submersible borehole pumps

Borehole Submersible Water Pumps

Borehole submersible water pumps are most widely used pumps for farmland irrigation or domestic drinking water supply. Because of its special using condition, they are designed into vertical type. Pump motor and pump body are linked vertically as one. When pumps are installed inside well, APK made rubber cover outside pump in case of well being collapsed. As a most reliable submersible pumps manufacturer, we would like to offer you the most professional and comfortable purchasing experience. All sorts of borehole submersible water pumps specifications are for sale now in our company, we have detailed price list and products information if you need.

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Motor Parameter

NEMA Standard

Insulation Grade: B

Protective Grade: IP68

Maximum Diameter: φ 95mm

Maximum Liquid Temperature: 35℃

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  1. Long service life
  2. Whole head design
  3. Hydraulic water conservancy system
  4. Low energy consuming and low working noisy
  5. Stable and smooth working condition


  • Agricultural farmland irrigation
  • Industrial water supply and drainage
  • Constructive water use
  • Fishing industry water supply
  • Mining area water use
borehole submersible pumps
borehole submersible water pump

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Borehole Submersible Water Pumps For Sale

All together two kinds of borehole pumps are for sale now in our company, according to pump castings, they are cast iron types and stainless steel type. Cast iron pumps are the most common type, their long service life and wear resistance features make them attractive for so many years. With development of science and technology, stainless steel borehole pumps become more and more attractive. Their corrosion resistance performance enables them to be used for transferring clean water or drinking water. Two sorts of pumps are all in premium quality level. If you have trouble in choosing pumps, we have personnel to give you the most detailed and professional introduction.

submersible borehole pumps
borehole submersible water pumps customized

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Borehole Submersible Water Pumps Price

APK pumps price are always regarded as the most reasonable and competitive. Main reason of it is our low producing costs and high producing efficiency. Lie in the middle part of China, we own the most and cheapest manual labor, together with our strong strength factory, our producing costs are much lower than any other areas. Besides, high quality pumps means long service life, if buying a weak pump, customers need to spend large amount of money in replacing old pump and buying another fresh new one in short period of time. Therefore, buying a premium quality pump is a wise investment to customers.

borehole water pumps for sale
borehole submersible water pumps

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Borehole Submersible Water Pumps Customize

When using in unique situations such as mountain areas or mining areas, universal types of pumps are unable to meet customers’ needs. Therefore, many big submersible pumps suppliers would offer customized service under such occasion. Customized products have high requirements on safety and working performance, therefore, small pumps factory are not capable of providing such service for you. APK pump factory, as top rated producing factory, are able to provide all sorts of customized service for you. Contact us and give us full information of your requirements if you need. Besides, on working safety and performance, we have strict testing system and all sorts of testing machine to test each working condition of pump. As a professional pumps supplier, we will never let you down.

submersible borehole water pumps
borehole submersible water pumps

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Borehole Submersible Water Pumps Factory

Producing ability of a factory determines quality and service life of its products. In finding cooperated factory, people also pay special attention on its qualifications and strength. APK pump factory, as an experienced pump producer, has always been the most trustful cooperator. For over thirty years producing, we master three casting techniques skillfully. With continuously innovative spirit, we designed and produced many kinds of new products, according to customers’ feedback, their working performance and service life are highly praised. We also provide castings and all kinds of pumps accessories, so contact us if you need.

borehole water pumps
borehole submersible water pumps for sale

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China Three Phase Borehole Submersible Water Pumps

In terms of best brand of China three phase borehole submersible water pumps, APK is always on top of the list. Each internal materials inside pumps adopt highest producing technology. Stator as the primary pump part, is normally produced manually in other pumps factory. However, we perfect producing process and use stamping machine, stators made by it are all in concrete size and smooth. Copper wire and even steel plate we use are far beyond national standard. In order to guarantee pumps working performance, each pump needs to be immersed into water for at least 24 hours in producing process, and we have professional testing machine to test conditions of every single pumps, any defective would be sent for reproducing.

submersible borehole pumps price
borehole submersible water pumps sale

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Electric Motor Borehole Submersible Water Pumps

Motor serves as the most vital part for submersible pumps. As for submerged pumps, we have two main types, water cooler submerged motor and oil filled motor. Water cooler pumps are suitable to be used for transferring clean drinking water, while performance of oil filled motor are the best in cold areas. In order to protect motor and guarantee safety working conditions, we installed over heat and over flow devices inside pump body. When temperature of motor is beyond restricted level, alarm will be heard and machine will be stopped working automatically. Through several submersible pumps experiments, submerged motor of our company are proved to be more energy saving and effective.

borehole submersible pumps
borehole submersible water pumps for sale

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Borehole Submersible Water Pumps Specifications

Model Flow rate Head






Motor Head


Pump Head


Maximum Diameter




Motor Weight
200QJ20-40/3 20 40 4 10.1 603 491 184 65
200QJ20-54/4 54 5.5 13.6 618 609 74
200QJ20-65/5 65 7.5 18 648 887 84
200QJ20-81/6 81 10 24.7 673 995 113 50
200QJ20-93/7 93 10 24.7 673 1113 121 50
200QJ20-108/8 108 13 29.7 703 1231 144 65
200QJ20-121/9 121 13 29.7 703 1349 152 65
200QJ20-135/10 135 15 33.9 876 1497 178 83
200QJ20-148/11 148 15 33.9 876 1615 186 83
200QJ20-162/12 162 18.5 41.6 926 1733 204 93
200QJ20-175/13 175 18.5 41.6 926 1851 212 93
200QJ20-189/14 189 22 48.2 1177 1969 261 134
200QJ20-202/15 202 22 48.2 1177 2087 270 134
200QJ20-216/16 216 25 54.5 1237 2205 290 146
200QJ20-230/17 230 25 54.5 1237 2323 298 146

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Borehole Submersible Water Pumps Manufacturers

A responsible submersible pumps manufacturer will always regard customers’ needs as the most primary thing. For protecting environment, we installed professional environmental friendly devices in our factory, all of which passed national standard of Environmental Friendly Bureau. With those devices, our factory will not be stopped casually, therefore, delivery time can be guaranteed. All the products will be sent out in 48 hours. Besides, we have additional products saved in our storage room, if you need pumps urgently, we will send them out immediately. But because of hot demand of our products, our storage will change each day, so please contact us to know the latest storage.

borehole submersible pumps sale
borehole submersible water pumps storage

We are the best borehole submersible water pumps brand in China, for many times, we are regarded as national designated products used for national flood and disaster control. Therefore, quality of our pumps are the most trustful and reliable. If you have interested in our products, please feel free to leave your detailed information below, we will contact you as soon as possible!!


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