Horizontal

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75kw Well Submersible Pump Motor

75kw well submersible pump diameter is suitable for 10 inch submersible deep well water pumps, 12 inch submersible water well pumps, 14 inch submersible deep well water pumps, 16 inch submersible deep well water pumps. If you only would like to need submersible pump motor, we could manufacture submersible pump motor according to your requirements, matching control panel.


Pump diameter: 10 12 14 16 18 inch well submersible pump

Flow range: 46-850m3/h

Head range: 12-375m

Motor power: 75kw 100hp well submersible pump

Voltage: 380v/420v/660v/1140v or As per request

Frequency: 3 phase 50hz/60hz

Material: Cast iron/stainless steel

well submersible pump motor

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75kw Well Submersible Pump Materials

It is 316 material 75kw well submersible pump, submersible pump diameter is 12 inch, flow 400m3/h, head is 40m. This submersible pump is used to seafood factory to Iceland. Our submersible pump got customer’s recognition.

75kw well submersible pump

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Submersible Water Pump Package

APK pump factory each submersible pumps are packed by wooden case to promise safe delivery. Submersible pumps motor and submersible pump head is separated. Customers only need to fixing screws to integrated motor and head. In the case, there is our submersible well pumps catalog to know more about our water pumps.

submersible pump package

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Submersible Water Pumps Patents

Shenlong pump factory apply for 15 patents about submersible pumps, including axial flow submersible pump, vertical pipeline pump, submersible well pumps, small submersible pump, submersible pump motor, submersible sewage pump, etc.

submersible pump patent

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If these submersible pump parameters do not meet your requirements, please feel free to contact us. We will choose one suitable pump model for you.

Model Motor Power Motor Power Flow Range Head Range Rated Current
QJ(H) Series kw hp m3/h m A
250QJ(H)50-340/17 75 100 46-54 315-375 152.3
250QJ(H)63-260/13 75 100 58-68 220-299 152.3
250QJ(H)80-200/10 75 100 74-86 170-230 152.3
250QJ(H)100-162/9 75 100 80-120 140-189 152.3
250QJ(H)125-128/8 75 100 116-134 109-147 152.3
250QJ(H)140-120/8 75 100 130-150 104-137 152.3
250QJ(H)160-105/7 75 100 148-172 90-120 152.3
300QJ(H)200-80/4 75 100 186-214 68-92 154.1
300QJ(H)240-66/3 75 100 223-257 56-76 152.3
300QJ(H)300-60/3 75 100 279-321 51-69 154.1
300QJ(H)400-40/1 75 100 368-432 76-84 152.3
300QJ(H)500-30/2 75 100 460-540 29-32 131.7
450QJ(H)800-16/1 75 100 750-850 12-20 183.8

We always believe “Integrity could win the world”. Strict test, suitable package, safe delivery, reliable payment, Shenlong pump factory will give you a satisfied service !

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