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Multistage Submersible Pumps

Multistage submersible pumps means that multistage impellers are installed inside pumps. Several single stage impellers are linked together and so multistage type are formed. Output water pressure of them are quite large. Multistage submersible pumps use highly rotated impellers to get centrifugal force, therefore, they belong to centrifugal pumps. Besides, they suck in, compress and drain out gas inside pumps through changes of chamber volume. Multistage pumps are still for sale now, as a reliable submersible pump suppliers, we are sure to satisfy all your needs.

multistage water submersible pump
multistage submersible water pumps for sale
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Working Parameter

Flow Capacity: 10-700m³/h;

Head Range: 15-405m;

Well Diameter: φ50-200mm;

Temperature: -15-40℃;

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Multistage submersible pumps can be widely used for water lifting in river, reservoir and canal area; farmland irrigation, human and livestock water use; urban, industrial, railway and mining drainage, etc.


Multistage pumps can be divided into different kinds. According to installation method, there are vertical types and horizontal types. Vertical type is usually used under water. Based on inlet method, they can also be divided into centrifugal type and self priming type. Besides, they can be combined as vertical multistage centrifugal pumps, horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps etc. Besides, multistage high pressure centrifugal pump is also for sale now.


  • Pump and motor are immersed into water, safety and reliable working guaranteed
  • No special requirements on water and well pipe
  • Easy to be installed and used
  • Convenient to be repaired and maintained
  • Space free and cost saved
  • Low noisy, energy saving and environmental friendly
submersible water pumps multistage for sale
Multistage submersible water pumps

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Submersible Multistage Pump Selection

As selection of pump multistage closely relates to the design of auxiliary device and construction, multistage pump selection is regarded as an important thing.

  1. Flow and head must be in accordance with actual using condition. Professional staff in APK will help figure out exact flow and head that you need and then introduce suitable one for you.
  2. Good performance and safety working multistage submersible water pumps should be chosen. Products from APK have high working efficient and inhalation and can be widely used in many areas.
  3. Efficient area should be taken into consideration. Efficient area means that voltage, pressure, head and flow are all in accordance with designed parameter.
  4. Customers should choose high efficient and low cost pump. Multistage submersible pumps in APK are designed to be energy saving and cost saving. As a responsible submersible pump manufacturer, when paying great attention on quality, we also focus on protecting water source and environment.
multistage submersible pump sale
multistage submersible pumps

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Multistage Submersible Water Pump Design

After monitoring using experiences of customers, we upgraded our pumps and changed some of our designs in order to get better using effect, several factors as follows are changed for better performance:

  1. We redesigned our impellers and made our impellers more easily and suitable to transfer liquid with small particles.
  2. We use double end mechanical seal and adopt carbide on water sealing end. Then at motor end, graphite grinding material is used for sealing. As mechanical seal is installed near inlet, water pressure loaded on it is greatly reduced. Besides, redesigned impeller makes particle impurities hard to get into mechanical seal part. And double end design protects spring far away from being corroded by medium. Therefore, we guaranteed working and cooling condition of mechanical sealing.
  3. As design of pump sleeve is closely related to service life of the whole pump, we choose to make a double helix groove inside sleeve. So that amount of water for lubricated can be added and seldom particle is able to get into sliding bearing cavity.
  4. We improved our pump axial force structure so as to reduce thrust bearing load and prolong service life.
High head pump submersible
Multistage submersible water pumps for sale

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Multistage Submersible Pumps Structure

  • Multistage submersible water pump mainly consists of four parts, water pump, submersible motor, water pipe and switch control. Motor is connected with pump through pump coupling, water pipe is made of steel pipe with different diameters and is linked through flange. High head electric multistage pump is controlled through gate.
  • We install rubber bearing in each of diversion tube, and impeller on pump shaft through cone sets. Then we connect guide shell through thread or bolt.
  • Check valve is installed inside in case pump being damaged by water hammer. Sand control and skeleton oil seal is also installed inside to prevent particles coming into pumps.
  • Water lubricated bearing together with rubber pressure regulating film installed below can adjust pressure for changeable temperature. polyethylene insulated winding along with nylon sheath avoid leakage of water.
  • Precision spigot bolts are used for motor sealing, and cable outlet uses pad for sealing. Above motor installs a water injection hole and a air-bleed hole while a outlet hole installs below. Thrust bearing is installed below the motor and groove is made for cooling.
multistage submersible pumps price
stainless steel multistage submersible pumps

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Using Condition of Multistage Submersible Pumps

  • Voltage should be 380v and frequency should be 50Hz
  • Solid content should be no more than 0.01%
  • PH level should be among 6.5-8.5
  • Temperature of medium should be no more than 20℃
  • Pumps should be installed upright for safety
  • First impeller should be immersed more than 1m, while the distance between bottom of motor and well should be no less than 3m
  • Clean water must be filled before operating
Submersible pumps borewell
Multistage water submersible pumps manufacturer

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Our submersible multistage pumps are still for sale now, all kinds of diameter and power can be chosen. As leader brand of submersible pump manufacturer, we are trustful and responsible. So if you have any intention on our products or our company, please leave your message below and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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